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  1. Theres nothing wrong with that banner plus its a good deal! thats what I call a 2 for 1 sale. This site is worth it! Adam tells us the truth and I like that! or you can go to the Tony and Dan show for there acurate perdictions everyday!Tony will save you his hotdog. Thank You Adam!I am sane because of you!been in this for 9 years. You cant put a price on the truth its priceless!
  2. Well Thank You Jon Jon its good to see people are willing to fight for Obama's America.Those people shall win.
  3. I dont know why you folks negged TPS or chartman its only there opinion. Besides the better question is who are you gonna elect as your leader? It cant be Perry he fills his pockets full off federal money's thats why he's against it.So no republican leaders.Perry loves his illegals because thats who mows his lawn for 75,000 a year.He thanks you republicans for your donations.And he got re-elected by you guys.And you wonder why we voted for anyone other than a republican.I would love to move to china at least there are plenty of jobs Thank You Mitt!The rice is really nice!might even buy me a chinese made Jeep.Cheap labor ya know=cheaper prices=higher profit gains! Mitt sure is smart!Forget about a secession its never going to happen EVER you would have to bear arms against the socialist american republic which means you lose by 158%.I bet you guys just missed me while I was gone you dont have to many to neg in here. Plus +1 for simple.Happy Thanksgiving folks!its good to be home!Home of the neg! or republican.Poke poke poke that hornets nest! I even got holiday pay on my welfare check.The sound of imploding republican wallets is heard through out the land.Ooooooo that had to hurt! JMHO and thats all.America home of the FREE!and something something I cant remember the rest.You know I do this for laughs only dont ya? PG is sorry for laughs at your expense.New Nike Logo> Just get over it?
  4. Another good article by brandy my hero.Next to Al Bundy. I am willing to bet those company's are republican owned and are just making it look like its Obama's fault.You know sour grapes. And we dont need coal anymore.Not with my new generator!Its a coming along. I dont see whats wrong with being told to work that means the BUMS wont be taking your cash anymore.Maybe they can find a job for me to do with one arm.I'll even let them whip me while I work.Ah a facist system forced to buy Obamacare and is the cheapest healthcare you can buy unless you can show me even cheaper? And the chip thats OK as well at least they would know who the illegals are and criminals are as long as they dont say its the mark of the beast.Then they can lead me to the Martyerdome where they can chop my head off instant rapture ya know. I pissed into the wind and it landed on my shoes.When romney did it,It landed on the American people.Us demonics? dont trust a flip flopper its why he lost. How do you steal a election with 158% of the voters? Where are your good Ideas to save this country instead of being negative all the time? Move forward and Baaa Baaa Baaa like a sheep!Dictator Obama has a good ring to it one that may never stop.JMHO is all.I am sorry folks for my opinion just tired of being called a demonic,socialist,marxist,communist,etc.childish is all I can say.You keep poking at me and I poke back as a reminder to who won.not nice is it?You guys think democrats just like to ruin america?Then why does america vote that way? touche! Those snow flakes mess with my one eye so I might not post right. Thats right another long WIND BAG post!anymore names for me?
  5. Wonder if that was my program they used? Obama stole the election is a fact?He won by winning vote.You guys just loved the electoral votes that I was against,we dont need paper ballot anymore do we?Its easier to print a bunch up to drop in the box.I would have. Must have been a good reason they didnt vote for him in the east oh yeah thats right he's already pocketed all there money. I mean how can a electronic voting machine be manipulated?PG whistles did I do that? 158% was a mistake it should have been 199% I'll have to check my dreamweaver program stats again. I only need seven more -7's to have a bad reputation in here can someone help me out! Thanks I knew I could count on you folks.from 185 pluses to 7 in 2 weeks wow I am popular!Now I can have a Happy Thanksgiving! Drop kicks the hornets nest into the room for all repubes to get stung,That otta do it! -7 here I come!I wish simple was here to help me out!I know Dog53 will.My buddy!
