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  1. Let's all sing the Oakie Doakie SONG... Bank Bank Bank... Bank Bank Bank... Bank Bank, Ba ba Bank Bank Bank!
  3. You have been sing to long with OAKIE DOAKIE... You have been so focus you have been sing the song: BANK BANK BANK... BANK BANK BANK... BANK BANK ALL THE WAY. This could still be 2 to 4 years off.
  4. The GURUS ARE STEALING... they have a business taking from those that have no clue.
  5. Only way to stop them... Stop listening to guru conference calls, stop clicking and reading their bogus data...last, keep you money in your pocket, not theirs!
  7. Hey, I thought Iraq was a WTO member. They have been a member since 1958. They are just under Chapter VII (almost completed), and now Chapter VIII resolutions. Do not be fooled...
  8. These gurus lie and have not once had any proof or evidence. With all the calls they have who is paying their phone bill... right!
  9. I have had many questions about the CBI.IQ website. So I have been doing quite a bit of searching and found this little nugget. Link: TITLE: Iraq SECTION: Finance All banks and insurance companies were nationalized in 1964. The Central Bank of Iraq (founded in 1947 and one of the first central banks in the Arab world) has the sole right to issue the dinar, the national currency. The Rafidain Bank (1941) is the oldest commercial bank, but in 1988 the state founded a second commercial bank, the Rashid (Rasheed) Ban
  10. Does that make it the right thread? Question 1. It doesn't look like any other Central Bank website in the world... odd Question 2. The only address for the location of the CBI website is a PO Box... no other bank has a PO box for an address? Questions 3. Most of the addresses under financial institutions are all incorrect, why is that? Question 4. Click on Career page - Zero there... not a single word. Odd Question 5. Click on Auctions. Click and open the excel spread sheet... Then try to save it... It will show that it is a copy of securities template... Not from the CB
  11. Here is the IP Address matching the CBI.IQ here in Texas... What can you uncover... What is the IP Address of The IP address of, Meta tags report for Title: Central Bank of Iraq Description: Keywords: Charset: utf-8 First Sentences: Home English Contact عربي INFORMATION ABOUT The CBI History Monetary Policy Payment Systems Banknotes & Coins Laws & Regulations Iraqi & Foreign Financial Institutions International Financial Institutions Careers RESOURCES Government Deb
  12. BOGUS CBI WEBSITE... It is being managed heresomewhere in the State of Texas. To not be fooled by any posts on the site... Nothing new is happening or different.
  13. This sound bad? If the average dinar lasts 4 years why would they do anything to the currency till then... It cost billions to turn money in and out of a banking system. Let's go RB
  14. Is sure smells like someone stepped in something.., O it is Frank talking..,
  15. Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate Linked To Oil Exports, Federal Reserves A client counts his money at Al-Rafidain Bank in Baghdad, June 21, 2009. (photo by REUTERS/Bassim Shati) By: Omar al-Shaher for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse Posted on August 27. إقرأ باللغة العربية According to an Iraqi financial expert, the value of Iraq’s federal reserves currently amounts to about $80 billion, following the recent increase in the country’s oil exports. Nevertheless, no information was made available
  16. The forex has posted updates on the Gorex for the last three years. It updates every 20 minutes. Onanda updates every 20 minutes, and yahoo is every 15 minutes.
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