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  1. Holy cats!! A $6000 pocket knife that's too big for a pocket?? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Done and still no joy. Is there perhaps a trusted certificate I can add? I have DV, NDC and Addonchat all as trusted sites in Java and IE and continue to get the same message.
  3. Same problem here. I uninstalled and reinstalled Java multiple times to no avail. Tried many solutions suggested in various web searches and finally went to a Microsoft support site and posted the error, which is "Your security settings have blocked and untrusted application from running. I am attaching both the post and the response since I am unable to copy and paste in the forum. Essentially, it says there is a problem with the site's certificates. I doubted this so installed Google Chrome to try. It made me give permission to run Java, which I did, then I got the same error. The attach
  4. I like this format but would not like it if you quit visiting us completely. We like you as person too, not just as a source of information.
  5. Well, the real change I see here is that the political support for revaluation is growing. The politicians are starting to demand it, where they used to fear it. GO RV!!
  6. 9:48 AM [Adam Montana] sorry mods, I didn't give you a heads up on this one. 9:48 AM [Adam Montana] Just a quick update, although it's probably more relevant to our VIP and OSI members than anyone else. 9:49 AM [Adam Montana] With the current state of things, it's starting to look like the stars are lining up in our favor 9:49 AM [Adam Montana] I'm not going to do another full on analysis at this time, check my last chat for that 9:50 AM [Adam Montana] but with the current state of things, I have been doing some confirming with our VIP banks both foreign and domestic 9:50 AM [Adam Montana
  7. It makes sense that it would take some time for a complete change of currency. It can be revalued without the new currency in place, however. The rv could happen at any time.
  8. Sadly, until we get these Keynesian economists out of power, and I don't mean just Obama, the Keynesians have been running the ecomony for decades, we will continue to fail as will all who model any portion of their economy after ours. Keynesian economics defies all common sense, and the result of defying common sense is becoming quite clear.
  9. Everytime since Reagan that a deal was made to raise taxes and cut spending, the taxes always go up in a hurry but the spending cuts never come. No Congress can obligate a future Congress to follow an agreement without the force of law, and good intentions or ill, the outcome has always been the same.
  10. If I had a quarter for everytime Okie has tried to run this routine on us, I wouldn't need the rv!
  11. Linda, I was very distressed to hear of your health problems, but fear not! My prayers are always answered and I will pray for your rapid recovery. With the voices of all the wonderful people here, I am sure the Lord will hear and answer. In the meantime, enjoy the downtime and make everyone spoil you rotten, don't be afraid to ham it up a bit to get everything you want! . Like everyone else, I look forward to your rapid healing and subsequent return to the chatroom and forums. God be with you! Pat
  12. Categorized | Banking & Finance Big Increase in Iraq’s Foreign Currency Reserves Posted on 29 November 2010. Tags: banking, IQD, iraqi dinar The Iraqi Central Bank announced recently an increase in its reserves of foreign currency to more than $ 50 billion, up from $ 41 billion at the end of the first half of 2010. Mohammed Salih, an advisor to the bank, said in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that this increase is attributable to rising world oil prices during the second half of this year, and added that the rise in reserves would increase the strength of the Iraqi currency. A numb
  13. This is a translation I got from a friend. She doesn't pick up on the time frame, but pretty much agree's with Ali's evaluation that it wasn't important. "O.K. My Arab friend cannot be reached at present. Last I heard he was leaving London for the M.E. and I believe he is to be back in a couple of weeks so I watched it twice and to my best interpretation I have come up with: the suits, (except for the journalist) are most all government officials. They are all whining that to save the economy they have had to devalue the Dinar because of the loss of confidence in it on the money market.
  14. The new numbers aren't due out till late in the day on the 29th.
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