  6. Did I do something to you yota? I respect your thoughts.I am not the enemy.I have looked at how our constitution is being destroyed who actually changes the laws written in it.I know you like to wave your colors and fought for this country and took vows to uphold it same as me.But look at it look what we are letting happen to it. How do you pull the people together to fix it thats what I am trying to figure out.I am looking for answers but until we can destroy who's doing it the constitution its on its way down and I dont like it same as you. I know you dont like the way I voted but when he finishes off this country people will know then who done it.This country will have to go to war against itself to weed out the people who only want to take from her.So when she bottoms out which wont take to long at the current pace were going.Then the ones who have not put anything into this country will be the ones who suffer then.They will be the ones crying in the streets wanting to survive and thats when no one will help them.Cant you see that our government is wanting to control population and soon that will start.They are going to do everything to piss us off as a nation so this war can start.Then they can say look what you people have done.You dont think our government is going to admitt they are the ones who tore us down as a nation.They have plans that we dont see or is written anywhere to find them.Why do you think all these illegals are coming here? Because they know they can take from us easy right now and you know we dont have the money to put everyone on welfare.This country is divided right now and its the ones who dont put in that are going to be killed by the ones who pay in. Gun laws will soon be put in place and when they collect them when war starts they will issue weapons to whom they choose to have them for this coming war.And you can bet on it that the ones who dont put in will be the enemy they will flee from this country and thats when you will win.JMHO Nothing would please me more than to show you what I have found but I cant post it or they would come for me.So let the welfare recipents take what they want for now because the gravy train is about to come to a halt.If you dont think a war is a coming then your head is in the sand. I know you are a smart man Yota no doubt about that.How else can we save or constitution I am all ears.Another Civil War thats how.You can see how our own government is doing it now. we are but lackies to them for profit.And when that profit ends for them they will have to shrink us down to start all over again.JMHO.I know I make folks mad but I dont mean to.Sometimes the truth hurts as you have shown me today.I like you Yota and I always have.your a fighter!And thats what this country needs so bad.Truce my friend?
  7. I hear you Maggie your a dear! I really like you!Id give you a kiss Let me clarify some things.As a soldier at one time when the government the militaries boss gives you an order you follow that order to a T so when they tell those Kids as you say to collect the peoples arms they will do it or get shot by there officer in charge right where they stand. Alot of them will probably go Awol if this happens.But there punishment for awol is not nice. And Dog I hear you too.Back in the days I would have stood up for our constitution to a T but there is so much coruption in our world today that guns get used for the dumbest things.I am not saying you should'nt defend yourselves to protect in what you believe in. theres just to many idiots that believe in things against what our forefathers taught us.Theres a movement for this and a movement for that and guns come into play on most things.We cant have folks shooting each other because they dont get there way. Even england wont let there officers carry weapons only batons and why do you ask.It cuts down on police being the judge and jury when it comes to crimes.If there is a problem and someone does have a gun they step back and let special forces take care of the problem.Military mostly are in these positions so they can make the right decisions for us.Our own courts love guns because they make so much money off them for crimes comitted with them.In england there crimes comitted with guns is way less than here. Ive seen drunk rednecks shoot everything that moves when they hunt and just let it lay here in texas. They dont care at all.Hell just get drunk and shoot guns.This is a problem and most dont even know what mussel awareness is.You know carry a gun with the barrel pointing in any direction without a thought of where the bullet went when they shoot.More innocent people get shot then crimminals themselves get shot. And look at our holidays when I lived in california I lived in longbeach on top of my roof after each holiday I could find at least 5 or 6 bullets each holiday on my roof and of coarse I turned them in to the police each holiday as most did.Now just look at how many rounds get shot up into the air during our holidays and the new years is the worst.I could find at least 10 bullets then.How many bullets does it take for that to happen? just think of how many didnt land on a house.I lived 28 miles from LA and most of them came from east LA mexican gang land.and right across from them is watts and el sugundo crips and bloods and each gang member shooting there guns into the air.millions of bullets into the air.And thats just 3 places. People get hit in the head and died from