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  1. 12 years, and 78....still waiting.
  2. Thank you Adam for all you do to help keep us going.
  3. I hear you Horsesoldier, been here for over 11 years. Seems all they do is talk, no least on the part of RV
  4. I have been in this for over 11 years, this is the same ole same ole message. Not sure they even know what to do if anything …..the only thing we can still do is ……….here it comes...….WAIT! I sure wish they would do something, good, bad, or ugly, but something. Go RV! What ever that means.
  5. 235snack

    Go Iraq

    Guys, Guys, I am from Missouri....."The Show Me State"
  6. Yes, like I said before....same ole, same ole story.....will they ever get an agreement?
  7. Yes, the same ole same ole.....these articles could be a coupe years old … least in it's content. We heard all of this before, I guess, like always.....we just wait and see if they can work out their differences before signing anything....
  8. But they still have not signed an agreement with the Kurds on the oil!
  9. We bow to your greatness, thank you for your commitment and the information you provide.
  10. Well....still waiting 11 years later.....SHOW ME THE MONEY!
  11. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE DINAR PEOPLE! Just relocated to the Seattle area, now ready for the RV with a no income state far.....
  12. Abadi may succeed if he makes good on corruption fighting promises: experts April 12 2018 11:50 PM Haider Abadi Mostapha Hassan Iraqi premier Haider Al-Abadi has been making a myriad of promises on fighting corruption and cracking down on those suspected in such cases. But he has gone nowhere. Nothing significant has happened on the ground in this regard. Experts say Abadi did not bring even a single politician to justice. "D'awa Party, the Shiite entity which has been ruling Iraq since2003, has a plethora of corrupt figures. They party has several fat cats, especially Nouri Al-Maliki. But none of them was tried over corruption," the commentators said. Corruption is snowballing in the violence-torn country as time passes, they also argued, citing reports of Maliki, the notorious politician who has close ties to Iran and who is responsible for the collapse of the Iraqi army in 2014 and the fall of Mosul, stating he has siphoned off billions of dollars. Political outbidding According to the experts, who spoke to The Baghdad Post on the issue, corruption has turned out to be a tool for political outbidding among the Iraqi candidates and politicians for electoral gains. "Those politicians are nothing but gangs. They are basking in corruption due to the country's outdated, loose and biased legal system," the experts added, noting the corrupt party ruling Iraq has embezzled about $ 500 billion since it came to power. A document circulating on social media indicates that the former Iraqi premier Nouri Al-Maliki has assets up to $ 3 billion. The document was issued by the legal affairs department in the Central Bank. Citing this revelation, commentators said Abadi will not dare to try any member of the ruling party, saying he seeks to consolidate his power through 'compromises' that are made at the expense of the Iraqis. Major cases This came as Abadi chaired the meeting of the top anti-corruption body, where he asserted the necessity of focusing on 'true proofs' when it comes to probing corruption cases. In the meeting, Abadi broached on major corruption cases that have been investigated and referred to the judiciary for further measures. According to a statement released by Abadi's office, those engaged in these cases were arrested. He also asserted the necessity of regulating the ork of inspectors across Iraq, for them to assume their role as determined by law. The premier yet stressed the need to focus on the cases which involved squandering of public property. According to reports, corruption is chronic in Iraq. It nearly permeates all sectors and department of the government. Baghdad provincial council declared that about 100 services project were suspended due to corruption. And the cases were referred to the judiciary. But no investigation has been opened so far. Hassouma al-Azberjawi, member of the council's services committee mentioned that the financial and administrative corruption impedes the implementation of countess projects. Experts have a dim outlook when it comes to prospects of wiping out corruption in Iraq. But they say that Abadi may be rendered successful in case he makes good on his promises to obliterate corruption from the country plagued with militias, sectarianism and violence.
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