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  1. jpriceisright

    Iraqis Now Getting Paid From HCL...RV Next, Possibly?

    I was really excited when I saw the headline of this post. Then I saw that Bruce was the author and I didn't even read it. Wish this was true.
  2. I haven't seen those, but I was looking for some new things to watch. I'll put those at the top of my list. Thanks blueskyline!
  3. I guess I'm a little young cause I was thinking you meant Hugh Grant. I'll have to watch some Cary Grant stuff.
  4. I've been sitting on this 12+ years, like a lot of you guys, and am ready for this ride to be over! Let's pray this is it! Fingers crossed!
  5. I was only 2, 27 years ago and have been in this for 12+ years. I'm ready for it to be done haha. I'm ready for a big party with all the DV people! Or if anyone is in Dallas, we could have a party now haha.
  6. Got this from a random meme site that has nothing to do with Iraq or the dinar. Thought it was pretty cool.
  7. jpriceisright

    Situation Room...Chinese Elders Are On The move.

    Today is my birthday, so let's RV and grab some drinks in celebration!!!
  8. jpriceisright

    Talk of Changing Iraqi Currency

    Is this what you are talking about? Do you remember when they talked about it?
  9. jpriceisright

    Questions For Adam's Update 2-11-2015

    What do you make of Abadi saying, twice, that Iraq has set aside 5 billion iraqi dinars which would be almost 450,000,000 USD for rebuilding? The link has both videos of Abadi speaking at Davos and in Berlin (also the times at which he says that)

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