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  1. Just my 2 cents worth from an Aussie perspective - - There's continued talk by powerful globalist groups about a possible "Global Reset". At first that really frightened me - but now I'm thinking....a Global RESET COULD mean that all things come out the other end more or less EQUAL - so what could that mean for currencies? Equal would be great, with regards USD / AUD and IQD values, right? Interesting times ahead people. Merry Christmas to all. Great thanks to Adam and the Team at DV.
  2. Just a quick question.... there is so much talk all over the media as they are pre-programming us to accept, even LOVE the idea of our society going absolutely CASHLESS. As usual, the young folk will just love it because it's soooo convenient and handy to pay for everything with your smart phone....or with an implanted chip in your hand (Mark of the Beast, anyone??). As usual, the young folk will not immediately understand that going cashless will immediately cause everyone to lose their personal power in the matrix-like system, run by technocrats and A.I. No more free trading or bartering...every little transaction noted and stored...great for taxation departments, but potentially also great for controlling people. Talk about current control measures.... Already the globalists at Google have enlisted the aid of the Chinese Government to help them with their best communist advice on how to censor the internet, Facebook and Youtube. People like Alex Jones and Drudge report are being targeted. Wikileaks is being lableled as FAKE NEWS...when really... all Wikileaks contains is FACTS and FILES...they are not news stories... SO HERE WE ARE.....all hoping for an RV...but there is a race going on to stop the use of CASH altogether..... wouldn't it be ironic if an awesome RV happened after all use of cash has been stopped or banned?? There would be nowhere to take your Dinar bills. If cash is still being used in Iraq, I guess you could take a plane and fly to Iraq and cash it THERE. Some feedback, please folks? What do you all reckon about this. Cheers from Downunder!
  3. In honour of all those who died that day....we again take time to explore the real 9/11 story... Right Before 9/11, Wall Street Made Highly Suspicious Trades 9/11: Profits of doom Remembering 9/11: The Wolf In ‘Patriot Act’ Sheep’s Clothing History and common sense tell us that those in power will always attempt to beget more power Experts Expose 9/11 Myths The official story is a lie
  4. They say banks are going to shut indefinitely on the 13th of this month...just to be sure...take some cash out
  5. Instead of dreaming about an RV on the about you RV your life. Look for my post on the Banking Rule of 400 . Do you OWN YOUR LIFE??? I do....
  6. Just so you know.....this opportunity is valid in over 50 countries worldwide, with the HQ being in the good ol' US of A. Oops..I just read the T and C of this site and I may have bent a rule or two....I am truly sorry if that's the case...but at the same time, I cannot keep quiet about this App and what it can do to make your whole life it has already done for me. I am living proof. Whilst nothing is going on in RV land.....let me show you how to RV your life. We all know there is a huuuuuuge economic crash coming...starting next do not waste anymore valuable time wishing and hoping. TXT me now and as I said.... ....if you love what you see.. Brilliant...if you hate what you see (impossible!!! Lol)... then I unsubscribe delete the App...and that's the end of it.
  7. Hi everyone!!! I have not posted for a while...been quite busy in fact... Have you heard of the banking rule of 400? Basically, if you want to earn $50 interest per month on, say, a 3% returning account, you multiply the $50 by 400 to see how much you need to have in the account to produce $50 a month. 50 x 400 = $20,000 500 x 400 = $200,000 What if you wanted to earn $5,000 a month? Well you'd need a whole lotta cash in your account right? Since starting with the whole Dinar deal....I have made a decision to make my own RV least I know it's gonna happen for sure...for me...and hey I've already done it...and I wanted to make sure that it would work before telling anyone now that it has... What I am doing now is just like having a whole lotta cash earning you interest. I'd like to invite my Dinarvets friends to share in the party with me and get to own your life again. Anyone interested in my new App...if you have a smart phone...please TXT me...this is NOT a scam...I am a member here and not out to scam people. I am in Australia, so my number includes the Aussie prefix +61 The number is +61408690396 All I need is your first name and I'll txt you my App link. By giving my number like this I know I am exposing myself to potentially nasty folk. I trust our members not to be bad people. If you like what you see...great...if not..then just opt out. Piece of cake and no harm done. Peace and Love to all people. Come on...OWN YOUR LIFE. Elmstreet61
