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  1. I have 50 million IQD in Warka Bank. I initated a wire transfer of 8600. over 3 weeks ago and the money hasnt hit my Wells Fargo account. I keep getting the run around from Warka. Has anyone actually withdrawn USD from Warka Bank lately?
  2. It is very refreshing to see a NO BS POST!!!!!!! I get sick of seeing all of the idiots running their mouths on this site. I will be watching your future posts! Thanks,
  3. "in my best Marlon Brando voice" .......I once, watched a snail move down, the edge of a razorblade............................................
  4. Sonnywd, if you had any money over there, what you said wouldnt be so funny. Up yours!
  5. Who are you????????and what do you know about Warka Bank. You have always been a know it all on this website.
  6. Warka never said they were not taking money via courier. What they said was that Iraqi customs wasnt allowing it anymore, and, if you ship it, it is at your risk.
  7. Guys, I have been reading the Medic chats since October 2009. If you think you have been let down by him recently, let me tell you, there is a whole lot more of the same going back even further than what I can recall six months ago. If you are fed up with him within 60 days, you are probably smarter than I have been, but, if you keep believing him, remember this post. Dont take him seriously, please, for your mental health. Consider it as you would a S. King novel.....purely for entertainment only.
  8. You know that one of the days, Medic is going to right, or, close to it. It will only be a coincidence though. LOL!!!!! After it happens, I hope I never hear his name again.
  9. One thing that I will bet on. There will be negatives signs coming out of Iraq before the RV. They will not wanting to attract flies (speculators). They will go out of their way to discourage any further speculation. Kuwait did the same thing before their HUGE RV.
  10. Mongo, you are shot out!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the good work. I always get a good laugh from your pictures!
  11. I am an old timer on this site. My experience tells me that when I start reading the very negative posts about the what ifs, and whys it hasnt happened, I recognize this as "dinar burnout". For these individuals, It would be wise to quit coming back to this site as frequently as you are and forget about the investment. An alternative would be to just get rid of it all and be done with it. I personally could never bring myself to the point of selling it, because, if I woke up the next day after selling it, I would want to blow my brains out. So, my best advice would be to pull your lips away f
  12. Adam wanted me to tell you guys that he has been very busy working on a project for VIP. He hasnt been on the site in three days, but, hopes to get on real soon. Hopes you all understand!
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