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  1. Father God, Please return Alecia to her parents! Amen
  2. Recently logged in and there was a message to change my password, I did and now able to view account. I've had this account for 5 years and before had to send email after email, after email, ect... till someone responded. Not sure about this time but I'll take it.
  3. Hey Phlip thanks for the post. I opend a Warka account 5 years ago and every year I had to send email after email to get a new password. But today I followed your link and was able to change my password and view my account...WOW, THANKS! I have a friend who also opned an account at the same time but doesnt remember his password. What can he do? Thanks in advance. GO RV Found the instuctions in another post you made, Thanks!
  4. I need to check my account, luckily I only have $500 in but that was 5 years ago. It had grown last time I checked. I guess I've written off ever seeing anything from it.
  5. FINALLY got my password reset. Sending late on Sunday nights has been the secret for me. I hadnt check my account balance since last year. Wow, since opening the account nearly 4 years ago it has really grown.
  6. Just tried to log into my account and the dreaded message " your account password has expired", BUMMER, I'm reading all the bad news regarding Warka, doesn't look good. I'm glad that I didn't put much in. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to send Mr Issa an email with an authorization form and hope it works. What is the best time to send the email? If I'm lucky and get it reset is it possible to get my money back from them, the USD and IQD amounts? Thanks!
  7. Looking to buy more dinar but not wanting to pay the full amount up front. I've been in this investment for 8 yrs and own around 8mil and would like to have 10mil. I noticed the The Sterling Group, who I've bought through in the past has a new layaway program called the 45 day layaway or the guaranteed layaway, whats the difference? My only concern about doing this is if it doesn't revalue during the time would i get my deposit in dinars or if it revalues would I get my dinars if I pay the balance off? Sounds risky to me! Any thoughts?????? Thanks!
  8. I'm considering buying 1-2 million more and I'm in Houston.
  9. I'm seriously considering buying 2 million more dinar. I have been in this investment for 5 years and have been adding since. I know things are looking good at this time. Actually every time I've bought more it been at one of these moments. I've checked DIG associates per several of you on this site, they do have the cheapest price but a little leary about sending money without bills in hand, they are telling me the best way to lock in is to wire transfer, checks after they receive them take 5-10 days to clear. In the past I have always done COD many times with Ali originally and Dinar Banke
  10. Yeah Warka is a pain in the rear end. It took me 2 months to get an account and online access. Since then I have wire transferred money into my account with no problems. But, I'm going to take your word on the broker. Wold PM me which one you are using? Thanks!
  11. Thanks!!! So you just emailed your documents instead of sending them via postal system per my response from Warka and Adam's book? Did you send your notarized copy to the embassy here in the US first with the money? As long as it took me to get my warka account and online service set up I don't trust the mail service to Iraq...LOL. I'm definitively going to try your way.
  12. I went back and read Adams book and he lays if out very clear on how to get started. I should of looked there first.
  13. Here is the response from Warka Dear Sir, To participate in the Iraqi Stock Exchange according to the firm regulations and requirement set by the ISX to purchase stocks under your name you must first have the following documents certified by the Iraqi Embassy or Iraqi Consulate in your country. 1- Valid Clear Colored Passport Copy and Valid Clear Colored ID Copy 2- Address and contact details. 3- Your three specimen signatures for verification. The documents must bear the Iraqi Embassy seal and are to be sent to our mailing address where it will be submitted to the IS
  14. I recently purchased the ISX Report plus I've recieved correspondance from Warka on setting up an ISX account, I'm not clear on who does the notorizing, the form doesn't indicate but warka says it has to be a Iraqi Embassy or Consulant in the US from what I understand. Thanks!!!!!
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