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  1. They will continue to use the USD... It's been working for 10 years... I hope I'm wrong but, Why bother RV'ing.. Everyone get to steal whatever they want now...The country operates just fine. They dont care a bit about their people. And most are so uneducated they dont even know the difference. probably just glad the war is over and Saddam is gone. Just my 2 cents.
  2. 1000 to 1 is 1000 USD I'm not eating cake for that.. I don't know much...But, 1000 to 1. Lop the 3 zeros and you done. We break just about even.. I hopw not, but looks that way. Just my thought.
  3. I'm not sure..but maybe it's because their in no change...The rate has not gone up or down.
  4. Found this on FB..... Kushal Bubna Pakistan Rs. 26.... Bangladesh Rs. 22 ...... Cuba Rs. 19..... Nepal Rs. 34 ..... Burma Rs. 30 ..... Afghanistan Rs. 36 ..... INDIA Rs. 70.00.......How it comes to this.. :-- BASIC COST PER 1 LITRE 16.50.. + Centre tax 11.80%.. + Excise duty 9.75%.. + Vat cess 4%.. + State tax 8 %.. = Total Rs. 50.05.. + Now extra 23.35 Rs, PER 1 LITRE.. What a Great job by the Govt. of India !!! ..Pass this message to ALL INDIANS Plz post it on ur wall...
  5. This guy never gives up.....?
  6. I can resist...LIFE ON MARS..I SAY AGAIN LIFE ON MARS..
  7. FishmanTx, on 24 August 2011 - 10:57 AM, said: I still can't get hold of the bank because they have been inundated with calls and have stopped answering the phone or just too many to get through. My mom was successful and they CONFIRMED the rate change and said it will lock in by this afternoon. Mom wanted to get more and they told her to be there before 2p or the rate may be locked in. She's trying to get hold of my sister who, last I heard was working for BofA, to confirm this. My friend spoke to the president or vp or whoever that's in charge of that branch and they also confirmed the change. We need some confirmation from other banks. Rather than check online, which may not show a pending unlocked change, banks may know ahead. Some of ya'll already b*tchin about it, how about a little help to confirm or deny before you mouth off? I DON'T DO RUMOR OR F**K AROUND WITH THOSE WHO CREATE IT. But I consider this as unusual when I get phone calls about banks saying thus and so then coming on here and finding the rumor gurus saying the same thing WITH THE SAME DETAILS. THAT WARRANTS INVESTIGATION IN MY BOOK. Sheik You know, never mind, if I can confirm it I'll just let all ya'll sweat it out on your own. Enough of this crap from jerks like you. BTW I TRADE FOREX! Do you seriously think they would post a pending unlocked-in rate?? Jeez....people like you are the reason I don't come here much anymore. I tend to agree with you....I don't think your okie so u should get some respect....I'm with ya brother. Besides the pig thing...I'm over it...[/size]
  8. Primma

    Bravo 11

    Deos anyone know what happen to Bravo 11.. I thought he was on the up and up...And a boot on the ground..
  9. do they fing the time...They have to get paid somehow....
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