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  1. I see both sides this could be good news or bad news.... But I don't understand why they would print new 10,000 notes if they were going to delete the zero's.
  2. Nice... Train keeps moving forward... Dont stop till we get to the RV station!!!
  3. do you have a link/article of him saying that? i agree with what "NeedRV" says it wouldnt make any sense to print out new 25,000 notes if they are going to delete them anyways. if they deleted the 3 zeros off the notes what would the 250 notes go to ? ...theres only 1 zero. would it go to just a 25 note, if so, now you got 2 different notes that are = to each other (the 25,000 note and a 250 note).
  5. I think Maliki likes the hokey pokey song. He's doing a lot of in and out but forgetting to turn himself around.
  6. Hey Adam, what do you think about all this gold they are buying? Do you think it will RV alil higher than what you normally thought ? (i know you dont give rates - not asking for a rate). i would just think with them buying all this gold they would use it to help raise the value of their currency.
  7. next time instead of posting it as text can you speak it and upload it as an mp3 ? that way i can load it on my iphone and listen to it while i drive.
  8. first stop - trade yoshi in for a lambo
  9. can someone put this in english terms please?! lol. is it saying they agree that the currency needs to revalue some way and they are calling a meeting to agree on what should happen ?!?!?!
  10. thats what i dont understand though. if they make coins (in lower denom) what good are they ? like i said if a loaf of bread is 2000 what good are the coins ? they will be hauling buckets of coins around. we barley use pennies anymore = worthless. if they delete the zeros off the notes even the 50 dollar bill now will be worthless it would b worth .05 cents whats the coins going to be worth a penny like ours ?
  11. if they delete the zeros off the notes why would they make new lower denoms? how low do u need em, they have a 50 so that would be .05 cents if u delete the 3 zeros what would the new notes be half of a penny ? Also the rate would still be 1166 so if a loaf of bread cost 2000 now instead of handing them a 5,000 note u gotta hand them a bunch of the 25 notes.
  12. i have a ? about Ramanda. Since they are out of Ch. 7 do you think it will be like any other Ramanda where no one does anything or do you think they will work to get things done? like you said u expected to see things get done quickly and move rapidly.... seems like they are. i'm sure there is alot to do to get back on your feet after being in Ch.7. For them to stop for the holiday after accomplishing so much would be foolish. Do you think we will see things getting done like the HCL or whatever else that might help get them to RV ? someone beat me to it ^^ (Thaiexpat)
  13. i love haters.... must be jealous to hate. keep the reds comming.
  14. wow its nice to see some Pittsburghers here lol. i live close to Greensburg. bout 5 mins from New Stanton to narrow it down.
  15. i just checked i got .... 1 IQD = 0.0008 USD Display Chart 1 USD = 1250 IQD
  16. i tried it just now, NOW im getting WAIT... all across. hope something GOOD is up!!!??!
  17. yeah, im clicking on the link u posted above and going to the bottom adding USD/IQD and when it adds it says wait... for a split sec. then it shows the normal rates 1166 1172
  18. thats what i did and am getting the same ^ nothing unusual
  19. LMAO... im sure its some type of holiday.
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