these wounds most from stolen guns.So there has to be gun removal from us citicens for our own protection.Things were alot better in the old days but not today. This is why I think guns should be taken from us.There are more idiots that carry guns than people that have good common sense and knows how to use them in a proper way.Its a shame but it has to be DONE. or our own future will be decided by the barrel of the gun.You know getting robbed everytime we turn around. Its only getting worse and worse not better.I believe only our military should have guns for our safety is that such a bad thing?Our constitution is worthless today because of lawyers they punch holes in it everyday but no one does a dam thing to them for it.Its all about the money they can make in court. How do you fix that?I hate lawyers more than anyone in this world because they have the power over everyone. And insurance companies back them because they only want to collect and not pay.Be glad if your one of these that I dont have a gun because I would wipe out all of them.They took our constitution and walked all over it for profit.But blame the libs and its not our fault we want peace.Its the dam lawyers and insurance companies who are our enemies.GO shoot them you have my blessings.Then our constitution will be reinstated as the law. I am sorry if you are a attorney or lawyer or Insurance company but its YOU who are the problem. And I absolutley hate you!Bunch of money grubbin punks and you represent what is our law NOW. PG kicks the hornets nest right into the lawyers of this countrys lap and I hope it stings you so you cant walk into court to destroy the rest of our constitution.I am not a bad guy I want all of us to live and no one should be allowed to take another persons life with a gun.Look at it this way if you could buy ANY weapon you wanted would you and that includes tanks, missles, lars rockets,automatic weapons,even nukes! etc and most of you would say HELL YA I rest my case.Its time for guns to go! Every country back in the days that tried to rule by the sword died by the sword and there country taken anyway. God said it not me.If I could get over my complex as to how I look I would post a pic of myself and then you could see what guns did to me and its not purdy either.I have been called every name you could think of when kids see me and I know its not there faults I am a freak to look at to them.If they only new what I did for them. This is why I hate guns so much but its my own fault for fighting for this country in which I was proud of. I still fight for this country even thou I dont leave this house very much. I have learned I can electronically cause damage to the enemy.So when you see a PG post there is a reason to my madness.There are things you cant see that I gain access to.I fight for every single person in this forum on a daily basis and one day they will come for me.I wished that I would have died in the war because I lost every friend that I have and now I have no friends.Its why I am a little bitter at this country.I voted for Obama to help finish off this country and then maybe we can get back to old fashion values that we all want. PG the man with a plan.Our government wants to live by the computor well they trained me so they can die by the computor.Thank You folks for listening to my rants I am on your side believe it or not.
  8. Good Morning Al Bundy hows my favorite hero doing! Thank You for the good news! AS IN SOON!
  9. Theres nothing like a scared person with a gun.Shoot first then ask questions later. See if no one had a gun these kind of things would never happen. Just innocent folks trying to sleep and then BAM. That could have been YOU or your families and why do we need guns again? Oh I dont need a gun All you need is a DONK (crocodile dundee) Oh thats right you would have to have a pair to fight like that. If they were not even smart enough to find a address go ahead and give them a gun? I feel sorry for the victims.God Bless Them.
  10. Well What do you expect its santa monica its mostly all *** anyway it goes against there rights to have sweet brown rump dumplings.They probably shop at abominations are us for there kind of toys. But if you looked into each of there homes they will have a christmas tree standing where you can see it through the window. Butt thats there choice, To throw out the baby Jesus my King and Savior. What is the world coming to? The End is what its coming to.
  11. Another dumbace with a gun! What if he missed where would that bullet come down at? This is why your guns are going to go bye bye.And I will laugh so hard when all you have left to shoot off is your angry mouths. A gun is just a extension for a part of the male anatomy that started with to short of barrel. Now its ok to own the old type of guns you know a roll of red caps that pop and you get a plastic holster and a sheriffs badge to go with it so you can feel like the lone ranger again. Bunch of physco's shooting pigeons that arnt that good to eat. Next time they send it up let me equip that drone with a rifle with a futaba servo mounted on the trigger and a camera behind the scope.They wont do it again.killing innocent birdies shame shame shame why kill the first form of communication?
  12. I wonder what would happen if I put my left shoe on my other foot? would it hurt? No guns for anybody can I intrest you in a super soaker? You might be able to wash the smell of death off you.
