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  1. Thanks for your hard work Yota691!! I am curious as to whether this guy is saying in reality that "You are meddling in my Slush-Fund" and i don't like it! Maybe I'm missing something. Just a thought.
  2. The scripture says, "... you must purge the evil from among you."
  3. Why don't you discuss giving value to your sorry currency instead of talking about The US Military leaving for standing up to your sorry buttes and corrupt, always wanting a handout ways?? IJS
  4. Urgent Saleh receives a phone call from Pence ... and this is his details Editing Date: 12/9/2019 21:13 • 569 times read (Baghdad: Al Furat News) President of the Republic Barham Salih received, on Monday evening, a phone call from Vice President of the United States of America Michael Pence. A presidential statement, received by the agency (Al Furat News), said that "during the phone call, the current situation in Iraq and the region in general was discussed, as well as a discussion of ways to develop bilateral relations in a manner that enhances joint cooperation between the two countries." Vice President Pence affirmed his support for the stability of Iraq, the aspirations of the Iraqis for reform and peace, and the renunciation of violence, noting "the importance of respecting and protecting the will of the Iraqis and their choices away from external interference." President Saleh stressed, "Ensuring that solutions to the current conditions are in response to the Iraqi national decision away from external interference, by peaceful means, in a manner that preserves security and injects blood and helps to uphold the rule of law and the state, maintains the right to expression and peaceful demonstration, and promotes countering all attempts to interfere in the country's internal affairs." And tampering with his security. " The President of the Republic stressed the need to renounce violence, maintain the peace of the popular movement, and preserve the right of the people of the country to express their aspirations and demands in a manner befitting a democratic state, while emphasizing the support of the security and military establishment to carry out its national duty to preserve the lives of citizens and property and prevent violations and transgression of citizens and security Year. The President and the American Vice President also recalled the memory of liberating the city of Mosul, the sacrifices of Iraqis in the face of terrorism, the role of the United States and the international coalition and its support for Iraq in the war on terrorism, and stressed the importance of reconstructing destroyed cities, the return of the displaced and ensuring the coexistence of religious and national components and their unity to confront extremism .is over
  5. Love this guy's comments and way of thinking. Someone should have sent this message to that clown CBI Governor a long time ago.
  6. Do you know of any creditable currency exchange companies that will exchange the ones we have?
  7. It's good he is standing up for the Kurds. Too much corruption in that country.
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