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  1. Sad thing is, due to their technology and communication being on par with the 17th century, so many Iraqis will have no idea what the presence of US service men & women along with other countries' impact had on their freedom from Saddam.
  2. Update : 12-27-2011 Guru Jonnywg [via Gacavegirl] reviewed banks screens and they are no longer 00.000 and have gone blank as well as the live forex. Uhm...... since when is IQD on Forex? How delusional are 99% of these 'gurus'?
  3. Seriously, -6 for asking a question on here? Some of you seriously need to get a life.
  4. Awesome to see how many people here seem to forget the preceding 8 years prior to when Obama took office and how much he really has done. And on that note, who would the Republicans put out there to beat the incumbent President whose presidency found Bin Laden?
  5. Ever read about the Reconstruction Period post-Civil War? I heard some interesting things happened. Granted the US Civil War was about 150 years ago, but it's whatever.
  6. So... these supposed bank screens are still showing 00.0000 after months. I take it the lockdown is still on, and these people will not be home for Christmas or the New Year.
  7. So you're posting a chain letter? I get those all the time in my spam mail.
  8. JohnnyWG is a fraud. Seriously, he ran out of material months ago and just keeps recycling the same thing now.
  9. I used to think Johnnywg may know what he was talking about, but it's been clear the last several months he doesn't know his hand from his backside.
  10. Probably 80% of this site is holding on hope coming from guys who make up a new date every week. Read any sort of Middle East LEGIT news, you'll see they're nowhere near out of their sanctions.
  11. Didn't Okie get a lawsuit threat a bit ago for constantly making stuff up?
  12. Isn't the Currency Newshound like the Star magazine to People?
  13. It's just like the push for Thanksgiving or Christmas timeline. Why would the Iraqis care for those two specific dates? Do the 'gurus' really think Iraq, 95% Islam, celebrate Christmas or countries outside North America celebrate Turkey Day?
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