  13. Is the president black? I didnt know that.But thats ok I am tan with a little red. Tisk tisk ray cist bass turd.ODB give Obama a kiss for me. Oh my god is this why folks hate me on here because I am a_____ lover? dam I thought it was because I was a lib.I thought it was my. Bigger brain over the republicans so this is what a Whitey site is then huh.I noticed his comment was allowwed Well I guess I am happy he is on my side somewhat but if he is going to stay on my side we must discuss the salt in a old wound first.Dam I better drink a glass of milk in a snow storm so I can blend in.
  14. Well Sentinel7 your speech is a dam good one and a speech that would make any patriot stand and salute the flag.When I was in boot camp The drill sgt's treated us like a piece of crap for about 2 or 3 weeks and I thought to myself why are they doing this?And then when I made OCS and became a officer I was told why they are so hard on a new troop. They were looking for grunts to become angry as to show resilence or any type of anger as to rebel what the leaders told us.You know scream in your ear and then snap kicking who's ever rump that hurt your ear,Which is a normal reaction from just about any of us. It tells them you would not follow orders under pressure and they might not be able to trust you when the bullets hit the bone.You would be discharged not fit for any service and put into your file forever.Things have changed since 1979 when I went in but I know they do not like a soldier that was a pest or resilient to orders.So when they compile enough eveidence on you that shows them your against the Government you will be one of the first they come to get if a war takes place. You will be bearing arms against this Government and in any military's eyes you are commiting treason and the penalty for that is death. I am telling you that you will never get at least half to fight against them so dont try it. And if you do they will cull the herd so to say and the fighters against the gov will be destroyed! Even if some innocent are with you that dont fight.When they come for me I will just stand there and do nothing.So if they want to kill me so be it.And I will be under gods throne asking that question "Is it time yet" Gods vengence against the people responsible for our deaths will be dealt with. At least I have a chance because I show no transgretions against our Government and they will still need workers in that government.But because I am handicapped I dont think they will keep me because I am a burden on the world.Free money that you guys biatch about to take care of me. Our Government is creating a web and thats why I tell you to throw those dam cell phones away that have web capability and any other devices that have this capability if you are against the Government. If you have'nt noticed every post that you have made in this forum and all others are saved makes you wonder WHY doesnt it?I know why because I am a master at electronics and have seen the devices coming for folks like you who are against the government and they are nasty.Look at google earth for one,The google earth you get to see shows a picture of a house kinda up close.But the google earth they have can show even the smallest hair on your arm and with pin point accuracy gives them a very accurate GPS of your heading. All F22 raptors have this capability even at 80.000 feet and can pin point a single shot to your vector. And thats just one device,They have so many to list and I could scare the living crap out of you on the rest that I cant say because I worked on some of those devices.Even if everyone stood up against our Government they would completely destroy us and thats a fact.Those stinking powers that be have a agenda and its coming. They want you to go against our government for that sole purpose to cull the earth as they see fit.They know wars a coming and your falling right into place for them.People around the world are pissed at every government its funny how it all happens at the same time would'nt you say?They know a 100,000 babies are being born every minute around the world and our food systems cannot go on much more without this culling of the herd. I am not trying to scare anyone but put my political views aside for now I know what has been built for future security and the stuff I helped to build is aimed at this very cause.Just the biohazards scare me. Not to mention the electronic part of it.Do Not threaten our Gov please I beg you it wont be worth it. I have said to much but to help save some of your lives this info could help you. Ask yourself this: Do you think the powers that be will let you take what is already theres meaning our everything? What do you think they talk about when the bilderbergs meet?At first I laughed at the bilderbergs until I saw something posted a year ago on a site I hacked and it was not good at all.You can call me crazy if you want to.Laugh whatever but remember I warned you of retaliation against our Government and this problem is all over the world everyone is pissed at there government coinsidence maybe but I know better. Good luck on your dominence over the Governments It will be a short one.No one can stop whats a coming. I know you folks think I am crazy and it seems that way but in the end I will let you know who I truly am. The gov is watching me because I have knowledge of many devices I could make to use against our gov and that alone scrares me.Now just think what the new age grads are creating much smarter than me. Thats why I will always follow my leaders and my government to the end. Watch yourselfs folks I love you and do care what happens to you even if my posts seem hateful against you. Please Lord watch over each and every one of us and give us knowledge to overcome this tribulation. The Gov is waiting for your next move. This is just my honest opinion and you should not do anything that I say.Follow your own heart the GOOD will come out in the end.PG your libby friend.
