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  1. I have been checking my account weekly and the last couple of weeks since the article started pouring out my account balance is not being displayed.
  2. My account is still not working sent a email. I check yesterday night to see if this was fixed. still not fixed
  3. sugga10

    RV on Monday

    toooooooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
  4. What do you expect from okie donkie it that time of the month. He is right of schedule with his monthly, weekly, daily and down to the hour, min, sec countdown. It is a waste of time reading this crap.
  5. just information. we all know it is a gamble
  6. I used citibank about a week ago got a confirmation from WARKA that the funds were added. no international fee to pay i payed 25 to TD bank and Citibank took 10. total fees $35.
  7. i think march-may time frame, but time will only tell
  8. If you look at other article they are Translated by This is not a real article. This is a journalist rendition of what they think from an article that was written. They are for the LOP. Here is the contact for Iraqdirectory. Contct info: CANADA HiTECH PO Box 89043, Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971-50-4507165 Tel: +971-50-6319536 OMA Information Technology Al Mansour, Al Chaderchi Bldg., 3rd floor Baghdad - Iraq Tel: +964-790-3362974 Tel: +964-780-1374145
  9. sorry to sound so uneducated in this process, but I am. How do you select the stock you want to invested in. DO i have to open up a new account with this other bank to fund my purchases.
  10. بغداد ( إيبا )... BAGHDAD (Iba) ... بحث وزير الخارجية هوشيار زيباري مع رئيس المجلس التنفيذي للجنة الامم المتحدة للتعويضات هانوف شوماخر والامين التنفيذي للجنة مجتبى قزازي افاق التعاون بين المجلس التنفيذي والعراق في سبيل غلق ملف التعويضات المفروضة على العراق باسرع وقت ممكن. Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with the President of the Executive Council of the United Nations Compensation Hanov Schumacher and Executive Secretary of the Commission Mojtaba Gazzaza prospects of cooperation between the Executive Council and Iraq in order to close the file of compensation imposed on Iraq as soon as possible. ونقل بيان للوزارة عن زيباري تاكيده على التزام العراق بالترتيبات المتعلقة بالتعويضات كما عكسه تقرير الامين العام للامم المتحدة المرفوع الى مجلس الامن. A statement of the Ministry for Zebari, Iraq, he stressed the commitment of the arrangements relating to compensation as reflected in the report of the Secretary-General to report to the UN Security Council. وشدد على سعي العراق من اجل تسوية نهائية لموضوع التعويضات ووضع حد لهذا النزيف المالي من خلال معالجة كل القضايا العالقة مع الكويت. He stressed that Iraq sought for a final settlement to the issue of reparations and an end to this financial bleeding by addressing all outstanding issues with Kuwait. من جانبه اوضح الوفد إن مادفعه العراق خلال العام الماضي من تعويضات للكويت يبلغ مايقارب 4 مليار دولار .( النهاية ).. For his part, the delegation explained that Madfh Iraq over the past year in compensation to Kuwait of approximately $ 4 billion. (End) ..
  11. I so agree, it has gotten so crazy with the intel and monday, tuesday and wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday cash-in. I laugh at this all the time I been around for a few month and it is easy to get steamed with all the so call gurus. However staying grounded and waiting for your own eyes to confirm the rate is the best intel ever.
  12. I was able to send it and got an email today saying that my account was fully funded
  13. good thinking this is just the ticket show me the money!!!!
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