  8. Hi Folks, I figured this was the best place to post anyone interested in the RV will get to see this. I coach people on the subject of manifestation and wanted to make a few suggestions here and now. First a few statements I know to be true....coz i have seen the results over and over again: As it says in that special book: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITIN YOU....and WE ARE CREATED IN GODS IMAGE. Translated into modern terms of psycho-cybernetics and quantum physics..... WE EACH HAVE THE POWER OF GOD'S CREATION WITHIN US....WE ARE CONTINUALLY CREATING THE WAY OUR LIVES UNFOLD....whether we believe we are or not really does not matter...we simply ARE doing it by default...and most of us are unwittingly creating unpleasant lives for ourselves, depending on what it is we focus our attention to. SO THAT BEING SAID: The way to bring about the desired outcome regarding the value of the IQD: we need to STOP saying and typing "GO RV" Why? because to say GO...anything...places that "thing" into some undefined time in the future and the mechanics of this creation process will then ALWAYS keep it IN THE FUTURE. that does not serve us well...we have to bring it into our consciousness as being ALREADY A DONE DEAL....that creates a kind of "vacuum of events or materials" in the flow of reality...and the universe HATES a vacuum, so it will act to FILL that void...and the simplest thing for the universe (God) to do is to specifically fill that "hole" that's been created by you being grateful for say, a $1.45 RV (that's already happened in our creative God-mind). HERE'S WHAT I WOULD LOVE EVERYONE TO DO FROM NOW ON: at least 6 times a day...create that vacuum by repeating this to yourself or out loud... The Irqai Dinar is NOW worth $1.45 The Irqai Dinar is NOW worth $1.45 The Irqai Dinar is NOW worth $1.45 or better still....employ the GRATITUDE factor as well: repeat ten times a day...first thing in the morning, and last thing at night...write it down: "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45" Yep, actually write it down...the more senses you engage, the better it will stick and the more energy will be pushed into creating this desired outcome. practice living in a constant state of gratitude, for all the great and good things already in your life....that will strengthen your creative enrgies even more. feel good and be HAPPY...but be happy NOW...that's vitally important...don't rely on a future RV for your happy NOW. find a way...without drugs and booze, by the way...ya gotta take responsibility for happiness yourself...don't try to get it through a bottle, needle or pill or smoke. ok, so i fully expect to see these new affirmations ALL OVER THE DV website...and no more "GO RV", ok? deal? God/ the universe (whatever term works for you) does not operate in as far as they are concirned, the RV has already's already REAL...but you and I operate in time and space, so we have to SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT....well...that's not acting in the image of God. so let's BELIEVE IT BEFORE we see it, yes? that special book also says: ask and ye shall receive....but it goes on to say: whatsoever ye desire, ask and believing that ye shall receive...the Lord (the universe) shall add onto you. i would change that slightly to: ask, and believing that ye HAVE ALREADY received it...and it shall be added onto you. I'm not a church goer, but all good holy (special) books have some great advice for living an extraordinary life. Let's all do this!!!! "I am sooo happy and grateful, now that the iraqi dinar is trading at $1.45"
  9. Just a note on what the USD is based has not been based on gold or resources for many years. the value of the USD is based on faith...your keep exchanging the paper for goods and services...and the USD value is based on the whims of one Ben Bernanke.
  10. Perhaps because re denominated small bank notes suggests that, should the IQD go close to parity with the dollar...ya don't want to carry around 10k or 25k want 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 dinar notes to buy groceries with. Makes sense to me...the large notes we know could be used for big business transactions, but more than likely they will be called in and destroyed in due course.
  11. Just so you know...constitutional law is one thing...but the passports...or port passes are issued and regulated by Maritime Law...and that jurisdiction does not recognize your constitution nor does it operate under its auspices. Maritime Law operates wherever your flag has those gold borders around that includes Congress, courts of Law, the White House, the Postal Service...they all operate under Maritime Law, NOT law of the land, nor its constitution.And guess who brought you Maritime Law??? Yup...the very same British King you guys tried to separate from in your civil war. You think you won that war, but things were set up in a way that good old King Edward and his descendants still rule you. Look at all the Maritime language used in official settings: your worSHIP, your BIRTH (Berth) certificate...pass PORT, are seen by them as a registered vessel, and now take a good look around at all the places your USA flag is displayed. Does it have the GOLD frill around it? What about on the sleeves of US Marines? Does that flag on your uniform have a gold border? That means you operate under maritime/martial law and are answerable to those who are in charge of operating under the auspices of maritime law.
