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  1. Hey guys, I've got 4.5 million dinars that I'd like to sell. These notes are in 5000 denoms. I've purchased these from dinartrade back in 2010, and I WILL INCLUDE certificate of authenticity I received from Ali. For those that are skeptical, send me a message, and I will send you the pictures of these notes along with COA. I'd like to get $1050 per million. However, if you buy everything, I will sell these for $1000 per million. Send me a private message, and I will get back to you asap. Thanks! I will accept paypal for those that are far away, and cash for those that are local. I am located near downtown los angeles, CA.
  2. TFK, I'm calling you an idiot. You're friggin funny. Did I ever say here that I overpaid for these dinar notes? I purchased it back in 2005 for these, and I paid the CBI rate plus 20 percent premium, so I wonder who's calling who an idiot here. You probably purchased your dinars at a much higher rate than mine, so I guess that also makes you FRIGGIN FUNNY like me huh, just like your avatar? Also, like I said before, I'm simply going by what people are willing to pay for these on ebay. Maybe you should create a blog or an article on ebay, telling everyone who pays extra "premium" for these "FRIGGIN FUNNY". You will look more friggin funny than people buying small dinars on ebay Oh, and one last note. Almost everyone that left comment here has left "GOOD LUCK" comment, and thanks to yall, BOOYA! All dinars are sold (though it's outside of dinarvets). Thanks again.
  3. Jeepguy, you're an idiot. Maybe you've never bought any dinars on eBay. I have 100% feedback on eBay. I've both sold and bought many dinars on eBay. There aren't any fakes on eBay, as long as you don't fall into Hussein currency My username is *silver_stacker*. Check my credentials. Send me a private message and I'll reply directly. The only reason I'm not selling on eBay is cause of seller fees plus too much time consuming. You look like a deadbeat. If you can't afford any more dinars, don stir the pot and move on with your life. Let the big boys play. No offense "buddy"
  4. Hey guys, I'd like to sell my lower denominated dinars. Now, please don't tell me that I've been bought into this from pumping dealers, gurus, and so forth. No, I didn't buy these because I was scared of LOP. No, I didn't buy these because someone told me that my higher denoms were going to be worthless. The reason why I purchased low denoms were for tax purposes, to exchange small notes couple at a time inside the bank. Now, i find that reason to be stupid. I pretty much fell for my own trap. I just want to pay my taxes and be free when this is all done. I have no need for small denoms, but for those that are interested, please let me know. I don't have "certificate of authenticity" or some "special" documents to prove that these are fake or real. (Those are meaningless anyway) I bought these from a reputable seller on ebay. For those that are NOT interested in small denoms, please don't say that I'm trying to create my own "RV" or whatever. I'm simply going for the "market value" on what people are paying for these on ebay. I have 12 bundles of 50 dinar. 3 bundles of 250 dinar and 3 bundles of 1000 dinar. $30 for 50 dinar $80 for 250 dinar $150 for 1000 dinar For those that are "interested" in small denoms, you would find that this price is A LOT better than dealer price, and ebay price. I am flexible with my price as long as I don't get low ballers. Also I am willing to add extra dinars as a bonus for those that are willing to purchase multiple bundles. PM me or leave an email, and I will get back to you asap. I am located in southern california los angeles region, so if you are nearby, we can meet in person to complete this transaction. I am paypal verified, so I will accept paypal as well for those that are far away. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Markinsa! hahaha...Why am I not surprised? I mean the time comment was left, time this ****** bag joined this site and the wording tell that this ****** is obviously here to scam people. I wonder why you would want to buy dinar for a higher price when you already had 9 million dinars in possession? hmmm?? sold everything? yea sure, no one believes you
  6. I would be careful if I were you. This guy "WAYRE" already has an open thread where he's wanting to sell 9 million dinar for 1k each, only accepting "money order and cashier's check". On flip side, now he wants to BUY the dinars for $1100, but wants to use paypal. This just doesn't make any sense at all. Either this guy is a scammer or a con artist trying to rip you off by using paypal that's not associated with CONFIRMED ADDRESS, only later to find out you've been duped when real card holder files a claim on you. I may be wrong, but I'm just trying to help since I had bad experience on ebay in the past.
  7. Does dinar banker accept buybacks from NON client of theirs?
  8. Thanks for the replies. The reason why I purchased low denoms were for tax purposes, to exchange small notes couple at a time inside the bank. Now, i find that reason to be stupid. I pretty much fell for my own trap. I just want to pay my taxes and be free when this is all done. I have no need for small denoms, but for those that are interested, please let me know. I will try eBay if it doesn't sell. I'm flexible with my price as long as I don't get lowballers. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am getting off this dinar train for a quick break. getting rid of some small notes i have. I am selling 1000 x 50 dinar notes (10 bundles). Total of 50,000 dinar. I want to sell it for $500. For those that are interested, please pm me. I will accept paypal, cod, and local pick ups are welcome for those that live near los angeles. As an added bonus, I will add ONE 10,000 dinar notes that's uncirculated but not in perfect condition, and TEN 1,000 crisp uncirculated dinar notes. So, bottom line, you will receive total of 70,000 dinar. Thanks for looking and take advantage of this great buying opportunity!
  10. !!! .1 Cent Per Iraqi Dinar Date: 2012-04-03, 2:57PM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have 11 Million dinars that i am willing to sell for .1 cent per dinar. I will meet you if you are serious about buying. The dinar will most likely revalue sometimes by November and it will be worth anywhere from $11 to $33 Million, which is a huge profit for you. I just cant wait that long. My back is against the wall and i need to sell them so i can survive.
  11. This will happen right here in US of A very soon too. No surprise at all. Guys, NEVER EVER keep anything in VALUE inside the bank safety box. Some people might say this is all conspiracy, but look at this! The picture says a thousand words. Do not keep your dinars in your safe deposit box. It is much safer to get a safe or bury it outside your backyard.
  12. Nice one JW. Whenever I read an article and come across his name or any other lopsters, I just hit the "back" button on my browser cause it isn't even worth reading. These lopsters must be really stupid if they think the CBI would really come up with the article saying that they will RV on so and so date. No matter what these pathetic groups of people say, we will stand firm and believe on this investment.
  13. There are guys that just can't stand other people getting rich from this investment. They don't want others to be blessed form this great opportunity. These guys are known as dinarck, keepm, and gt5junkie, etc. Funny how these guys keep coming here to say that there is gonna be a lop when they themselves are nothing but speculators like us. Oh yea, like CBI is gonna say "we will RV so buy as much dinar as you can" right? how stupid can you be? These guys probably are so insecure themselves that when they see someone driving a better car than they do, they get pissed off and hate them. They themselves say LOP, however in the other end, are keep stacking on dinars. This investment is very similar to any other investments. If the dinar value was really going down and/or they had intention of doing lop, CBI wouldn't say things like removing 3 zeros (trying to confuse us), dinar is a bad investment, etc. They would actually encourage people to buy loads of dinar. Look at DOT COM crash and REAL ESTATE for example? history always repeats itself. My fellow dinar investors, do not be discouraged by lots of smoke and mirrors and especially from these insecure people in dinarvets. Cheer up! we are coming to an end soon!
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