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  1. Im in the same boat as you. some things dont add up. I guess thats what we are counting on. thanks for the response and happy holidays.
  2. have every right to your own brand of speculation and that should be respected. But you must admit.....its like looking for santa claus. your dreaming for something that is economically impossible. so dont get upset if your asked a question. there is a reality of life, stats, data, historic precedence, and parameters that exist. Many people have to look at this investment from that reality of what mankind has learned throughout our existence. There is also the land of dreams, hopes, and wishes where we can speculate our dreams of being rich from the dinars revaluation. some life in both worlds......and some in one or the other. dont feel offended when people present reality that defeats your dreams vision. look at it....ignore it....counter it.......debate it......but dont take it personal. its kind of funny.....some expect the easter bunny.....but get so defensive when someone says......why? Explain to me how that works?
  3. Every single able american should be forced to bear arms at all times. Then if a situation happens, the situation can be ended with minimum casulties. there will always be the putting more regulations and bans on the law abidding people does nothing but give the criminal the upper hand of knowing their victims are unarmed. we need parents to be f'ing parents...not regulate the 99.9% of the public thats law abidding citizens.
  4. Im surprised video games arent being channeled as a theraputic outlet for these potential murders. its a way of counceling and channeling ones anger into a fictional land, too release all those free radicals.....all the while not harming a fly. We can make it pyschiatric therapy or rehab? we need to ban cars and cheeseburgers. a lot of deaths come from those too shouldnt we ban sports, where theres all this hitting and trash talking? No wonder where kids get those dirty mouths
  5. Banning video games does nothing. why dont we ban bad parents, who lets their childs mind be educated by such a video game. Why not ban tetris. those blocks are hitting those others pretty hard. there are millions of people online playing such games at any given moment, yet theres not even 1/10 of one percent that murder people. bottom line.....parents need to parent. we dont need to take the liberty from all americans to justify........all the stupid parents in america
  6. yes and look at our fiscal cliff meltdown.we are not the ideal country to follow as far as monetary policy. America is at the brink of collqpse. why would any country want to follow that model?
  7. Please understand, i dissect and chew everything ten differnet ways, based on stats, data, reality and form opinions that i challenge on a daily basis. the good, the bad, or the ugly.....doesnt matter to me. im going to call out what i see with no discretion. Its merely an opinion. i have spent a long time researching and learning about iraq for the last eight years and i call it like i see it. there is a land that exists where everyones speculation is accepted as a chance of happening, but i will call to question ones premise for the advancement of knowledge. i would love for you to expand on your thoughts, more than what appears to be just hope. Everyone loves to talk cash-in, rv button, rates and dates. Yet when i ask someone, hows that going to work.....i get why are you. my question, is why do you believe what you do? Based on what? Thats where i come from happy holidays
  8. So you think someone or some thing, is going to force iraq into debt by rving. only to give away iraqs oil for eternity, as they have to cover trillions in dinar returning. so they will lose billions if not trillions in foreign reserves from the mega cashout........followed by giving away trillions and trillions of oil away free to collect dinar. iraq would not have any oil to ever run there country or supply their budget. not to mention they dont export enough at 3.5 million per ever reach a scale for repayment. that whole conspiracy falls to pieces once logic is applied, and you quit looking at it from a speculators perspective. True. babylon will rise one day and be great. and that will probably happen by keeping there wealth.....and not giving it all away to speculators. babylon will rise, we just werent told which thousand year period the bibles referring
  9. Exactly. thats my thinking as well. if we had such mega wealth coming our way, we wouldve insured it wouldve happened while we provided security. the actions of the u.s, do not line up with a secret motive.
  10. True. but look at the war and the economic disaster of having to do such a thing. this type of process to remove maliki, will be like going back in time to 2003
  11. I will agree to disagree. iraq will never rv, just to give their reserves and all their oil away for life. A RV IS A LIABILITY/COST. it is not a wealth generation tool. we have fundamental disagreements. happy holidays
  12. Look at assads regime in syria. whos stopping him? Whos stopping amadenahad and iran? Im not sure what magical calvary is going to show up and save the day. but i see a long drawn out diplomatic deadlock on the horizon. but its all just my opinion.
  13. Sure. but do you think maliki acquired all this power to hand it over? Do you really think obama is going to send american troops back to war in iraq? Who are the ones whos gonna remove maliki? Iraqs own parliament members get threatened or killed and havent been successful at removal. The u.s. has set back and let him pull off his power grap. all we mumble about it.
  14. dont forget what it took to remove the last tyrrant. he has the miltary, the courts, and the central bank. i dont think maliki is gonna go nicely. hes positioned himself for control and now he has it. You think obamas going back into iraq?? Wont happen itll turn into a syria situation. the oraqis themselves are gonna have to remove him. only way
  15. This is more bad news. it confirms what we didnt want to believe about maliki. now he has taken over the cbi too. i see major setback
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