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  1. I read 1 reason! Not reasons!!!!! So I will start with a few...feel free to add or edit... 6 electric generators rotting in Basra for 10 years while they have desperate need for more electricity. 275 million M tried to deposit in his Swiss Bank account. his driver caught with 4 million US in trunk of car. 35 million castle estate he bought in England. built billion dollar hotel next to green zone. kurds notified him of isis months ago and said he did not need any help
  2. They did the same thing with the Olympics. They had to be threatened of banishment before they turned in the paperwork because they missed the deadline. Imagine that.
  3. Sold what I wanted to sell. Doc31 was a pleasure to work with and would recommend selling to Doc31 without any reservations. Good communications, good instructions and secure. No worries if you intend to do business with Doc31.
  4. I still have 2 million left to sell if anyone is interested. Thanks
  5. All are 25k notes with all security features. Want to sell in 1M batches or higher. Can meet anywhere in NE WI or PayPal or Speedy COD in midwest area or COD elsewhere. Prefer to meet or cod. $890/M Thanks!
  6. Did anyone ask Frank "if all the physical currency must be in the bank" what does that mean about his currency he holds??????
  7. several years ago I remember him buying a 35 million dollar castle estate in England. His body guard also had 4 million in the trunk of his car. He got caught trying to depost 275 million in swiss bank account. He built a billion dollar hotel by the green zone. And 6 billion disappeared where?
  8. I am selling 2 million dinars I purchased at Chase and through DT. They are all in 25k notes and all have security features. The price is $850/ million and can ship for free or we can meet in person if you live in N.E. WI. Prefer cashiers check but can use paypal. Thanks.
  9. I was listening to Coast to Coast radio show this morning and the very last question of the show a female caller asked what the guest thought about the IQD. The guest today was a financial expert or insider and he said it was a scam. I think he meant not necessarily the money but the opportunity. He said Iraq will always be unstable for the next 100 years and that it will never be Dubai. He said that putting the money in gold or silver would be a lot better. I found it interesting that the female voice sounded just like the female voice that called into the Mad Money Show 1-2 years ago. Why do
  10. Not going to happen with VP Mr Taylor of Monsanto as Obama's Food Czar!
  11. How is Iraq different from Columbia when Columbia also says they are thinking about "redenomination" of their currency by lopping off 3 zeros from their currency? It is trading around 1900 per dollar.
  12. So to deposit $275 Million into a swiss bank account would take about 90 years to acquire? 4 Million cash in his driver's car trunk. 30 million castle estate in england he bought. 1 billion hotel he built by the green zone. Sounds about right...So sad.
  13. Can you buy items here in the usa with any other foreign currency? That is why when you see a law making the dinar the official currency and banning other currencies you will see the new currency. However, I doubt you will see that happen first. Tell that to Germany after the war! They had 24 HOURS to exchange their currency!!!!!
  14. Yeah, I remember them saying that oil would stay above $100 / barrel. I guess that's what you get when all the ministers bought their degree online.
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