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  1. Snore! Really, I don't think the poster meant any harm. Adam isn't God and he really doesn't need all these righteous patrons to protect him. Adam made a comment that seemed a little quick to judgement, but then I don't know the poster... Maybe he deserved it. There's some very touchy future wealthy people out there. Lighten up folks! This will pop one day!
  2. That's all I was saying too! Man some of you people are such ===}'s it no wonder most of the old crowd doesn't say anything anymore!
  3. It means that the dinar is almost back to it's pegged rate of 1166 and will soon go lower. This is excellent news! Remember, they are talking exchange rate on the ground there, not any intentional re-evaluation! It still remains great news!
  4. Very smart supergirl. I agree with you 100%. This is great news! You're my superhero!
  5. Gentlemen, Haven't been around for a while. Came on to read Adam's chat as I always do. Couldn't help but notice this interesting article. It certainly is an eye opener! It's no wonder it's taking so long to pass. Try to imagine our Western governments trying to pass this much legislation. It would take us years as well. They have done quite a bit of this stuff already. You guys I've quoted seem to like to say the Iraqi leadership doesn't care about their people. Man, we've heard that line so many times over the years. They will sort this out one way or another. This should not be an emotional issue to us. Their people are not starving. They're still better off than much of the world. Either they'll embrace democracy or go back to a dictatorship. As an investment, it really doesn't matter either way, Iraq has vast wealth potential and it will be exploited no matter what form of government is in charge or how we personally feel about it. Don't believe me, just look at all their extremely rich neighbours. None of them are democracies, yet the world's money flows in and out without regard to any ethical delemas. This doesn't mean I condone the direction Iraq may be heading in. It just means there's nothing more we can do about it. Our blood and treasure has been spent. All we can do now is sit back and hope for the best! The Dinar will rv one day. Hopefully at a value that makes us some money. Have a great summer everyone. Get out and spend time with family and friends. All this crap will take care of itself and one day we'll reap the benefits!
  6. Hello, Please don't think me rude. Maliki is not the enemy of democracy in Iraq and sharing the wealth really isn't a democratic principle. You just have to look at the thiefdomes south of Iraq to understand that. Wealth is earned my friend, not given away. That is why your country is in such dire straights right now! Maliki has consistantly been the man that has held Iraq together through the last chaotic decade. If he hadn't been as tough as he's been, the islamists and every other sectarian group would have torn Iraq in a million pieces by now. Democracy as we know it here in North America is a fragile thing on this planet. It seems the Anglosphere are the only places left on earth with any sense of true democracy left and even that's fleeting. See last line in paragraph above! Maliki will see this through. His party is the only one that can unite the 50+ different political stripes found in Iraq's virgin democracy. None of the other leaders can do it. That's just the way it is. Maliki has more than a 70% approval rating. He is the man the people have chosen to take them to the promised land. PRAY for him!! It's because of brave men like him that we will be able to make easy money on this investment!
  7. Wow, this is definitely not like Adam to say something like this to the whole DV group. The only group I would have thought he'd say this to is the OSI members. Very interesting!
  8. Hi army03, Those that believe it will revalue at around .10 are being realistic. Adam didn't invent that number. He's just got a stable head on his shoulders and seems to be an educated investor. If this comes in at a higher rate, I'll be the first to eat crow! That would be wonderful! I've been in this investment for almost 6 years now. I've tucked my dinar away in a safe place and I'm enjoying my life. When the Dinar revalues, I'll either have enough money to go on a really nice family vacation for a few weeks or better yet, I'll be on permanent vacation! I'm cheering for the latter, but this speculative investment is definitely not taking over my life as it has with too many. My hope will always be on Jesus. Much better, guaranteed investment!!!
  9. Love it! Well Thug, any resemblance? Thanks for this post. The dams got to break some time. May as well be this year!
  10. Hello Everyone, It's nice to see familiar names in here. Just browsing tonight. I'm still hopeful, but I'm not going to let life get away on me like we've seen happen to many here over the years. All is well in the Great White North. We pray for our Southern Neighbours all the time. What happens there, happens here 6 months to a year later. I really want my university student kids to have a good job in their fields when they graduate. I worry, but I know it's in God's hands and that gives me hope! Blessing all!
  11. Finally some good news. Iraq to be removed from Chapter VII and being led there by the US! This is great news! And they're already talking about rearming Iraq. Even better news. This means true sovereignty for Iraq. After almost 23 years, many more if you include Saddam's reign, they'll be a member of the world again. A fledgling democracy in a part of the world that doesn't know the meaning! Zig, don't worry about Iran. Their days of terrorizing the world are quickly coming to an end. What the biting financial measures won't take care of, the Iranian people will in due course. The Ayatollah's days are numbered! As for Maliki, he must act and talk tough to keep all the factions in their places. To seem weak will only undermine him. The majority of Iraqi's voted for his coalition parties and they will again. He will be the man to see Iraq through to it's freedom and prosperity. It's a little bit like what Ataturk did in Turkey in the 30's. Don't believe me? Read some "boots on the ground" accounts for yourselves. Anyways, enough for now. We have real progress happening and hopefully more good news to follow in the coming days and weeks.
  12. I just got back from a 2 week holiday in Greece and Italy aboard a cruise ship. I couldn't believe how poorly operated all the tourist areas were. Irritable, lazy government workers everywhere and most of them barely working. It was unbelievable. 3 ticket sellers for the Acropolis and a line of thousands trying to get in! It was not a very nice experience and I don't think I'd go back. Most of the North American's and Brit's agreed. We all loved the amazing places we saw, but the entitlement societies now living in them don't hold a candle to their long lost ancestors who built the places! The shore excursion guides kept talking about how bad the economy was and how the people were only taking a month off for vacation instead of the normal 6 weeks. We're not talking just 20-30 year employed people getting 6 weeks paid vacation, but anybody who just started, with no seniority. It's no wonder these Latin/Greek nations are going under. They should have never been allowed to join the Euro-zone in the first place! Bunch of lazy, sunbaked, arrogant, socialist drips if you ask me! They will get what they deserve as always! It's odd how even after 150 years of failed socialist gobble-d-goop through out Europe, they still come back for more! (Northern Italy exempted)
  13. I thought very clearly. It's very funny still. My mind is working fine. At least I didn't call you a fool. I might have thought it, but I didn't say it.
  14. That's funny! Here's their answer. "Dear Sir, yes we have intentions of raising our currency to be 4 times stronger than the US dollar. Please, go tell all your friends. We want to make you all rich while we kill our economy at the same time. Thanks for you interest in Iraq."
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