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  1. Um actually, it's a banner ad for the gift cards they sell at Walmart for other stores. For example Best Buy.
  2. LOL I actually read this joke before my first attempt at waxing. Stupid me. It doesn't matter what kind of kit or type of wax it is. It WILL get stuck to your hoo ha and you WILL call someone crying! +1 Delta, you always bring the funnies
  3. Haha, aww thank you
  4. I was going to say emergency brake jk! I had a Grandpa
  5. Thanks Bama! It's been crazy the last 2-3 days but today is the worst. I'm on the Gulf coast and we've had 11 inches of rain today and tornadoes!
  6. All of the members reputation points were reset to zero. I'm not positive of the time frame, but I think it was around December/January.
  7. Thanks Ski! I just feel that if we live in the light and good, living our lives being the best we can be, then how can us praying and asking for goodness to come to others be seen as bad? I've NEVER commented on a religious thread, but Smee and the other members that commented piqued my response.
  8. So if someone asks for my prayers and let's say I'm a Buddhist or and Hare Krishna, are my prayers not worthy? I understand this is more a question regarding Catholics and Christians, but my question is still the same. I've never disclosed my religion or beliefs on this forum, nor will I, but if I pray for myself and others out of pureness and good, does it really matter if it is Jesus Christ, a Saint, or Vishnu that I pray to? Would appreciate all input
  9. Hi Tiffani929, Just as the thread was on the way out, you appear with this statement. Should you feel the urge to re-live the incident, please feel free. Not too much detail though please, you might "interrupt" my rehabilitation :lmao: Haha, ok here it is, copied from the original thread it was in One weekend my friend and I spoke about girly things, like hair removal, i.e., electrolysis, waxing etc. Brilliant me decides to go out and purchase an at home waxing kit. To prep myself, I took a pain reliever and made a strong drink. I followed the heating instructions and moseyed my way to my bathroom. At first I was nervous, but it wasn't as bad as I thought, though it is extremely difficult to rip hot wax off of yourself when you know it doesn't feel great. So fast forward about 40 minutes, I'm sweating, have tears in my eyes, and I'm laughing like an insane person (from the sensation of ripping ones own hair out with hot wax I imagine) I apply more wax and as I go to rip it, I can't. I know it's going to rip my skin. I'm freaking out so I pick up the phone to call my friend...her husband answers. My message to relay to her sounded something like "I NEED ***** TO CALL ME ASAP I HAVE A FREAKIN EMERGENCY HERE" Basically, I ended up having to drive to their house with wax and cloth strips still stuck to me. She was awesome and helped me get them off, while her husband was in the other room on the floor convulsing with laughter at my every yelp. I lost whatever shame I had that day. That's as PG 13 as I can keep it Read more:
  10. OMFG, I think that tops my brazilian waxing mishap
  11. Oh I know you were, I was just razzing you
  12. There is a black salve called Can-X. You apply it topically to any abnormal or growth spots, age spots, birth marks, etc. It pulls abnormal and possibly cancerous cells to the surface. I have personally used this and it has worked! It is a painful process (about 5-7 days worth) it feels like your skin is on fire or being stung by 100 wasps. I'm doing it now, and it's amazing how fast it works. I would not recommend for sensitive skin or ANYWHERE on your face as it can leave a scar.
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