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  1. Hello Everyone! I received this email Friday May 8th, 2020. How did they get my email and what is going on? Should I be worried? I've never gotten an email like this before. What in the world is going on and why are they asking for info on the dinar? Please help. tia We are writing to ask your assistance in our continued litigation with the Federal Government. Between 2004 and 2015, there were a number of banks throughout the United States that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar. If you have knowledge about banks (large, regional or community banks)
  2. Good Evening! I appreciate all the info and weekly updates you give however, I'm a little upset. One of the weekly or quick notes done in June mentioned about upgrading to OSI and how important it is. The vibe i got from it was if we're not in OSI, we'll be left behind. I've been on this ride for ten years and have started my name reserve. It's not paid in full because we have three kids and living on one income. Unfortunately, I can't afford US I and waiting for RV so I can finish paying for name reserve. It feels like you're pushing for everyone to get OSI. Please keep those families
  3. I can't remember if I sent this off. I don't think I did send off $103 money order, copy of ID & passport to: Arab American Chamber of Commerce Certification Dept. 1615 Bay Head Rd Annapolis,MD 21409 ??? Is this the right address and what will I get in return? Can you show me what it looks like? I'm sorry if I'm not suppose to ask this. I remember reading it in the book, but don't remember which one on this site. Although I'm not new to DV, I'm still new trying to figure out how all this ties together. Someone PLEASE help. I'd really appreciate it!
  4. Hello, I haven't received my certificate in the mail. Will I get it by email or physical address? Thank you & thanks for all you do! Monique
  5. Does anyone know of a cure for Asthma? Does anyone know of a book that educates you on what suplements not to take at the same time or if your on any kind of meds, what suplemnets not to take while taking meds? I watch Dr.Oz and love his show, but I've not heard him talk about what not to take while on certain meds OR what two suplements not to take at the same time. Thanks
  6. Wow, I'm blown away by this! Do you have any tips on how I can buy some Beef without the Pink Slime? I have a Trader Joe's up th street from me, but Whole Foods is an hour or more away.
  7. Where can I purchase some of this sour sop? Do you think Whole Foods or Trader Joe's may have it?
  8. Thanks for the tips I'll be there for three years and currently studying the language now. Do you know anything about Jewish Butcher Shops? I heard they are very good? I buy Hebrew National Beef Hotdogs. Thanks again, I never knew what mile radius to start with.
  9. Hi RodandStaff, I've been looking for a company that will ship, do you know if polyface does? I know once I get to Germany, I may not get the chance to get real healthy beef & chicken without chemicals? (not sure, never been) What can I look for or do for now? Your help is GREATLY appreciated!
  10. Strawberry Cheesecake / makes two pies Items needed: 4 - 8oz. cream cheese 4 - eggs 3 -Tbsp flour 3 - cans strawberry pie filling 2 - deep dish grahm cracker pie crust 1 - 8oz. tub sourcream 1 - Tbsp vanilla 1 - cup sugar Directions: Place 2 cans strawberry pie filling in refrigerator Preheat oven @450 cream cheese must be room temperture, mix cream cheese - eggs - flour- vanilla - sugar - sourcream and 1 can strawberry pie filling in large bowl. Pour into pie crusts (save clear plastic covers from pie crusts) bake for 10 minutes @450, then turn oven down to 250 and bake for 1 ho
  11. Please don't neg me, I'm curious and don't know what to make of everything. Everyone's helpful insight is GREATLY appreciated!!! After all I see on the news with other currencies around the world, is it possible this can affect the RV? If we will eventually have one currency for the world, why would Iraq RV now knowing in a few years, everyone will have the same money? OR am I missing something? Do we have 8 or 10 years before this New World Order takes place? From the looks of things, it's slowly happening now.
  12. Thanks for the post easy Where you been? Haven't seen you in a while Go RV...
  13. Ain't nothing wrong with that boo! lol I'm an oreo with a hint of hazelnut
  14. Cute! Just wondered if anyone else got two as well, no biggie. Maybe the system had a hiccup? Have a good day! Go RV...
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