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  1. Just my 2 cents worth from an Aussie perspective - - There's continued talk by powerful globalist groups about a possible "Global Reset". At first that really frightened me - but now I'm thinking....a Global RESET COULD mean that all things come out the other end more or less EQUAL - so what could that mean for currencies? Equal would be great, with regards USD / AUD and IQD values, right? Interesting times ahead people. Merry Christmas to all. Great thanks to Adam and the Team at DV.
  2. Just a quick question.... there is so much talk all over the media as they are pre-programming us to accept, even LOVE the idea of our society going absolutely CASHLESS. As usual, the young folk will just love it because it's soooo convenient and handy to pay for everything with your smart phone....or with an implanted chip in your hand (Mark of the Beast, anyone??). As usual, the young folk will not immediately understand that going cashless will immediately cause everyone to lose their personal power in the matrix-like system, run by technocrats and A.I. No more free trading o
  3. In honour of all those who died that day....we again take time to explore the real 9/11 story... Right Before 9/11, Wall Street Made Highly Suspicious Trades 9/11: Profits of doom Remembering 9/11: The Wolf In ‘Patriot Act’ Sheep’s Clothing History and common sense tell us that those in power will always attempt to beget more power Experts Expose 9/11 Myths The official story is a lie
  4. They say banks are going to shut indefinitely on the 13th of this month...just to be sure...take some cash out
  5. Instead of dreaming about an RV on the about you RV your life. Look for my post on the Banking Rule of 400 . Do you OWN YOUR LIFE??? I do....
  6. Just so you know.....this opportunity is valid in over 50 countries worldwide, with the HQ being in the good ol' US of A. Oops..I just read the T and C of this site and I may have bent a rule or two....I am truly sorry if that's the case...but at the same time, I cannot keep quiet about this App and what it can do to make your whole life it has already done for me. I am living proof. Whilst nothing is going on in RV land.....let me show you how to RV your life. We all know there is a huuuuuuge economic crash coming...starting next do not waste anymore valuable time w
  7. Hi everyone!!! I have not posted for a while...been quite busy in fact... Have you heard of the banking rule of 400? Basically, if you want to earn $50 interest per month on, say, a 3% returning account, you multiply the $50 by 400 to see how much you need to have in the account to produce $50 a month. 50 x 400 = $20,000 500 x 400 = $200,000 What if you wanted to earn $5,000 a month? Well you'd need a whole lotta cash in your account right? Since starting with the whole Dinar deal....I have made a decision to make my own RV least I know it's gonna happen for sure...for me..
  8. Hi Folks, I figured this was the best place to post anyone interested in the RV will get to see this. I coach people on the subject of manifestation and wanted to make a few suggestions here and now. First a few statements I know to be true....coz i have seen the results over and over again: As it says in that special book: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITIN YOU....and WE ARE CREATED IN GODS IMAGE. Translated into modern terms of psycho-cybernetics and quantum physics..... WE EACH HAVE THE POWER OF GOD'S CREATION WITHIN US....WE ARE CONTINUALLY CREATING THE WAY OUR LIVES
  9. Just a note on what the USD is based has not been based on gold or resources for many years. the value of the USD is based on faith...your keep exchanging the paper for goods and services...and the USD value is based on the whims of one Ben Bernanke.
  10. Perhaps because re denominated small bank notes suggests that, should the IQD go close to parity with the dollar...ya don't want to carry around 10k or 25k want 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 dinar notes to buy groceries with. Makes sense to me...the large notes we know could be used for big business transactions, but more than likely they will be called in and destroyed in due course.
  11. Just so you know...constitutional law is one thing...but the passports...or port passes are issued and regulated by Maritime Law...and that jurisdiction does not recognize your constitution nor does it operate under its auspices. Maritime Law operates wherever your flag has those gold borders around that includes Congress, courts of Law, the White House, the Postal Service...they all operate under Maritime Law, NOT law of the land, nor its constitution.And guess who brought you Maritime Law??? Yup...the very same British King you guys tried to separate from in your civil war. You th
  12. Hey there Biker. Yeh mate..I hear ya, but I know these two friends quite well, and THEY themselves are not into I shall endeavor to find out more about their finance guy. My buddy phoned me up and told me what our mutual friend said. Now my buddy and I have been holding IQD for some time, whilst our mutual friend has none. But the financial advisor he went to see...coz apparently he had a bit of spare Aussie $$....told him about the Dinar...and added the bit of "news" that I have shared with you guys in this topic. Our mutual friend then said: "Hey! That's what my 2 mates are in
  13. A friend of a friend was speaking with a mainstream financial advisor. The latter told our friend that the IMF is about to reset global currencies as soon as the 15th week....and that the IQD is due to come out as a result, at around the 30 cent mark. Anyone else hear something to that effect? Finance guys are not normally pampers for IQD dealers, nor are they meant to pull s#!t info out of thin it leaves me wondering... Maybe this guy just fell for a pumper's or guru's post.....any thoughts, friends?
  14. Hi Adam. thanks again for your efforts. There's a rumour going around that Iraq has come to an agreement of some kind with perhaps the IMF, and that the latter is looking at a currency reset around the 15th of May (next week), and that, as a result, the IQD could come out tradable at around 30 cents. You have any opinion on such a rumour? Cheers, mate.
  15. You got it in one, Hame55. Saddam was going to take the Iraqi oil trade off the petrodollar. I think I can recall him on the news holding up some Euro notes or British Pound notes...I forget which. Then after Hissein was killed, or after his statue was torn down, Boy George Bush had a photo opp where he very symbolically held up a dollar note with two nobody could mistake the intention or meaning. Same happened in Libya. The Libyan people LOVED their Leader...he gave them free health care and medicine, free education, each married couple got a grant towards their first home on
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