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  1. Can we create a seperate section for Opinions, Perspectives, and Your Two Cents on the Iraqi Dinar away from the guru section?
  2. Lol all that showed up were a few dozen and we know they were all Iranian infiltrators. The Iraqi people tried to vote to get rid of these people.
  3. Hmm looks like if Obama had sent them all one of his strongly worded letters we wouldn't still be in this mess.
  4. That was a good one "slaps leg" I will prob. still be laughing this time tomorrow.
  5. Isn't these the magic words we've all been waiting for? Security stability and a fully seated government if I remember correctly.👏
  6. Bring on the scam and lop articles ill print them up throw them on the floor and make snow angels with them.
  7. They are probably giving a reminder that these notes are worthless before a rate change.
  8. Monday 19 November 2018 Baghdad - Nas The Central Bank of Iraq revealed on Monday details of the project "Structuring the currency", which aims to delete 3 zeros, to facilitate the circulation of currency. "The currency structuring project, when it was first floated, faced many objections. It was postponed to be launched again in 2014 and started to be implemented," said Abdulkarim Hassan, general manager of the issue and treasury, in an interview with NAS today (November 19, 2018). A new reason to postpone it. " Hassan explained that "the draft currency structure aims to delete three zeros to turn the category of a thousand dinars to one dinar, while replacing the thousand dinars in the place of one million dinars." He pointed out that "the project allows the printing of new categories of dinar and half dinars down to deal with the bank." He stressed that "the idea is integrated and there is a comprehensive study and the project does not need to apply," stressing that "this project must be implemented despite the obstacles that led to the postponement."البنك-المركزي-يكشف-لـ-ناس-تفاصيل-مشرو/
  9. If I were Iraq I would be p.o.'d if someone referred to my currency as a scam. Either way i'm holding onto mine at least until the day comes that I completely run out of toilet paper. 😁😁😁
  10. Funny how many years has gone by with no investigation of this before now. Im sure the water damage was just Maliki's lie about what happened to the money after he backed up his truck and loaded it with pallets of money. In my opinion they finally have a good reason to replace Alec Finally. Deep down I have always known Maliki would never rv their currency and as long as Alec is cbi govoner Maliki is still in control.
  11. Fact is this guy should be charged with the largest corruption charge second only to Maliki.
  12. And I used to think that Kurdistan was the best area in Iraq.
  13. The timing of this article is perfect, warning everyone about the Dinar scam at the time when the CBI is doing more talk about deletion of zeros every day and showing lower denom bills every other article. I think ill hold onto mine.
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