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  1. Pretty cheap entertainment, me thinks.
  2. A Dinarian convention in Vegas??? Can we get our own Craps table??
  3. I use that phrase too. "Knucklehead" It fits.
  4. With everything going on and you're worried about where it's posted. Only one word for you. WOW
  5. Can anyone here read? Or do math? Too many zeroes? Iraq is having the same problems. No worries. Just having some fun. Or maybe just tired? That guy in Nigeria said he was sending me the next check for my long lost family. Several Mil I believe. To be delivered April 33, this year.
  6. I've been in 8 yrs. Just hoping for enough $ for Mrs. to pay for funeral.
  7. is there a line in here about Shabibi retiring? And three other people up for the job? and one of them is Maliki's man Al-Anbuge?
  8. I wanna buy one at that price. I like the SWA lookalike. Parenthesis (IQD ) overrule a typo $
  9. Somebody once said, "You can't fix stupid." And only one thing worse than stupid. Stupid idiot.
  10. Hey Mr. Zig I may be a newbie here but I,ve been holding for 8 yrs now. I'm paying attn to your comments too. I never learned to read backwards so I need help translating a lot of this stuff. Been watching Yota for a long time too.
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