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  1. johnnyboyirish

    New CBI Announcement 1/26/2014

    Ovaltine? A crummy commerical........son of @#$%!
  2. johnnyboyirish

    12-4 TNT Tony Incites "Santa Claus" to Bring RV

    you'll shoot your eye out kid!
  3. johnnyboyirish

    Letter from CHASE - Not a bank story
  4. Kind of hard to make sales when theres on the shelves.
  5. johnnyboyirish

    Global currency reset done in Reno.

    Oh for the lords of Kobol, give it a rest
  6. johnnyboyirish

    Okie's letter to Wells Fargo

  7. I thought there was going to be refreshments here.
  8. johnnyboyirish

    If it RVed...where is the rate?

    Jimmy, you like it when your dog Scraps rubs up and down your leg? Sure you do
  9. johnnyboyirish



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