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  1. mannie2g

    HCL news quoted by Delta

    If true it will get delayed or postponed like everything else in Iraq
  2. mannie2g

    Abadi: Non Devaluation Of The Currency.

    Currency365 made that statement
  3. Yeah this rumor section should be called Lies and B.S. lol
  4. The iqd doesn't have any sanctions like Iran and Turkey
  5. I think Iran is going to adopt the Iraqi dinar as their currency
  6. mannie2g

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Iraq and all their corrupt politicians are the ones who's holding the rate change up. They want to continue stealing money and keep their people poor. But they are gradually being forced to make a move.
  7. Iraq doesn't follow any timelines so basically this could go into 2019
  8. And after the elections it will be a big mess to sort out which will take us into Ramadan when nothing gets done
  9. Hopefully it will get passed on the 17th if and when they meet.
  10. I hope they all show up and don't have to postpone it till after the elections

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