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  1. Unfortunately in our politically correct society - not much will be done. Certainly not with the current mob in DC. Even if (when) we experience another attack on US soil - they will try to turn it to their benefit and will undoubtedly receive enough support from the uninformed citizenry to wander of on yet another poorly planned and thought-out path. Why the concept of politically correct even exists is a mystery to me. Just another "do gooder" philosophy that simply does not work in the real world when dealing with humans.
  2. I know we all would like to do the same thing here in America - but start with politicians rather than military. Everything that is happening - is a result of their actions. Don't buy it when they say things just got out of hand and they are there to help. They are mostly incompetent and we really can't afford much more of their help - it's killing us We may have time left to save the Republic. Just need to get up off our collective apathetic posteriors and do some serious house cleaning.
  3. The above is true............................ Dinner will in fact occur tomorrow
  4. If biden was actually there and allowed in the building, the wealth managers were undoubtedly through with the thinking portion of the meeting and probably just discussing Ringling Brothers next visit to CO and wanted a taste of what to expect. For some reason wealth management and biden don't pair up too well - considering he has bragged that he is the poorest member of this administration. Reckon he may be looking to change that - considering his boss has been a major holdup to the RV
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