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  1. until the Iraqi dinar is listed on the IMF and UN website, no RV has taken place.... until it shows there, Iraq does not have a tradable currency. Next check the Arab Bank Currency converter.put the rate between Iraq and Kuwait and keep that conversion handy......check that one.... that will show you if it RV'd in country. Go to coinmill, yahoo, bloomberg and see if they are all the same..... When the RV occurs, everything will change. Bad news ..... if you see no change.... no RV's yet
  2. Thanks folks...... I got what I wanted done.... To get people to think on their own again..... to many people are just following.. and not thinking this through
  3. If you were around last Dec, then you know.... if you need to know, google dinar 2010..was the same story.... it would be easier if they would just cut and paste.. We were supposed to see the RV every week for more than a yr now.... last week it wasThursday this week... now it is by Thanksgiving..... newest news and new windows of oppurtunity.... Dates to look for in Dec..... what Dec 2015???? What A F in joke.... Welcome to the Dinar String Along Circus..... Stay tuned and we will be right back after we sell 300 million more dinar...... Who was the one that bet his lif
  4. Ah yes..... it is a 100% true, confirmed and it is a Nuff Said, Done Deal..... or is it " I am only repeating what the intel I am getting is?" or is it maybe a SWAG... ( SORRY WILD AZZ GUESS" that has no foundation, never been part of a thought process and if it come true, "LOOK AT ME I AM A GURU" syndrome.... What a bunch of morons.... and remember "IT IS ONLY A RUMOR" needs to be confirmed yet...... do they ever do a follow up? NO Why? BECAUSE there is nothing to follow up..... all BS conjecture and no truth...... Every one of them is a pumper with nothing but droppings to leav
  5. Droppongs are falling the droppings are falling.... get your boots and a shovel
  6. Thanks Flex.... I post to make sure the newbies have a half of chance... You might not follow the Gurus, but there are those out in Dinarland that are part of the Guru Cult.... read my posts and you can see where I come from
  7. The rumor has it on OOM Okie is pumping his new Tee shirt On the Back says Guru Okie is the Man .... on the front says Dinar 666 ...... ???? is that the rate or some does that mean something else?????
  8. Has anyone heard that before it has been 14 months that I have been in Dinarland....... and every week it is repeated and repeated.... I am sure glad they know how to cut and paste........ not today but going to definately happen next week?
  9. this is from another post... Since the man named is the main subject here, thought that you might want to read what others have to say http://dinardoucheba...inner-tony.html
  10. For those who took offense about Me being in "your house"..... Grow up, smell the coffee and take it for what it is worth as an adult...... I just repeated what your Adam stated as a fact.... and I was not bashing him..... now if you would like to debate the issues, please feel free..... and are you telling Me he did not pump his book? His theories? and how many predictions have come to fruition yet? He as well as everyone has an opinion, that is to be respected..... My way in cashing in is no way close to what Adam advises.... does that make either one of us wrong or right..... N
  11. You have just shattered my dreams..... Who would have thought that jonnywad was just pulling our leg.... who would have thought that he was not getting to updated pings to all the banks..... who would have thought that a man of such structure would be so deceptive, that he would have taken advantage of the dinar community??????..... OK in plain english///// He is a BS er . has been and always be..... Just a moron with nothing better to do. Knows nothing but how to stir the pot.....
  12. I thank those who have served and who are serving . And a thought for all the families that have lost a loved one in a war. I wish I had all those soldiers back who served next to me in Viet Nam. Great day to honor the Vets, and a sad day for those that departed us due to war.......
  13. * pdreher (We are so very close – had some good intel today): PTR 11/10/11 November 11th, 2011 07:40 am · Posted in DOOZIES NOVEMBER 10TH, 2011 10:04 PM · ok, so I am reading all the post recently. I have to tell you they are all right on. We are in the moment ! Been waiting on some very important information to get confirmed from IRAQ–well it’s confirmed. I cannot say specifically, and I am not speculating but it is BIG and JUICY. We will see this in the next 3-4 days. I will go out on a limb and say I would stake my life on it- 100% sure…// Anyway, things happened in Iraq that needed
  14. are you telling me you enjoy listening to a pumper on a pumper site?
  15. Before we are totally out of there on Dec 31st, we will probably give them On the 12th Day of Christmas , The US gave to Me 12 bombed out Palaces 11 New F16's 10 rocket launchers
  16. one never knows who is eating who...... wow .... I would have liked to have been the fly on the wall and watched that train wreck.............
  17. hitman


    As it is in God's hand. please pray for a rate and date... I am sure he will come and tell you way ahead of the RV.... and when you have God's ear, please ask where he plans to cash in HIS dinar.... I am sure that when he answers you, that he will know the best place for the best rate..... and before I forget, get the best stock tips for this month..... with all the people praying, He will make a guest apperance at a few churches this weekend.... when all this happens, you will be the Guru of all times....
  18. really Tropics are you one of the pumpers?????????? are you Tony, Dan or even Okie.... It has value for the new people that have no idea of how this game has played out so far ... go read the original post I made and read the comments.... in case you can't find it, search hitman on this website and you will locate all my posts.... if not, I appreciate your post also ... but it has no relevence because you did not even try to dispute the claims I made....please do enjoy your weekend
  19. I find Adam suspect after the 10 cent dinar reval...but he did say he might have been out of line +1 for that... and brietling is just a pumper.... Roger had to leave because he has and now openly been in the selling of the dinar business...and any other related sevice to get your money . I give credit to them both that they do not hold the Guru stigma.... but I have listen to both.... one has written a book to pump his theory that has not been substaniated at all and one has been professing he has the background to be a know it all in the 4x world.... if either had the money they p
  20. this was a post as I always do to make it possible for the newbies to see the other side of the coin.... Gurus pump the dinar and always paint the picture of it is going to happen tonight.... I wanted to tell people sit back, relax and don't do as they say but do take the time to do your own homework and make your own decision..... One thing for sure until the UN and the IMF add Iraq to the list they have on their website, there has been no RV because the Dinar is still not a viable currency .... always go the the Arab Bank currency converter. That is where it is going to be posted
  21. They are still crying they are being bashed on PTR Tony, is actually Ghost and lojack..... he says he has 1500 posts out there and never one has been proven true..... you have to hide under different handles.... Are you bear and bulldog also.... Maybe you are OKie in disguise..... you are right.... there is no need for these people Gurus have lost there touch..... they serve no purpose other than to pump the dinar.... Pump Away ....... see you in SF Dan and Tony..... I will tell you all about who I am there.....
  22. If you have been here for a substancial amount of time, you like myself have heard it all It is going to happen within 24 to 72 hours It has RV'd twenty minutes ago Nuff Said, Done Deal Cash on Monday HCL, Erbil and Chapter VII has been completed six months ago Maliki is getting removed and Allawi has taken his place UNSC, IMF or the World Bank has control of the RV not rhe CBI Just a few to begin with Then came the excuses Intel which could not be mentioned and the info they gave could never be verified. Don't know why it did not happen It went from I know, 1
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