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  1. IMF is serious about lending IRAQ money. Why would they do that or why would IRAQ even consider that if thay are about to RV? Sorry folks, RV is a loooong way off.
  2. 10 YEARS LATER, on 20 Feb 2015 - 4:16 PM, said: I always thought it would be 20 years before RV.... but hope it comes sooner.
  3. Adam, it will take 30 days before the results of the elections are revealed.
  4. Right on Dontlop.... Shabibi was trying to remove IQD from circulation. Reason being is that the less currency available for circulation, the more valuable it will be. But, he got fired (or removed), so could not continue his plan, Now, Iraq all of a sudden relaized that they now have a lot more IQD in circulation, which makes their currency weak (less in value). So, getting the banks to change IQD for Gold is a great idea to reduce IQD circulation, and increase IQD value. They shouls have kept Shabibi on board... I don't think they realized what he was trying to do.
  5. The Dinar is not really worthless in country (IRAQ). In IRAQ, you can use Dinar to purchase goods in the marketplace. It's just worthless outside the country because no other country recognizes it. That has not happened yet.
  6. Yeah, the IRAQ news folks seems to have a tendency to rehash/repeat themselves. I don't know why.... could be because they don't have anything else to report???
  7. Hey Rayzer, Thanks for your input. However, I do think the Mods do a great job of monitoring and policing the forum(s). In practicing freedom of speech on this site, there is a lot of leeway to express opinions, as it should be. I trust the Mods judgement(s).
  8. Well, here is some history:
  9. Cabinet agrees to convert the purchase amount of the dinar to the dollar at the Central Bank 03-09-2013-17: 41 Alsumaria Mobile Version economics and business Alsumaria news/Baghdad The Council of Ministersapproved Tuesday, to convert the purchase amount of the local currency to the US dollar at the official rate of Exchange by the Central Bank of Iraq. And the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in a statement received "alsumaria news", "Council of Ministers held today, thirty-eighth regular session in Baghdad headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki." The Secretariat expla
  10. yeah, Frank is a little off on his report. But apparently Maliki's family is gone.... And Maliki may follow. Looks like the rats are leaving the ship....
  11. On the contrary, I believe Maliki wants another shot at office next election. if so, I think he'll formally grant the change in currency before then so he can have a shot for re-election. I know I would if I was a politician..... just say'in.
  12. Yeah, I do.... pretty factual stuff on that site. Med is sometimes 'full of himself', but I think he's working on it. His ego must be huge LOL.
  13. What I am drawn to is the membership status of countries that have a tradable currency vs. countries that do not. Iraq currently has a MEMBERSHIP STATUS OF ARTICLE XIV.... to have a convertible currency they need to obtain MEMBERSHIP STATUS OF ARTICLE VIII. So, here's what the discovery is: 1. click on this link and it takes you to IRAQ; Financial Position in the Fund as of July 31. 2009 .......... 2. On the IMF website, see item #1. Membership Status....Iraq is under ARTICLE XIV 3. click on ARTICLE
  14. Yes, all this is bought by USD currency. Oil produced by Iraq is sold through USD dollars. The Iraq government is simply buying from countries by spending US doolars. What's so hard to understand?
  15. Adam has repeadly said on many occasions that.... Nothing... absolutely Nothing happens duribng Ramadan. But, maybe he has changed his mind.... don't know.
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