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  1. What flavor was your Kool Aid? I have three international trade union retirement cards. I am not anti union, but they have NO place in public service and government jobs.
  2. Warka bringing a lawsuit against the Central Bank of Iraq Thursday, March 8th 2012 13:38 BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / An official source at the Board of Directors Warka Bank for Investment filed a lawsuit against the Iraqi Central Bank, which recently issued an order placing the bank in question Under full guardianship (administrative and financial) and the election of new board of directors of the central bank to manage it. The source, who preferred not to be named L / Baghdadiya News / that the bank has filed a lawsuit before the competent courts decision not to put legal guardianship iss
  3. It is well known that al-Warka Bank is bankrupt and has been in receivership going on 3 years. The al-Warka Bank CEO Saad al-Bunia has an arrest warrant for his arrest and he has left Iraq back in 2004. If you try to email him his email address returns. I know people that can not get their money back from al-Warka bank. I have spoken to the bank employees and they work for free as the bank does not pay them their salaries. Anyone can wire money to an Iraq bank that participates in the SWIFT banking however its how do you get your money back. The CBI will do its best to keep the bank
  4. Obama's Face on US Currency???? What could this mean??? Some damn ugly money worth nothing?
  5. The best thing Ron Paul could do and he would prove his patriotism in the process, is to step down and support Rick Santorum. He can't win it so he best leave with class and support a true Constitutional Presidential candidate. We will lose in the long run if we go with Mitt, And America will turn to sxxx. (Newt needs to do the same thing. Step down and support Santorum. Santorum has the best chance of beating Obama of all of them, and he isn't more of the S.O.S.
  6. I wish she had kicked him in the pills...gave the whining liberals something to honestly snivel about!
  7. Big deal. For a while there I was thinking he was wearing it. Fat chance.
  8. Athiest Holy Day? Isn't this an oxymoron or some kind?
  9. HOLDUP...what a useless term when it applies to this investment! It implies that an RV should have happened TODAY. It implies that we are on the very edge and any moment we are going to be rich. Whenever I hear the word "holdup" I immediately know I am usually hearing the words of a "guru" or someone who has been lapping up guru stew. If one speaks of a "holdup" you know that he believes that any moment this will happen. It could I guess, anything is possible. Just not very likely. There is no holdup as far as the big picture goes! The whole thing is moving along just as it should. I
  11. HA...It all depends how much you have...I will take some of that ten cent toilet paper and be happy about it!
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