  12. Hey there Biker. Yeh mate..I hear ya, but I know these two friends quite well, and THEY themselves are not into I shall endeavor to find out more about their finance guy. My buddy phoned me up and told me what our mutual friend said. Now my buddy and I have been holding IQD for some time, whilst our mutual friend has none. But the financial advisor he went to see...coz apparently he had a bit of spare Aussie $$....told him about the Dinar...and added the bit of "news" that I have shared with you guys in this topic. Our mutual friend then said: "Hey! That's what my 2 mates are into!" And that started the round of phone calls. That's pretty much the story. I promise to follow up...coz who knows...the finance guy could have been sucked in by a guru too. That's why it's here in the rumours section. Thank you everyone for your feedback. Much appreciated, Team. I'll pay that one, Umby!! I've me a bit of Mac...they are HUGE here in Oz. lol Oh it'll be 86 cents by the time you do the FOREX between the Aussie dollar and USD, LOL
  13. A friend of a friend was speaking with a mainstream financial advisor. The latter told our friend that the IMF is about to reset global currencies as soon as the 15th week....and that the IQD is due to come out as a result, at around the 30 cent mark. Anyone else hear something to that effect? Finance guys are not normally pampers for IQD dealers, nor are they meant to pull s#!t info out of thin it leaves me wondering... Maybe this guy just fell for a pumper's or guru's post.....any thoughts, friends?
  14. Hi Adam. thanks again for your efforts. There's a rumour going around that Iraq has come to an agreement of some kind with perhaps the IMF, and that the latter is looking at a currency reset around the 15th of May (next week), and that, as a result, the IQD could come out tradable at around 30 cents. You have any opinion on such a rumour? Cheers, mate.
  15. You got it in one, Hame55. Saddam was going to take the Iraqi oil trade off the petrodollar. I think I can recall him on the news holding up some Euro notes or British Pound notes...I forget which. Then after Hissein was killed, or after his statue was torn down, Boy George Bush had a photo opp where he very symbolically held up a dollar note with two nobody could mistake the intention or meaning. Same happened in Libya. The Libyan people LOVED their Leader...he gave them free health care and medicine, free education, each married couple got a grant towards their first home on their wedding day. Happy days!! No Austrian Zionist Central no borrowed government Taxes. No interest on usury is against their faith. Sounds like flippin' paradise to me... Oh did I mention they traded oil for other currencies??? Well...that wasn't gonna last, right? So we best kill the good leader.....setup a branch of the Austrian Central Bank....start lending with interest...charge people taxes like every other country....and use the petrodollar exclusively for oil trade.....phew!!! So glad you guys killed another dictator, coz he was sooooo bad. Sorry...couldn't help offense intended Big weren't to know......our MSM tells us nothing important...nothing true.
  16. G'Day Oz. yes mate that's the feeling I got as well.......and when it comes to TV and the MSM..there is never a story that's put to air for no reason...for no my message to Channel 9...... Thanks and keep on prepping us...we're more than ready.And yes, with all the wealth of history in that country, I for one would LOVE to go to Iraq for vacation one day...and Iran too for that matter. I e seen documentaries on looks absolutely gorgeous...the Shiraz region....and really beautiful locals too. Ah well.......RV first.....
  17. A couple of typos above...due to iPad attempts at spell check or intuitive language input mode, hehehe. Video footage...not ideo footage. Abdul witnessed his Father's death...not his Gather's. But HEY...GO RV!
  18. All currency is distributed on is a belief system.... We believe it has the value that we ascribe to it...and in easy to recognize units, we use that currency for commerce. When we stop believing......then the jig is up. I understand that several states in the US are starting to use their own currency and ditching the that correct?
  19. The segment started with the reporter stating that the Iraq war was based on a lie that Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Well, we can all agree on that score. That is now common knowledge. The program is running as I'm typing these they're showing ideo footage of kids at school. Young Abdul saw his gather beheaded....for no real reason, other than sectarian disagreement. Abdul was asked what he wants to do when he grows up...he replied that he wants to be a Judge. One mother said that some things are better now, but other things were better under Hussains rule...things such as education, electricity and health care were apparently all much better under Saddam. Now the reporter is interviewing a doctor who was responsible for getting Saddam hanged. They mentioned hat they thought Saddam was "the ruthless dictator to the very end." Now there's a street cafe all looks pleasant, but .according to the story, there are still bomb blasts going on every other day...if you believe the reporter. Over 300 people died in al qeada caused bombings this past month, they stated. Oh we'll...accurate reporting or just a bit of spin for consumption by the gullible. Whatever the case may was nice to get an insight into Iraqi life......Baghdad looks really good...but yes, electric wiring looks very 3rd world...same as I saw recently in Bali or Thailand. No big point to this post...just found it interesting enough to want to tell my Dinarvets friends. It's always nice when you see the MSM paying attention to the country we have all grown fond of. God Bless Iraq....and God Bless You too. Stay well, stay strong....and you have to have a plan B. Do not let this speculative investment put you into a freeze or hold pattern in your life. Get on with your entrepreneurial about your life....look for money making opportunities.....find your passion and try to make a living from it..... But he's....GO RV!!! Things are looking pretty good.
