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  1. Iraqi PM ends China visit with flurry of agreement signings 15 hours ago | 385 Views Mohammed Rwanduzy Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi leads a delegation visit to the city of Shanghai, China on September 23. 2019. Photo: social media
  2. Thanks Yota for sharing the article. I like this part Al-Qasabi said the kingdom would support the development of Iraq by one billion dollars. He explained that the amount will be allocated to support the areas that have been recently liberated from the terrorism and support the reconstruction of infrastructure services projects.
  3. Rouhani: Iran, Iraq will not need foreign currency in foreign trade 12 March 2019 10:37 (UTC+04:00) 608 By Trend By using national currencies in trade, Iran and Iraq will not need to use foreign currencies, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said during his meeting with Iraqi President Barham Salih in Baghdad, Trend reports referring to ILNA. According to Rouhani, the Central Banks of the two countries should be strengthened and trade cooperation should b
  4. According to Iraq's mineral ministry, country's western desert contains huge reserves of gold and likely platinum and diamond resereves. LONDON(BullionStreet): After decades of sanctions, war and sectarian violence, Iraq is struggling to maintain it's economy and looking forward to increase gold production along with oil and natural gas. According to Iraq's mineral ministry, country's western desert contains huge reserves of gold and likely platinum and diamond resereves. The Iraqi government recently announced a 30 year economic plan for mines and minerals by granting production licenses
  5. Nice news!! Thank you for finding it and sharing it with us!
  6. This is a big red flag to me, is that if one wants to use scriptures from the new bibles, other than the King James, one has to get "permission" from them to use it on materials. We do not need men's approval to use God's word on material to share, in my humble opinion. Something to consider......
  7. they are waiting for you to throw in the towel, then they will RV.
  8. exchange rate of the bottom of your posting of the link shows Exchange rate of 1120 ID USA maybe no big deal but i like it
  9. I will ask my mom to ask her friend from Ghana to see if he can talk to Kofi and see what he thinks on our Iraq investment. peace
  10. Zeros “Cannot be Removed from Iraqi Currency During 2013″ Posted on 06 September 2012. Tags: Central Bank, IQD, iraqi dinar, re-denomination, re-valuation, Redenomination, revaluation Zeros “Cannot be Removed from Iraqi Currency During 2013″ By John Lee. Iraq’s deputy Minister of Finance has said the three zeros cannot be removed from Iraqi dinars during 2013 because no preparations have been made. According to the report from AKnews, the Iraqi Central Bank and people have been saying for four years that the zeros in the Iraqi currency will be erased and the money will be changed. But the
  11. Hi, yes i did send it. Desperate, no. Been in it for 3 years. Please share what you can do to help. Working proactive and asking questions is good. Many business deals and relationships are done this way. People would not be married if they did not ask. I could ask my friend who is a Consular of Thailand to write. Perhaps, coming from someone with government ties would be more apt to respond. I hope it comes quick, of course. A major reason being is1 child in 4 seconds dies just because of bad water or lack thereof. I hope many will help the poor with their money. The desire of a
  12. Anonon and TFK, think before you speak The words of a wise man's mouth [are] gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.
  13. I wanted to share this. Sometime we don't have answers because we just don't ask. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. TO: Message flagged Saturday, August 25, 2012 10:18 AM Hello and good evening, I was wanting to know please when does the CBI plan on revaluing the Iraq Dinar? Will it be by the end of the year 2012?Will the rate be as strong as the Kuwait Dinar and stronger than the US dollar? I know the oil and gold and other resources will be able to back a strong currency for your country. Thank you kindly for taking the time in answering these two questions.
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