  15. Thank You Maggie! Alot of folks conspiring in here and it will be seen by these folks. They are going to crack something alright goat head and laugh now get it out of your system. And I dont care how many hunting licenses your state has issued your very tiny arms and AR15 which is junk is just short range weapons and against our troops you wont last long.Everytime you buy guns, ammo or anykind of weapons they know who bought them.Your in for a BIG surprise if you think everyone at the same time is going to fight against our soldiers.It will be as god said "your blood will be up to the bridal on his horses neck" You will not win and wont be remembered as any kind of hero only in your own mind. Understand unless you have a M1Abrahams or patriot missle defenses 120mm mortars and soforth they will swat you like a fly either on the ground or in the air.Your going to lose BAD. So get your Sabo's ready oh thats right you dont have that and not many have a weapon that will stop our forces. Those nasty little tiny things like carpet bombs can make a really big mess fast and what was it that you said you had OH thats right your tiny little ar15 it will be like me shooting a tank with my Red Rider BB Gun and destroying it. And us Libs are crazy! You guys are way out there.Blown way out there is more like it. I love my Government and would never bear arms against her.Keep typing your threats and by all means secede your secession away from me and the innocent that will follow what our leaders tell us to do. Your choice is one of DEATH and mine is the choice of life and I choose life. So take your war out into the desert away from the innocent so at least you will be close to your grave. Hiding behind the innocent will only get them killed along with you.If I thought you had a chance even with one arm and eye I would stand and fight with you but reality tells me we have NOT ONE CHANCE against them.Good luck with whatever you choose. Wraps a warm blanket around the hornets nest to attempt to calm the Hornets and stop them from a certain death. God Bless Us All. I know I am not your friend because I am a Lib hated by all republicans and I tell you the truth. stop writing your threats for all to see.
  16. And What will be the mechanism that pulls everyone together before anything happens? It will have to be something very civil or nothing will change it.A war would pull everyone together for a fight and then the government will destroy you for trying to make them do what we want. God is gone out of many these days so that would'nt make a good mechanism to go up against our Government.Your not going to be able to use the media for your fight. And emailing this out would end up in alot of spam folders or trashed by the Lazy. We are way past the time to go up against our government because the powers that be as you say have another agenda that our government is going by.I already know what is going to happen.It will be like trying to convince a lib to vote for a repub and for every YAY there will be a NAY and vise versa.Even if you changed every congressman the big money will still get stuffed in there pockets to look the other way when you come. Your numbers will be about the current price of the dinar 1/10 of the populas and the rest of us law following sheep we will just let them take what they want.There is NO WAY your going to convince more than half of the populas to join in and fight washington dc.Its Too Late now. The Wheels are already in motion for what is about to hit us.You are not going to like it either. As I sneak around the web I have found some very interesting stuff and the worst is on its way. Please just do as they say.Its the only warning I can give you without giving myself away. I have other agendas as well and you will see what I am telling you is true. The real bad news will never be seen by us small potatoes.Hidden puposely as to not create a panic.I will always follow my leaders and our Government no matter what happens Trade in your hornets nest for a small honey behive and live and eat sweetly.peacefully. Do not carry a big stick to washington because the ball will be coming so fast it will break the stick. and you will be out with no score.And no its not the mayan calender nothing will happen on that day. PG
  17. And Then Here Comes MR. PG. KILJOY I am so HAPPY to see yer guns go BYE BYE!!!! If'in yer FREE why do you need guns?Oh thats right to protect yourselves from Tyranny in the government. I am trying not to laugh BUT you do realize our military is attached to this what you say Government. And you as a tiny people with tiny sticks with tiny BB's coming out of them are going to stop the goverment when they come fer yer arms.I need to get front row seats for this one! I know I will be the one on a bulldozer plowing up some mighty big graves open field ones of coarse! And then as you say after my fellow libs pry those pea shooters out of your dead hands and logging them in.They will just order us to shove you all in and cover you up.And because you choose to file a petition to secede from the onion that told