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  1. This stinks for the homeowner but you have to look at the other side of the coin as well. Think of the giant stink that would have occurred if this man would have been injured or killed in his attempt to save his property. In this case I think the officers followed the "to protect and serve" motto. If the fire was "leaping" as the article states, his efforts were beyond futile. I'm not a fireman but I know that garden hose volume and pressure isn't going to get the job done. Thanks for the post, and I enjoy what you contribute to the site.
  2. I ate a Suzie Q last night.......... my favorite! It would be poetic justice if they would open their doors again, a few years later, in a right to work state.
  3. I'm with ya dog but I think Umbertino is at a loss for positive articles regarding Italy, thus the lefty, commie cra* attacking us!
  4. Reverend Clown A$$ and his band of Tards were more than likely arrested for trespassing. There was no suppression of freedom of speech.
  5. I think you may be confused on Iraq's ability to defend itself. It's not that they can't use a nuclear weapon, they never had the capability, it's that they currently do not have the armament, i.e. heavy weaponry and delivery platforms for ordnance to protect themselves.
  6. Isn't it just lovely how academia wraps their arms around louts such as her and Bill Ayers? And they wonder why our academic ranking in the world sucks!
  7. This topic has been discussed ad naseum. As it stands right now the gains from this investment will be treated as ordinary income in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 988 My link. That being said, the federal government can do whatever they like, through new legislation, in regards to taxation of this investment.
  8. That plan would be comparable to the U.S. issuing "1/100th of a one cent coin". Useless. There will have to be an increase in value in order to use the new notes.
  9. Jesse succumbed to his injuries today. He is now with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks so much for your prayers. If you would, please lift up his family and his classmates.
  10. Hopefully this will change in a month! In the mean time break out the suppressors.
  11. Just got home from a prayer service for Jesse. Our pastor was unable to give us an update on his condition because local media was there. Thanks again for your prayers. iI will post updates when they come available.
  12. Your title is misleading, the only "average Americans" are the libtards that sit on their @sses with their hands out waiting for the ill gotten goodies that that the federal government has entitled them to. The exceptional Americans are the poor bastards, such as myself, that are robbed of our hard earned money to provide the "free stuff" to these leaches on society. So here's to my fellow Hard Working Exceptional American Friends here at DV. We only have a few more weeks of this train wreck of a POTUS, and hopefully we will gain a few seats in the House and Senate as well.
  13. Yesterday a middle school student at my child's school was struck by lightning while practicing on the football field. CPR was performed, EMT's were able to get a pulse and he was in intensive care at a local hospital breathing on his own. Late last night he was med flighted to Tampa. He is still in critical condition and has substantial damage to his heart. Please lift this child and his family up in prayer. Thanks in advance to all of you prayer warriors out there!
  14. My church has asked the congregation to fast and pray until election day. I feel led to fast (eating evening meal only) and I am encouraging my Christian friends to do the same.
  15. This billboard is for a restaurant in Greenville, SC. Awesome food! The other pic is from their f book page.
  17. Umbertino's agenda? IMO, to obtain the title of Troll.
  18. Several years ago I read a book about "remote viewing", really interesting stuff.
  19. Been noticing this a lot. DV must have a new set of trolls.
  20. Well, this proves that at least one person, the editor, in France has a set.
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