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  1. Thanks for the reply Lady👍. None of my notes are Sadam Insane. And H*** yes I want to convert them to US dollars. 😁😁. I am at retirement now and after 12 yrs on this buggy ride, I AM READY to cash in.
  2. Adam : some time ago there was dialog around Iraq printing new currency notes. My notes are going on 12 yrs old now and I am wondering if they are still good or just so much gerbil bedding My notes are 10K and 25K. Thanks Jack
  3. I am sure I will get some negative feed back - but color me skeptical. After ten years of being feed "raw meet" about the RV being tomorrow, this week, next week and so on, I have little confidence in 2-Aug - or this year for that matter. I have posted several times in the past, IMO the RV will not happen until the 1Q of a fiscal year. I wish I was wrong but to-date, I haven't been. The Iraqi politicians are much like our own useless, unproductive legislators.We are entering the "vacation" season and they take the months of Aug and Sept off for various reasons - not the least is the
  4. Like everyone - waiting as fast as I can for this pop Q1 : I recently herd the budget should be signed this week. Please refresh my memory Adam, but I thought it had to be posted in the paper before it could be ratified. I cannot recall the order of the process. Q2 : When the budget is posted/passed/finalized - do you think some of the smarter members here will be able to tease out the future of the HCL and the projected RV rates ? Q3 : Some time ago, it was reported Iraq applied for a credit rating. Any updates on that and what it means for budget and/or RV ? Thanks Adam.
  5. I am little surprised at the negative responses here. I may take some flack but the reality is, he has been dead on for the last 2 years with his reporting. A few yrs ago when everyone was convinced this was the time, AC reported it would not happen before 2014. He was correct. Personally, I balance Adam's reporting with ACs. I am not saying either is more correct or either has better insight. I am saying - stay grounded. Trust but verify. Oh wait the same thing Adam says eh ? My personal opinion - I do not see this happening until 2016 either, based on the information in front of
  6. 6 MIL up for sale. After 6 years, I do not feel this investment is right for me any more. 1 MIL un-circulated from dealer. 5 MIL circulated from Firth Third Bank. Any interest ?
  7. 6 MIL up for sale. After 6 years, I do not feel this investment is right for me any more. 1 MIL un-circulated from dealer. 5 MIL circulated from Firth Third Bank. Any interest ?
  8. The jury heard DT present Schmidt, the whole Schmidt and nothing but Schmidt :lol: Of you are not a professional at comedy Thug you should be !! Thanks for the humor.
  9. You know - you have insulted clowns every where LOL.......
  10. FYI : From a GOOGLE Search. Most of the searches said this was an insurance instrument. "I’m pretty sure Tom Dyson is chattering about some kind of life insurance here, well not just ordinary life insurance (that makes sure your family’s not impoverished if you die), but probably a precise class of permanent life insurance that is called “whole life.” Rather it’s more of a wealth protection and tax savings policy. Whole life insurance is typically an arrangement between you and the insurance company, where they promise to pay you an assured sum when you are no more. And the contract n
  11. Anyone else think TNT is Okie Part Deux ? (Or pick you favorite "It will RV tomorrow guru). Sure sound the same to me
  12. I think we need to start a poll. Who is more out of touch/scary/delusional (pick your fav words) ? Frank or the people who continue to follow him or read him and don't call him out. Pretty darn scary thought that there are that many "Frank Followers" out there. I had stopped reading his BS months ago, but decided to skip down memory lane and get a chuckle
  13. "brother Hussein Hadi Ahmed Hussein al-Maliki, known as (Abu Rehab)," There HAS to be a joke about Frank needing "abu rehadb" here some where LOL Anybody ??? Or is it just me
  14. As always – Thanks for the work and insight Adam. After 5 plus years of ridding this bus, I am ready for it to be over. BUT…. I will probably get negative feed back, but as has been said 1000’s of time – we need to stay grounded. IMHO, nothing will happen until 1-Jan 2014. I PRAY I am wrong however consider : Ramadan : This is a religious time for Muslims and the focus is their religion. Not business, not money, not governing – religion. That is why little happens during this time. Although it has been reported the smaller denoms have been printed, to my knowledge, no one has c
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