our government HEY these folks are treasonist against us so mandatory weapons surrender is needed to control a unruley citizens of the USA. That will be there excuse to do you in.They didnt want to be peaceful and just turn there guns in so we must destroy all that owns them.And because you wanted a secession now that can be justified as a treasonist act.Tisk Tisk it was nice knowing ya.Even me I will hand in my ONLY weapon my Lever Action Red Rider BB gun and smile when I do it.Us liberal sheep will follow all orders givin by our leaders of our country for a better America.No longer do innocent people get shot by drunken fools to be seen on the news. No more children killing themselves because of a owner who Forgot to lock up his weapons. But to evolve as a much smarter people who only want peace and prosperity for the land. I HATE GUNS PERIOD.....and you should to.God said thall shall not kill.But you want to KILL anyway. What a EVIL race we have become.So when our WONDERFUL Government comes for YER GUNS GIVE THEM to our Government and live!God will BLESS you when the time comes.Which is better? Letting us LIBS pry them out of yer hands after the troops wipe you out OR surrendering those nasty ole guns and Living? the choice shall be YOURS.God Bless you all.any questions? Rebuilds the hornets nest out of titanium upholsters the inside with felt and GENTLY places it back into the room in PEACE. I know what your thinking and dont do it please! Isnt it funny I just posted something like this earlier about guns I wonder why our government posted this today?Hmmmm Thank You Obama for saving our lives! Amen I tried every way to word this as nicely as I could to warn you.Make no mistake they will take them and you wont have much of a choice when they come for them.Heed this warning because I do care about you even thou I am a LIB as you call me. From one of your loyal sheep PG. Now thats some GOOD SWEET BROWN as shabibilicous says.
  18. Blind Liberal?Well I am one that did fight for our country that a Blind republican started.I paid a heavy price so dont call me a Blind Liberal.I guess only REPUBLICANS fight in our armed forces.Look who's blind now! I dont want your thanks you can kiss my It sure is easy to just throw your spewed garbage out there to! I dont like being called names and no one else should either.Every party fights for the USA. I did and I should get some respect.Then you will say I didnt know you were a troop. Thats why you should watch what you say at all times.Point me out and I point you out fair? You say something nice and I will say something nice. But you can post whatever you like thats freedom of speech. Smashes the hornets nest with a hammer!
  19. I like St.Judes and I am glad you exposed those worthless bums collecting a donation to create there expensive lifestyles they will get theres on that day! Fleecing the flock I call it. Thank You for this informative post awesome job! Plus one for you. God Bless You!
  20. He probably would just to use against the repubes! Guess you didnt think of that. And thats why guns need to be outlawed to many that just want to kill someone because they THINK there life is in danger.Does it make you feel like a bigger man when you pack your gun. He who lives by the gun dies by the gun.I have seen my fair share of guns and dont ever want to own another one.Only a wussy carries a gun.He's big when he carries it but if he had to fight with his fist he would run.Thats how folks can settle there differances is by a good old fashion brawl. Whats bad is the guy that loses runs to go get his gun because he is a poor loser a wussy. We dont need a single gun in our lives because your not the jugde and jury over someone elses life.If you think you are then you dont need a gun you need a rubber room. The sooner guns are outlawed the better off we will be.Because only crooks use guns PERIOD..... Then you will say guns dont kill people.People kill people with guns whats the differance? So you want a physco like me a Lib to carry a gun Trained by our government? I'd think real hard about that.If I owned a gun some might already be dead when they gave me crappy healthcare after the war.Arnt YOU glad I dont own a gun now?And dam right I would take all the free phones I could get and trash them unused.Cell phones are for extremely lazy people. Just take a look straight down and look at your spread. Uses his red rider BB gun to shoot the hornets nest and I hope all that own guns get there just rewards. Now you know where I stand when it comes to guns.When you lose your arm lung and eye in war you'll see my point.It could be your kids someday.
  21. That gunshop owner wont be so proud when guns are outlawed. He is just scared because we outnumber the repubes.
  22. A republican with a heart? First I will have to overpost all this britchen about nothing and use a microscope to see if one actually exsist.At least I dont crawfish under pressure. But thanks for your concern. I dont need any luck I am a democrat BORN American Winners! Just like Obama. God Bless you anyway see us libs have huge heart.
