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  1. I hope there is an NDA required -- then I won't have to tell the IRS!
  2. VERY suspect article! NOTAMs are used to communicate flight and terminal information to pilots/aircrew. They are NOT used to generally communicate with line AF personnel. I retired just 5 years ago, after serving 26 years in the AF. Part of my job was to post NOTAMs. Definitely need more info before getting outraged over this article.
  3. Great video -- Thanks for posting! I used to watch these beauties in VA Beach and was always in awe of how capable they are.
  4. Sounds great! Too bad it's not a real Cobra.
  5. Gun Control: 1. Line up the sights on your target. 2. Take a breath; slowly release half. 3. Squeeze....
  6. My family has a long history of ensuring this nation's economic and strategic security. And I'm proud to say that my son has continued the tradition. I hope you thank someone, God I hope, that we have been and are still willing to ensure your ability to live the life you do. Lord knows there are a lot of folks out there who would like nothing better than to take that away from you.
  7. Makes you wonder where they're getting their information. Some incredibly misinformed people out there!
  8. Why do we have the largest military? We have the most to lose! No other country has ever been in a position to lose so much economically as the United States. If you like what we (still) have, we must protect it. To do that properly, and be a deterrent to aggression, we need a globally capable and very visible military.
  9. I believe it boils down to this......somebody, somewhere, isn't getting what they want. When they do, an RV of some sort will happen. The gurus have really been trying to figure out who that is and what they want; confusion comes because many of them just don't realize it.
  10. Tradition does not require logic - especially in our current time frame. Rest assured, it made perfect sense years ago. That said, most states and federal courts have provided other methods for you to make an oath. A Bible is no longer required.
  11. Like it or not, our system is what it is --the for the moment. We're NOT going to see any significant change before November 2012. For me, O must go because he's started pushing his agenda using EOs and regulatory authority. I don't believe that M is likely to travel that same road, so he gets my vote. When my vote for a 3rd party candidate starts to make a significant difference, I'll begin taking someone like RP more seriously.
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