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  1. Exactly my point! The news hasn't mentioned him being killed at all. And that's "US" News!
  2. Economist: delay in the budget behind the rise of the dinar and the dollar will rise .. soon Mon Jun 09 2014 07:29 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment - Baghdad (Iraq) / Ahmed Yassin Economist ruled out the existence of a relationship between the Iraqi government's actions and the high exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar, and expected recovery in the dollar to its previous status within days. The economist said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told the "future" on Sunday (June 8, 2014) that the Central Bank of Iraq is responsible for the policies of the stability of th
  3. No problem at all. But let's say I was just a primary Joe, and had a power of attorney to handle my legal business. And a RV happen. Doesn't that new law not allow that person to cash in for me? Or was the law just made so if I went to cash in, I wouldn't be allowed to cash in let's say my brothers dinar. I wouldn't be able to, as a result in that new law?
  4. I've been invested since 04 since my tour in Iraq. And I may currently going to Afghanistan in two months on a mission. And I realize that there was a law passed last yr not allowing third party cash in's. But how in the world would I be able to cash in for a RV, RI, or any fluctuation of a new rate on the IQD? I would have a power of attorney that will handle all my business, (personal, financial, etc.) But with that law being passed last yr, would my situation as a soldier still fall under that law? Can a Mod fix the topic to "*Third Part Cash In?" Please
  5. Like I've said before, we should have just killed him back in 03/04 when he was fighting against us! Sorry we didn't finish him off in OIF II Sadr that is...
  6. I actually knew those facts, from studying the bible and my service in Iraq. It's just sad how ppl don't know, nor could even fathom such truth...
  7. Man its been a long 7yr ride for me. I wish I would have just bought that million for 1G back in 04 at base! Pffff, it was such a steal back then. But yea a army sayin is " hurry up and wait!" So I'll hold on to my dinar a lil while longer
  8. Shum on already!!! Daddy needs new shoes! Great post as well....
  9. Does anybody know any information about M&T bank by chance? Or HSBC?
  10. Lmfbo! Wow, well I'm def not a fan of the NWO, but I am a fan of Xbox 360. But does anybody realize what xbox 360 really means? X- the unknown, standing for something unidentified, Box- an entrapment, now way out! Also could be a circle, in which "360 falls into"- a continuous cycle. So these gaming systems, are ment to keep us occupied, out of the loop of the real world, not intouch with ourselves, families, or outside world. I can contest when a new COD game, it Madden come out. That's all the typical gamer cares about. But at least I understand the bigger picture, and don't let myself get
  11. Ok so my file is too big to load my pic. Can somebody help me pls? Please VIP and Dinar- ify me! Thank you in advance
  12. I totally disagree with this statement.... Like I wrote in my bio, I have been invested since 04 when I was deployed with 1st CAV Div. And I probably found out about this site 2 1/2 yrs ago. I only joined because I hate how ppl disrespect someone based off of their member date on DV! How in the world does that make me a newbie? Lol And I just don't always choose to write in posts. I like to check on what's current, and/or relevant! And that's what I did for my first yr or more before joining... Lol its so sad, and just hilarious how ppl get empowered by the net, or thinking their in a "it crow
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