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  1. I was required to read a Noam Chomsky book early in my college education. He is supposedly a professor of education. I didn't like him then, and I don't like him now. He is so far left that he can't be trusted, any more than the current president can be trusted. They are cut from the same cloth. So read him at your own risk. I wouldn't bother. Sorry, Umberto. But this is just how I feel about Chomsky, a professor of the University or Chicago, and we all know Obama is from the Chicago political scene, which doesn't speak well for either of them. Yes, about some things, I am highly opiniona
  2. Sandfly, I truly do feel reassured by your strong, quiet words. I needed to read that this morning. Thank you. Fran
  3. Thank you, Adam, for continually giving us a well-founded and well-grounded dose of Wednesday hope & truth!! I need these weekly reports to keep believing in something that I badly need to believe in--the RV. I've been with you guys on this site since I first bought dinar in 2010, although compared to many of you, I'm still a newbie. But also like many of you, I would most likely have long ago lost hope if it weren't for Adam and his honesty and good sense. I appreciate him and his work on our behalf more than I can say. So again, Adam, thank you.
  4. Adam, there is so much on the news about ISIL in Iraq, and even on the maps, it appears they are very close to Baghdad. They are so evil that it doesn't seem possible their presence isn't having an impact on the government and/or the citizens of Baghdad and on what they do regarding an RV? Is a fear of them coming into Baghdad and perhaps taking over the banks slowing down or even temporarily holding up an RV? Are they impacting the RV in any other way I don't know to ask? Does their nearby presence change anything in Baghdad regarding what the government and banks will do regarding the RV?
  5. I don't think those islamists really know what they are doing. They will be in for a rude surprise if they think they can attack the Vatican and get by with it. They better get used to functioning without their heads. But actually that seems to be the part they use the least, so maybe they won't miss their heads when they are rolling in the gutters of Rome. There's a lot of tough fighters in that city, none of whom would even consider bowing down to Islamic terrorists. (There, Obama. It wasn't so hard to say "Islamic terrorists," now was it?).
  6. Hmmm . . . Best I can tell, all three of you are pathetic. No wonder your lady doesn't want you to touch her. Sheesh!! Or should I have said "all five of you"? Whatever. . . It's pathetic either way.
  7. I think it is well past time for us to impeach and get rid of this traitor. He does not speak for me, nor for the country I love. And the sooner we get him our of OUR White House, the sooner we can get someone in there who will treat our country, our citizens, and our real friends with consideration and respect. I am sick and tired of our so-called, quasi-president having to be hunted down on a golf course when we have so much important business that he ignores. And above all, I'm sick and tired of him trying to be in charge of everything, trying to take over and own our homes, our churches,
  8. I can't stay away from this website now. I get busy doing other things, some writing, some reading, some analyzing of other's writings, etc., and then, without really even being aware of what I'm doing, I find myself coming back here to check the status of the dinar again. Several times daily. haha It's a powerful draw these days. lol
  9. Robby, your favorite word may be "soon," but mine is "Now." LOL
  10. This would be funny if it weren't so dangerously true in today's schools.
  11. Whatever you think of Dr.Kissinger, he, like many of us, served his country in the best way he could. He is quite elderly now, and he doesn't deserve to be invited to come before Congress and then have to tolerate being besieged by Code Pink crap artists. Even if those people had a point, they lost it in the horror of that elderly statesman being swarmed and pillaged by unholy ruffians. They were in OUR Congress, and if they can't respect that bloodied and paid for spot, they need to be put in jail for a few months until they learn that they were so far out of bounds that they deserve nothing
  12. RodandStaff, your wisdom is showing again. I've taken that trip out into the night to look again at the starry heavens many times, usually when I get discouraged, frightened, or feel despair. And I always come back inside feeling like part of something so huge and amazing that it can only be God's reminder that there truly are things in this ole' universe that are bigger and maybe more important than I am. Not a bad thing to reflect on for its "grounding" effect.
  13. I'm just hoping that this is the last week I have to figure out how to get by financially on just my social security. LOL Ugh!! The quick shift from near poverty to absolute riches will have me doing my personal "Happy Dance" while holding "Old Cat" who will wonder what on earth set off her usually sedate (or at least sedate enough) woman. I would call myself her owner, but let's get real here. Who on earth has ever truly owned a cat? LOL However, mine will let me dance with her now and then. So dance we shall.
  14. I can't believe it-- Oh, I guess really I can-- but it's been five years for me. And I remember every minute of that entire time. LOL
  15. Hey, DWtte, Thanks for your generous consideration, but -- Pass!! haha I've been around the horn a few times, plus I'm pretty independent and don't tolerate much . . . err . . . err . . nonsense. And I could easily be wrong, but I get the impression that you can really throw it out there at times. LOL Not that I feel sorry for your wives, each in her own turn: I just don't want to join them -- but thanks for thinking of me. haha
  16. I'm slow on such matters, I freely admit, so what does this mean for us?
  17. She's so far ahead of Hillarious that we can't even look back there and see Hillarious through Sarah's stardust.
  18. I am sooooo out of my league on this!! I don't understand anything about this kind of investing, the markets, or how to read such things, let alone why it is good when the numbers go down. But I'm in this thing, so I'll keep watching my wiser friends here, and then will do whatever Adam says when the time comes. I seldom wish I was married, but right now, it would be nice if I were married to a guy who had a better mind about this so I would get continual explanations and feedback without showing my dullness (as opposed to brilliance, ya' know) to so many people. lol Of course, it would be n
  19. Well, I needed a laugh, and I got several here. Donlop and gymrat and BJinMontreal, you guys all gave me a few "out loud" laughs. Love your kind of serious-sounding humor. All three of you should appear on the late night shows. Would love to sit back with a glass of wine and toast you when you come on. But . . . I do that here, so it's just as good. LOL
  20. Has anyone seen this movie? American Sniper, I mean. Or plan to see it? It might not be the movie for youngsters, but it sure sounds like the story of a hero to me!! Comments, anyone?
  21. I think it is planned for tomorrow. I'm ready, and I think they are, too. Just my own opinion, of course.
  22. Sometimes I am again struck dumb (sort of) by another realization that old cities of the Bible are still functioning. They actually do, and thus, really did exist. Reading such things makes the Bible stories and information even more real to me. These places spring into life again, so to speak, when I read of things happening today in cities with such ancient histories.
  23. People keep saying "Never bet what you can't afford to lose," but I would not be in this at all if I had followed that principle. I was on my last financial go-round and I knew it. The bottom had dropped out of my 401K, and I had been forced to sell my house and was moving in with my daughter, and as wonderful as she is, I wanted my own home, not hers. But when the dust settled, I had a small amount of money left. That's when I got a phone call from my sister in California telling me about the dinar. So I spent the last money I had to get into this, which based on everything I can discern,
  24. Just because--as a former college English prof, I find this interesting-- there is a difference between when to use "number" and when to use "amount." "Number" is used to refer to anything that can be counted--such as eggs (or dinar?). "Amount" is used to refer to things that can't be counted, such as milk. For some reason, many people, even highly educated ones, miss this distinction.
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