  20. Same in Australia...they have purchased so many of our feed THEIR people. Whilst Aussies do not get the jobs or any income..taxes...nuthin'. One country we all need to study is ICELAND.... They have sacked and prosecuted the banksters...had a peaceful revolution......but Nothing in the news....nothing..not a peep about what great work they've done there.
  21. Good call, mate. Yes we are supposed to see a repeat of what happened in 1978 to 1980. So let the price go down a wee bit too is coming down buy up, and wait for the big BANG upwards, like silver did in 1979.Now THATs an RV!!! THE FOLLOWING IS AN ARTICLE FROM THE DAILY RECKONING emailed newsletter: An Old Issue of Playboy, and a Ton of Silver By Matt Insley 'For him, hoarding silver is not just his way of hedging inflation: It is also part of his attempt to create his own independent economy, his own money.' - Harry Hurt III What if I told you, by January 2014, the price of silver is set to jump 525%? From its current price around US$28/oz, the metal will subsequently rise to US$175/oz. - and yes, in less than 12 months. You'd think I was crazy, right? Today I want to show you why history says I'm not... 'IN THE SUMMER of 1979, an invisible hand reached out from an island in the Atlantic and quietly began tightening its grip on the world's supply of silver,' Harry Hurt III penned in the September issue of Playboy in 1980. In an article titled 'Silverfinger', Hurt wrote the tale of the Hunt brothers' activities between the spring of 1979 and January 1980. The Hunt family had wealth. Texas-sized, oil wealth in the billions. Continuing their father's business, but also living in the shadow of his legacy, Nelson Bunker Hunt, along with brothers Herbert and Lamar were on a mission to grow the family's wealth. So in the 70's when inflation started eating away at the family oil fortune the Hunt brothers started buying silver. Smartly, may I add, in an effort to avoid government confiscation the brothers personally transported it to a vault in Switzerland. It was the beginning of the gutsiest, daylight heist ever witnessed - and today it can point to our next opportunity in the metals market. Indeed, the summer of 1979 taught us an important lesson - somewhat forgot in today's daily press - that finite resources trade in fragile markets. Back then, Bunker Hunt, a Texas oilman along with a few rich Saudi businessmen, was able to bring the market for one of history's most coveted metals to its knees. In the 11 months following February 1979 the price of silver jumped from $8 to a high of $50 - marking a 525% rise. Indeed, the real-life drama that unravelled that year was better than fiction. I mean really, who would have thought a few of the world's elite could ****** up nearly all of the marketable silver on the planet. But they did! Here's a timeline of events, outlined by silver trader Larry Laborde: Summer of 1979: the Hunt brothers started buying silver through the International Metal Investment group along with their Saudi partners. Fall of 1979: the silver price doubled from $8 to $16/oz in only two months. The COMEX and the CBOT started to panic. Many people, including the Hunts through their International Metal Investment group were taking delivery on all their contracts! Late in 1979: the CBOT changed the rules and stated that no investor could hold over 3 million oz of silver contracts and the margin requirement were raised. The price on the last day of 1979 was $34.45/oz. At this point Bunker and Herbert held 40 million oz in Switzerland and 90 million oz of bullion they jointly owned through International Metals. January 7th 1980: the COMEX changed their rules to only allow 10 million/oz of contracts per trader and that all contracts over that amount must be liquidated before February 18th. January 17th 1980: silver hit $50/oz, At that point in time the Hunt's silver position was worth $4.5 billion dollars bringing their profits in silver to $3.5 billion dollars. January 21st 1980: the COMEX announced that it was suspending trading in silver. They would only accept liquidation orders. Silver dropped $10/oz and stayed around $39/oz until the end of January. March 14th 1980: silver was down to $21/oz. In the months following this massive silver spike, prices pulled back, finally reaching a baseline price of $5-10/oz. Through the fiasco, the Hunt brothers lost a substantial fortune (through market losses and fines) and were treated to more than one court hearing. No jail-time though (I guess those were the good old days). The major question that people ask when they hear this story is: 'why?' And other than the quick answer, 'to make money', there's a deeper emotion than just greed. Indeed, the main reason why this silver grab began was fear. Here's another telling comment that Hurt penned in Playboy's pages: 'The government treasuries of the world used to be the ones to issue currencies backed by precious metals. Like the United States, most countries have long since ceased that practice. Bunker has been trying to revive it for himself and his silver buying partners. Hoarding silver is part of his scheme to replace paper with something of "real" value. It is his hedge against the "avalanche of evil" he fears is engulfing the world. Ironically, it was also what brought about a personal and public financial apocalypse