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  1. Yes, good thing. Irans central bank is going to lop their currency. Iran rial is currently 1US$= 40,000 rial. It is part of the Iraq central bank education program telling the public the difference between Iraq’s revaluation and Iran’s lop. Iran is removing the zeros off of the printed currency with no change in value. It does not say what the reevaluation of the Iraqi dinar is going to be. It does clearly state the difference between the two countries and what they intend to do with their currency. It is and will be legal for the Iraqi Citizen to trade dinar and riel with Iran. The new currency of both countries is going to make it very confusing for the public. This is part of the public education presented by the central bank of Iraq.
  2. I want to see an exchange rate that will put a camel in every Iraqi home now .
  3. A lop of the currency would do nothing to immediately increase the purchasing power or the standard of living for a common Iraqi person .
  4. Calm returns to Iraq's Basra after week of violent protests #InsideIraq Troops sent from Baghdad have reinforced police numbers, while government offices and markets reopened after a quiet night.
  5. Get him out of the country so that Interpol can pick him up !
  6. It has been too long and CBI is making the case to the public of why the dinar is going from worthless donkey dung to $3.00 per 1 Dinar.
  7. Same-day turnaround for emails to my bank in Iraq, Warka Bank. That is definitely a step in the right direction. Surprised the heck out of me. I sent the email 3/7/2018 and received an answer the same day.
  8. This is from a figment of my imagination of what really goes on behind closed doors!
  9. Massoud Barzani Ask Washington, “ do I have to give it all back and do I have to go to jail ? “ Washington, “ someone has to go to jail!” Massoud Barzani, “ now let me tell you about the deals we made with Al Malik!”
  10. FYI, I sent a password request in January 2017 there was a less than five day turnaround. This year I sent a password request on 1/23/18 and did not receive the new password setting until 2/20/18.
  11. Have you ever held a snake down by its head, watched it squirm in all different directions, not yet cutting the head off but the snake knows it’s coming. I’m sure Maliki can relate .
  12. Malik has absconded with more than US$1 trillion. The majority of this has been under US supervision, much like Manuelle Noriega of panama.
  13. General is saying this is what’s going to happen. It is time to start spelling it out and talking real slow so they can understand.
  14. Unibrow just doesn’t know how lucky he is to still be breathing.

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