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  1. Or, it means that it will take at least 2 years for the peaceful citizens, cough, cough, to get used to the change in currency and exchange rate that could happen any time.
  2. I don't know about that, coolbeans. I heard him rattling off some pretty good arabic. But, I don't know where he is, although he say's he's in Baghdad. I've heard Frank drop his real name a couple of times too. Mansoor, I believe. His english has a distinct Detroit/Arabic accent to it as well. Most of the people I buy my gas and booze from sound just like him. As far as his intel? I woke up this morning on this side of the grass after too many beers, too little sleep and too few dollars in my wallet, so its just another day in paradise! RV today at $TOO per 1 dinar.
  3. Thats what I recall. Also, there was some big heist of a truck load, or something to that effect, that prompted them to be taken out of circulation altogether. However, there must have been some kind of plan back then for them to produce a 25 dinar coin in the first place. It wouldn't be worth the effort to bend over and pick one off the ground.
  4. LOL So true. They don't even speak english to each other in my local gas stations or party stores.
  5. Took away that negative cuz its a fair observation. In my case its because I like to gamble a bit. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Nobody that's talking or writing really knows. If you read the articles you see that they are either contradictory or make no sense at all. I've been in it since 2004 and this is the only game in which I've been able to reduce what I already put in the pot as a wager without getting my a@@ kicked. At some point Iraq has to call. Whatever the outcome, I want to be at the table.
  6. Roger that. I take it as a suspense filled promo for Monday's CC on F****ly Not Speaking Anymore. Throw out a juicy tidbit, then say you'll clarify it on an upcoming episode after announcing the new and current sponsors.
  7. Ok!? First we become incredibly wealthy, then society breaks down into total chaos. Why stop at $11 per dinar? Under her scenario it wouldn't matter if it came in at 1 million to 1. Guns and bullets would be more valuable than the money that will immediately disappear from our bank accounts. Man! Some people are getting their hands on some incredible LSD and peaking when they make posts like this. The only sources this person has are the voices in her head. People in psych wards should not have access to computers.
  8. Personally, I don't care if Frank, or any other individual, makes money off their site or not. It cost money to run them and I'm appreciative that I have a choice to buy something or not. More power to them, its free market capitalism at its best with government intrusion at its least. However, its seems that recently his forum is there to generate anticipation of his spoken word on upcoming CC's. The best thing about his forum is that you can navigate information on 20-30 pages in mere minutes due to nothing of substance being posted on 99% of the pages other than hello's, prayers and pict
  9. These articles sound good to me. If they do not want to print new bills to replace those that are worn out and those are in the categories of 5, 10 and 25K, and they earlier stated that they want the citizens to carry less currency to make small purchases, Iraq would have to raise the value. Otherwise, the citizen has to carry even more 250's, 500's and 1000's with the addition of coins to make the same purchases. Completely opposite of their stated goals. At the current rate, every Iraqi would need to replace their wheel barrel for a van in order to take enough cash to buy groceries. Th
  10. No doubt! Monday, keep an eye on the stock of companies that make adult diapers. It might be a good short term investment.
  11. It could be an attorney with a yahoo email, but instead of simply demanding that the thread be deleted he should've demanded that a retraction of specific defamatory statements be immediately published. That way if he were going to pursue a defamation action he would be allowed exemplary damages. Without such a demand the defamed party is limited to actual economic damages caused by the false statements unless it is deemed defamation per se. I didn't read anywhere that people called the guru's in question "criminals", that they had a "loathsome disease" or were "unchaste". The criminality
  12. +1 and roger that. I stopped reading at "closed door meeting". I remember that same phrase pumped out in 2004 on the first forum I joined back then. After Monday I think I'll sell off the rest of my dinar except 1 mil just to keep some skin in the game. Bottom line: maybe there are closed door meetings, but there isn't anyone on these forums that know anything about what is being discussed and if they did they would never say a word. I find it amazing that the same b.s. that was spread around 7 years ago is still being published as though it has any foundation in reality.
  13. Only been on this site for a few months, but bought my dinar in 2004. No, there hasn't been any official news until lately. But, I took 2 or more years off the forums, so there could've been some since then. One thing I've grown to understand is that Iraq is capable of f@@king up any golden opportunity they get handed to them on a platter unless it was delivered by Mohammed himself, so I don't have my hopes up. Its just the way of the ME. Everyone hates everyone outside their tribe, especially the U.S. Perhaps I'm just jaded, but I doubt it. Hope for the best, expect the worst and you
  14. I live in Michigan. I have dinar. I have accounts at BoA. I read this post a while ago and was so sure it was b.s. that when I drove past my bank on the way to the gas station I didn't even bother to stop in and inquire. However, my bank story is from last summer. I went into BoA on other business and asked a manager about the IQD. I got the proverbial wink and a smile from him. Instead of taking his response as encouragement that I would be rich soon, it seemed he was thinking, no wonder you're broke!
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