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  1. Perhaps he is just warning people against the dishonest people stating rates and dates. If people are led astray and invest their savings after being convinced that the dinar is coming in at some ridiculous rate on some particular date and that doesn't happen, then it is a scam. It's a scam and a sin! However, if Bennie was an intelligent person, he could have better served himself by saying that it is a speculative investment categorized as high risk. Additionally, he could have informed the naive investors that no one could possibly know the rate or date and that those claiming that shou
  2. Since 2003. My husband bought it at the airport in Kuwait as he flew our military in and out. I knew it was a long term investment and very speculative. However, i still believe it will come through one day. Too busy to worry about it much these days. Working hard and getting ready for retirement in a few years. Don't want the dinars to be my only back up plan. Hopefully, it will be a nice surprise one day!
  3. I vote we invite the Drunken Dwarves to Vegas for the RV party. What could be more entertaining? Of course, I doubt anyone in Vegas would even give them a second look. Either that or they will end up getting booked at Caesar's.
  4. You are so right! I was on a ten year plan so I am ready. We bought ours in 2003. Almost over I hope! Then, let the games begin!
  5. I hate surprises! Just tell me the darn date so I can be prepared.
  6. Would be a really good thing if it turns out to be true. Thanks for the post. Very Exciting!
  7. Just heard on Fox News that China is purchasing 50% of Iraq's oil and that Iraq's oil business is booming. Fox News words not mine. That sounds promising, right?
  8. Exactly what I would do! Last ditch effort to make all of us sell all of our dinars before they RV. Wouldn't it be nice if that were really true? Oh well, I tried to put a positive spin on it.
  9. These bank stories are making me jumpy....I walked into my local BB&T last Friday with my paycheck and glanced up at their monitor which is mounted on the back wall behind the tellers. The monitor usually shows interest rates, car loan rates, CD's etc. and I read it out of sheer boredom while I am waiting in line every Friday. This past Friday when I looked up I swear it said "Buy and Sell Your Foreign Currency Here". The first thought I had was OMG, I have a bank story! Anyway, I tell you this boring, useless story for 2 reasons on opposite sides of the spectrum. One, that some thing
  10. So LIBoy just cleared up that the "conspiracy theory" that we are being watched isn't a theory. Nice! Thanks! Love everything you say SgtFuryUSCG and everything you believe. If LIBoy keeps drinking the cool-aid, he is going to need his "Big Boy Panties". Lol
  11. Looks like somebody went ugly early.......Easy? Just kidding, just haven't used that line in a long time and hated to miss the opportunity. Lol
  12. I believe her because I 'm a wife and I know that I am always right. My husband will agree with me as soon as these darn dinars come in. Currently he just shakes his head when I get excited. I sure hope I have the last laugh.
  13. Wow! Now I am getting excited about this. First time in a long time. Bring it on!
  14. My sister actually saw this on the news at about 3:30 this afternoon and texted me about it. The news stated that there are rumors that the Iraq parliament could be dissolved in 48 hours.
  15. If they change the value of the dinar from 1120 to 1000 then the 25,000 will be worth $25 instead of $22.32. Then when they drop the zeros off the currency, the 25k dinar will be a 25 dinar and still worth $25. They have stated on several occasions that would be the case. I pray that this is smoke and mirrors because, it is not good.
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