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  1. Thanks to all who contribute to this site
  2. I have been in since 2007...from Missouri...….time to SHOW ME THE MONEY.....just saying.
  3. I hear you Horsesoldier, been here for over 11 years. Seems all they do is talk, no least on the part of RV
  4. I have been in this for over 11 years, this is the same ole same ole message. Not sure they even know what to do if anything …..the only thing we can still do is ……….here it comes...….WAIT! I sure wish they would do something, good, bad, or ugly, but something. Go RV! What ever that means.
  5. 235snack

    Go Iraq

    Guys, Guys, I am from Missouri....."The Show Me State"
  6. Yes, like I said before....same ole, same ole story.....will they ever get an agreement?
  7. Yes, the same ole same ole.....these articles could be a coupe years old … least in it's content. We heard all of this before, I guess, like always.....we just wait and see if they can work out their differences before signing anything....
  8. But they still have not signed an agreement with the Kurds on the oil!
  9. We bow to your greatness, thank you for your commitment and the information you provide.
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