of the first order.' Bunker Hunt had a lot of the same fears that you and I share. He worried about his wealth, the government's growing budget and the Fed's propensity to print first and ask questions later. Hunt, of course, took his fear and greed to a level that only a cowboy from Texas could. Quite a show, might I add. Besides the spectacle, though, this story acts as a great modern day example of how currencies and the world's finite resources commingle. Also, it's a great example as to how hard assets can explode in value - something that could be coming down the pike, sooner than you think... How Do You Say 'History Rhyming' In Mandarin? Indeed, history doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes. China is this generation's version of the Hunt brothers. Only instead of having the faults and worries of a single person/family, China plays by its own rules. You can see this in the recent espionage case - where China is accused of hacking into various American companies for the gain of their country. If any person/family/group were to hack into Coca Cola or Ford and steal information that benefits a financial negotiation or business deal, you can rest assure they'd be burned at the stake - or in today's case, put behind bars for a long time. Who knows, maybe a one way ticket to Gitmo. But that's not the case with a sovereign nation, especially one as strategic as China. So far the country has denied claims that its government participated in the hacking. 'It wasn't us' they say, as they retract back into their secretive communist shell. So you see, this time around - whether it's gold, silver, rare earths, copper, oil or any other of the world's coveted resources - China is upping the ante. The Chinese don't have to play by the rules of the US sandbox, they don't have to disclose their gold holdings or admit wrongdoing in a hacking allegation - instead, thus far, they just deny or remain quiet. Along with upping the ante, the Chinese have another strategic advantage. The Hunt brothers' cornering of the silver market gave China a playbook. China knows that they can't buy massive amounts of silver or gold on the open market and expect to take delivery. During the Hunt brothers' attempt to corner the silver market the COMEX changed the rules. Limiting the amount that one person could hold and upping the margin requirements to control trading. Likewise, the US government stepped in during the bankruptcy trial. The Hunt brothers owed a lot of money - somewhere to the tune of $1.5B - so much so that a bank-backed bailout was prescribed. Trading regulations and government involvement? Rule changes and bailouts? That's just a few of the out-of-the-box actions that China plans to avoid. Indeed, the Chinese have history as their guide. And where the Hunt brothers fell short, China will likely succeed. One recent example of China's strategic nature is the 2010/2011 rare earth supply crunch. When China realized the card it held, it quickly recoiled and unveiled export quotas for rare earths, a group of specialty metals vital to modern technology. Then, after they'd made some quick cash and the outcries got louder, China retracted their quotas. They played the game and they played it well. I don't have to be the first to tell you that if China had a full monopoly - meaning no other locale could produce rare earths - they would have increased their grip strength and constricted the market into submission. Instead, they saw the writing on the wall; others had rare earths and it was only a matter of time before they ramped up supply - so naturally the Chinese retracted their monopoly power. The rare earth squeeze was just a preview of what the Chinese are capable of. And the recent espionage allegations follow suit. (What a way to start off the year of the snake, eh?) Looking forward, the one market that still has the ability to be cornered, as shown in 1979/1980, is the precious metals market. And just like it would have paid to hold your share of precious metals back when the Hunt bros made their run at silver, it's even more vital today. After all, the Hunt brothers were just trying to make and protect their money, whereas China's ambitions could be much more sinister. As the year of the snake continues, keep your eye to the East. Regards, Matt Insley for The Daily Reckoning Australia
  22. Your president obviously heard about our Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard giving herself a pay rise to about $475,000 per year....and when she leaves, she will receive a huge annual retirement payment for life too. Just criminal.
  23. I like vegetarians.....cows are vegetarians.... No can get great protein from chickpeas and lentils.
  24. Here's a thought....lets make the dinar worth one dollar each......I'm sure there must be a trillion dinars in their possession....and there you have your trillion dollars. Now just...go do it.... Simplistic, I know...just had to let it out. Have a wonderful week everyone.
  25. my advisors are tellin me that gold will peak soon and might then go down as low as $1400 but only for a very short time. Now when it's nice and low, gold will be a big BUY....bigger than ever watch this space!! Aussie gold stocks are at bargain basement levels...they are all screaming BUY right now.
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