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  1. I filed a complaint with the FBI myself. I told you paperboy I was not playing with you or standing by while this continued.
  2. This could be a sign that there might be some trurh ro an in country RV. If contractors are getting paid in RV'd dinar then there would be a higher demand for the banks to exdhange for USD and since the auctions are for USD... if the auctions stay high it could mean that santa is on the way. CMF (crossing my fingers) LOL morning eyes, please forgive my typos
  3. I normally don't put much merit to the gurus rumors but the latest "basket" rumor and the belief that it's about to RV is awfully coincidental with the fact that the IMF has their exchange listings page blank with the exceotion of the Euro, Japan,, UK and the US. What do you think? Is this nothing or a big possible something?
  4. In it for years,,,30 million... discouraged... start selling those dinar at 900 per million and get out. I'm just saying...
  5. I hear ya. I think it's kind of stupid for people to say " don't go out and buy more dinar" when the gurus pump. if you believe in this investment why would you not buy just because the gurus are pumping you to buy? Just don't spend money then you have to spare, Common sense.
  6. I didn't have much time to research but I did fine out that it is the Dept. of Energy that is given permission to make direct purchases to replenish the strategic petroleum reserves. If they can be given permission to do that then what limits that to just domestic companies? Besides, with all the "secret" goings on that the Government does, the no bid contracts to haliburton, and the whole facade of weapons of mass destruction to go into Iraq, who's to say that we know the whole truth about just how involved the US is in the oil industry?
  7. I can't remember where or who it came from but heres a good explanation..... First off, I’ll use the exchange of a 10,000 IQD (Iraqi Dinar) note as my example. To help explain the economics of this cash-in example, I will use a 1:1 cash-in ratio between the USD (US Dollar) and IQD (Iraqi Dinar), that is given a two-tier payout, and a 2% bank spread. What You Will Receive: If you were to cash in your 10,000 IQD note with a bank that charges you a 2% spread, you would personally receive a net take-home of $9,800 credited to your bank account. What Your Bank Will Receive: Your Bank will rece
  8. Here's a way to look at it... you get your paycheck every week or two and the powers that be plan on getting part of it back through taxes, retail sales, cost of living expenses, interest on loans or by beating you in the markets. Look at the RV as one big paycheck that you can bet they plan on getting alot of it back over time. The only thing that can really effect how well they do at reclaiming part of what they gave you is consumer confidence. With consumer confidence at an all time low what better way to spark off a massive change in spending and get the money coming back in strong then
  9. I'm sorry but that only makes sense in your mind. Most people have already invested by the time they get here and all your "balance" does is make them feel bad about their purchase. If they have little resources then they probably have bought all they can and that is money gone, not gonna affect their dayly lives. Your comments are not going to effect someone that isn't going to purchase anymore anyway. For those of us that have spare money to invest every week and have done our on research and made our own dicission your opinion has no merit to us either. Be honest with yourself, you don't co
  10. Lol. I can't believe that you still come on the boards. You must be biting your nails worrying that you might have made the wrong dicission when you sold your Dinars. I bet you spend more time now worrying and checking the boards then you did when you was invested. Why else would you be here? We are big boys and girls and don't need a savior lol... BA bye
  11. I don't know but I was thinking that it would be a great smoke screen to hide an RV behind, you know, so most of the public don't pay it much attention or here about it because of all of the main stream media coverage on kadafi's death. Here's hoping Go RV!!!
  12. Both currency traders and gurus have been wrong. Its all speculative and even the best currency traders have lost money. You look at the facts and make your best decision. If someone backs out of this investment then I respect their decision but for me the facts are: The history of the dinar dating back to the 30's shows a rate between 3 and almost 5 dollars outside of U.S. interference of the Iraqi Gov. The U.S. is responsible for the artificial deflation of the Iraqi dinar. The U.S. had a long range plan for the country of Iraq. The new IQD is one of the most secure currencies ever prin
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