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  1. She makes her money off of capitalism. She knows nothing about socialism. If we were socialist she would still be a nobody. If she knows nothing about socialism she knows nothing about the democrat party. She needs to stick with what she knows, which might be very little.
  2. I am fed up with the circus of attacking Trump while Obamas and Clintons walk free. This is a petition demanding that if they are going to continue to spend countless taxpayers dollars investigating Trump which has proven nothing that Congress also start investigating the Obamas and Clintons which already have signs of corruptions, misuse of office perjury and other crimes against the nation up to and possibly including treason.
  3. Obutt needs to be tried for treason and then handled as per the Constitution. Never has there been any President with so little class as to openly attack a sitting president. I am hoping that the walls will start singing and the truth comes out about that stinking traitor.
  4. All the posts and 'reports' cannot refute that the premise of what McCarthy was saying is happening and has happened for years. Can anyone deny that treason and communism has infiltrated into the highest levels of government, media and entertainment?
  5. McCarthy received a lot of flack when he made the statement that treason and communism had infiltrated into the highest levels of the nation. Trump is receiving a lot of flack because he is proving McCarthy was right. Trump is stripping away the masks of the political elite and Hollywood traitors. Never would it have been allowed that ANTIFA would be allowed and not arrested for sedition. The Congressman whose son is one of them now openly supposed the group. He would have been kicked out of Congress at one time. People like Kerry who was working behind the President's back to undermine sanctions against Iran would have been arrested. Someone like Hillarious Clinton with the mountain of evidence of selling Uranium to the Russian during a time in which it was not permitted. Never could there have been a time when there were masses of dead with a singular connection point which was Hillarious and the Clinton cartel and not have a SERIOUS investigation. Never would someone like Kerry who actively went behind the President's back to undermine sanctions against Iran have been permitted without repercussions. Never would the IRS and FBI be allowed to have been weaponized against the American people. Never would someone like Waters who openly calls for attacks upon people simply because of their political beliefs have been allowed. Trump is stripping off the mask from traitors and criminals and the protected and elite are going nuts. Personally, I wonder what all these people who are attacking Trump are trying to hide. These people must truly hate this country and our way of life. It is at time very hard for me to keep my militant side civil as I see people openly violating laws and receiving no punishment, burning cities and being encouraged like Obama did during the Ferguson riots and the blatant double standard in the media and Congress such as the 'investigation' of Russian influence verses the millions of illegal Mexicans who openly influence the elections and brag about it. McCarthy was right in that there have been people and groups infiltrate all aspects of society who have the direct goal of the destruction of the American way of life and sheep follow right behind them who have sold their soul for money to go out and protest about things they neither have any knowledge there of nor interest in except to be paid. It is these people, the Democrat party which is no longer the party of our grandfathers but merely a mask for old Communism and liberal ideology which is more concerned about not 'offending' people than they are rule of commonsense. If it was not for Trump all these things would have continued to grow in the background until, like a cancerous tumor, have choked the very life out of our nation.
  6. tell it to Kansas that the world is getting colder
  7. He used multiple names in life and there is no record of him ever taking Obama back as his legal name. He took the oath under fraud and had the social security number of a dead man. Anyone else would have been investigated and arrested.
  8. As a retired shrink the one who was nuttier than bat crap was Obama.
  9. What is the big deal with having good relations with Russia. We are the two largest militarizes and economies. We want a good relationship with Russia. If Democrats were really concerned about foreign governments influencing elections they would want to have voter ID and be concerned about Mexico. The dems have spent untold amounts of taxpayer money over possibly a dozen Russians while doing nothing about millions of illegals from Mexico. Maybe if the Russians voted Democrat this whole inquiry thing would have ended over a year ago.
  10. Ubertino..There is not much that I would say I agree with you regarding but I am in full agreement with your comment. It is nice hearing from someone who is actually living with the need for voter ID and seeing the results. We need it here but too many want voter fraud because it is the only way their party can get elected. We want voter ID. We need voter ID because there are people voting multiple times in an election. There are dead people voting by the 10's if not 100's of thousands. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  11. So...I guess that the muslims who want to scream and yell about being permitted to keep their face covered for an Identification picture are going to figure out that they cannot get their way. I guess that the illegals who have been able to have backroom IDs and driver's license might not be able to make a back room license. The liberals love to bring up how things are leaning towards bad things. Well the kiss ups that the liberal have done for illegals and muslims have created this mess.
  12. The agent acknowledges that they came to conclusions prior to any real interviews yet is all upset over the idea that there was collusion and bias. Let us ponder that for a moment. There....we now just too longer than the FBI did to decide that Hillarious was innocent and Trump was guilty...about what they were yet to find something but he was guilty non the less. Reminds me of the days when the corrupt sheriff would secretly get the rope to get right of anyone who was going to expose him for being corrupt.
  13. So let me get this correct. You are going to have to prove you are a citizen in order to get a United States form of identification and driver's license plus have a real picture of your face on that identification and not have it covered by a mask or other covering. AND THIS IS A BAD THING HOW????????
  14. I know a bunch of guys that once they start making them in Vietnam that I will place money they stop riding them.
  15. Global warming???? must be talking about Hawaii
  16. It really goes to show how ignorant many of them are in their usage of the term Nazi. Anyone who actually knows about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis knows it is not something to throw around lightly. It also shows that they have no idea of WWII nor the Holocaust. Stupid people say stupid things. It is funny when you realize that the one funding the people screaming Nazism WAS a Nazi. George Soros said on 60 minutes those were the best years of his life. If you disagree then do a little basic research and find out about it yourself.
  17. I personally know about many of the 'methodist' ministers. I could not give a rat's ass if they disapproved of something or someone or not. Actually the more they disapprove of something or someone the more I think I would actually like that thing or person.
  18. Anti Trump people only support and show evidence of liberals who have no factual approach and merely personal attacks on the person.
  19. IF, if he had a weapon or in some form was a threat to the life of the officer who shot him I think the court over paid his family.
  20. Dear Dingbat....take them home with you...
  21. You notice how those who oppose these truths have nothing negative to say factually so they attack the speaker. Classic liberal attack. They have NO facts to support their hatred. All they have is liberal hatred towards anything and anyone wanting to return the power to the people and the Constitution and will with rabid vile attack those who support such action.
  22. Hopefully it will come out how Obama sold America out to the highest muslim bidder.
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