  23. Useful Idiot huh? Yet you repubes are so smart? Why didnt you learn how to win then?who's the Idiot now? You can tell my brain was washed its completely gone scrubbed away by republican thinking. This useful Idiot shoves the hornets nest up your rumps and who gets stung?If I said Republican Idiots I would get banned for 2 days but its ok for you to call Obama supporters Idiots and get an award for outstanding Idiot. Guess your useful too. Never read a PG post dont do it you might wanna kill me or say something Idiotic. When you come from a far away land like the way far extreme left you tend to learn from the way far right's mistakes. Useful Idiots sounds like a republican movie starring all the republican incumbants running for office if you ask me. Again my post should not be read and I apologize if I called you a Idiot. I didnt like it and you should'nt either. Lower life forms that revert to name calling when thats how they feel about themselves. Hits the Hornets nest with a dumb rock and then runs. Have a Nice day
  24. Well I fought for this country and HERE I IZ and I admire him .He is my leader and ULTIMATE commnader and chief for the next 4 terms. By the way our constitution has'nt been worth a crap for many years now.Democrat or Republican has always found a loop hole in it to use at there own discretion.Thats why there is a million laws And thats OUR faults for letting anyone abuse it.As soon as someone didnt go by our constitution they should have been thrown out period!.... Lots of folks like to cry over it but no one does anything about it. So kiss that worthless piece of paper good bye WE deserve it because WE let it happen. This is what happens when Insurance companies and ATTORNEYS run this world because they are the only ones smart enough and rich enough to buy the Judges of the constitution thereof.Rich lobby money can punch holes through it and rewrite whatever law needs to be done to constitute the laws that need be in concourency to our constitution or to mesh with the constitution so it becomes as one. To me each law and crime should be shown and the date you WILL serve jail time for said crime. No attorneys needed there so no judge payoff for a guilty crime with witness.Or no sway money to offset the crime in money.So where does the constitution come into play?Its full of holes and doesnt hold sand anymore.They want to uphold it but downplay it as the rights of the common people.So if your poor your gonna get a jail sentence. And if your rich we might possibly works things out with no jail time.Real Justice there.Freedoms and rights "yeah right" for who the rich?That picture of Obama tearing up the Constitution wasnt done by Obama it was done by the person who posted it or created it.And its funny right? No defense now? And you will say Obama is taking our rights one by one not at all WE did it.Keep hating it gets worst. PG's post should only be viewed as entertainment only and not to be taken seriously. Its not my problem let someone else fix it and THEY ARE.any questions? Obama triumphs has a good ring to it.He Thanks You for your support.Alot of people voted for him so I guess he has earned there respect I mean he won.And he ate a Starwberry. Slam dunks the hornets nest and wins the game.
  25. HIGHER TAXES ARE ON THE WAY? What happened did they overturn the election and give it to Mitt Romney?Thats it I am seceding from the union.Rioting in the streets! putting up a petition aginst mitt.Check his birth certificate for authenticity. Sound familar? Why are tax going to be higher they are long enough already.But thats ok we can put one in each republicans chair. Warning do not read! Extreme left wing extremist at WORK.All rich repubs go back to your Tax shelters! Rich Republicans and the Rothechilds=same thing neither pays there fair share. PG is sorry for kicking the hornets nest like it was the opening kick off in a football game. You should not read any PG post for your safety.You could go stark raving mad! PG is sorry if he hurt your feelers and cares about you. God Bless us Libs were the only ones to save our country. Remember support your leaders and our Country its the only way you wont get arrested for Treason.Remember this also; Obama gives money away its the fat cat republican that you should be looking out for he takes the poors money and doesnt pay his fair share in taxes. O gives and R takes it away from the poor. PG reserves the right to be a dumbarse and his way farout extreme leftist thinking I just feel everyone should know the truth is all no biggie. God Bless everyone who can collect off the republicans money because its the only way your gonna get it! PG is sorry for his views not matching your views and has the right to freedom of speech. Or is that the part Obama tore off the constitution? He just wants to tell us what to do to protect us from ourselves.Physco America I'm living proof Told you not to listen to PG.
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