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  1. My God,Okie has no shame.He's been spouting bs for the 3.5 years I've been in this speculation.I wonder how many followers lost money on the non-refundable down payment for a trip to The Holy Land?He's a sad sack.
  2. One of these days,1 of these GOOROO'S will get it right.Things are happening,I could see Maliki making a move right before the elections.Headlines bearing"Maliki brings Iraq back".Go RV
  3. One of these gooroos have to be right once,right?I'll drink one to 12-1,maybe 2.Go RV
  4. I have one of those lovely bank cashiers myself,if only this RV would come,maybe,nah.
  5. I can't help myself,I love the bank stories.Look in that drawer a little better next time,LOL.Go RV
  6. Typical B.S.,going on Thursday,slight glitch,Sunday when all banks are closed.Monday,O stepped in and refused to sign.Thursday again.Same sh_t different GOOROO. Go RV
  7. Wow Easy,you have 6500 posts,of which most are irrelevant and have no bearing on this speculation what so ever.Any jackoff like you can post whatever they wish.I'll bet your a little boy with a couple thousand Dinar that believes he's King S-it.Post another 6500 non-irrelevant posts so you might feel better about yourself.LOL
  8. What a clown(sorry Thug)He was talking about a $25 rate today.People actually listen + praise this guy for his intel.I believe he's taken Oakie's #1 spot for the biggest bullshatting lier on the Dinar sites.If only he was right.LOL,one of them have to be right one day.God only knows how all of the Gooroos are going to say they called it.GO RV sooner rather than later.
  9. Such angry replies to a silly rumor.Correct me if i'm wrong,but this is the rumor section?I don't understand the vehemence.LOL GO LUIGI,GO RV
  10. These guys are corrupt.Look at our government,there isn't a congressman or senator that hasn't written a bogus check while in office.Insider trading,passing laws to compensate for their wrong doings.It kills me when people talk of how corrupt Iraqi politicians are,they learned it from our corrupt politicians.They are no worse than our elected officials.Sad,but true.Go RV!
  11. Then,when the first week of April come and goes,what will Frank say.I have a thought on this one.Putin and his Ruskie cronies secretly slithered into China,kicked Madame Woo's a$$,stole the RV,and are now holding it hostage in the Gulag.Their demands; Alaska back,Hawaii,and all right to Twinkies. Have a wonderful day,GO RV!!
  12. I've done research on different charities to help out when i'm in aposistion to do so.Here is what I found out: American Red Cross:Marsha Evans-$651,957 a year plus expenses. March of Dimes:Called March of Dimes because only a dime of every dollar donated goes to the cause. United Way:Brian Gallagher-$375,000 a year + expenses.Less than 10% donated goes to the cause. Unicef:Caryl Stern-$1,200,000 a year plus expenses,and a Rolls Royce.A nickle on a dollar goes to the cause. Good Will:Mark Curran$2.3 million.0 donations.Give me your goods,I will sell them and keep all the money.Horrible.
  13. Welcome to the Dinar rollercoaster.Ride at your own risk.GO RV!!
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