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  1. It's just hard for me to read things like this and remember that most of you have never even been in the same physical room together. LOL You could pass each other on the street and not even know it. But you know so much about each other, such as life situations, personalities, temperaments, hopes and dreams for the future. Simply amazing!! LOL
  2. He did a lot of good in his life. Would that all of us could do so much.
  3. Back to real heros. We need them, and we need them badly. These young men remind us that we live in a real world and that real things happen in that world. At least two of them had been sleeping, were not expecting anything weird to happen, just to sleep on a train until they got to Paris. But then the world intervened, and they found themselves in an international incident, and being given the highest award given by the French govenrment . . . and the world admiring them. Three young friends, three men who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances, and they answered exactly right. They
  4. Now there's a thought whose time just may have come. LOL Indeed. But then realism truly is nothing, so they say.
  5. As we all know, he is a very wise man. We could do worse than listening to him and taking action on his wise words.
  6. I'd bet you are right about every word you wrote here, davis. Thanks for jumping in.
  7. None of the guys were Marines. One was an Air Force somethiing-or-other, one was army I think, and one was a recent college graduate. Question what I wrote all you want, and you'd probably be right, but I am right that none of them were Marines, and one wasn't military at all, at least not yet. lol But . . . all three of them are Americans.
  8. And one lonely college almost-graduate, all three good friends from childhood.
  9. Aren't we all dancing in the online streets today, celebrating our three heroic American guys in Paris. I am so proud of all three of them that I can hardly stand it. Three young guys, friends for many years back home, were sitting on a train when they saw a guy trying to get a gun to work. They jumped up, and the story turned on that moment. The man with a gun was from the middle east and he was trying to kill massive numbers of people on the train, but he didn't have a chance. Americans to the rescue . . . Again!!!! A British man joined in, and he helped subdue the middle easterner, th
  10. Sorry you are so frustrated that you have to attack others who come here to chat, to socialize, and to learn from other like-minded people. We aren't standing in line for the RV. We are talking to each other like civilized people. Sorry you are so frustrated that you had to lash out, since it really doesn't bother us. We all understand your frustration. But you need to learn to cope with it better. All of us have learned to do that, and you would be better off if you could learn it, too.
  11. Whatever they do every year--whatever they have to do to keep a budget in place--whatever . . . whatever . . . whatever . . . as long as they are conducting business as usual, they can slip the RV in at any point. And I fully expect them to do this any time now. We (and they) are all overdue for it. Now is that just ordinary sensible logic, or what? LOL
  12. That is such a foolish statement. There are as many reasons to go to war as there are people alive. Do you ever get into an argument with a family member? If so, then you are human, and humans have all kinds of reasons to argue, and sometimes, simply to fight with each other. And many of those reasons are fine and noble causes. Certainly not all . . . but many. . . .
  13. Do you honestly believe that people like you would buy into any reason to go to war again, under almost any circumstances? If you are going to whine about Iraq, others like you will whine about Rwanda and Darfur if we go in there.
  14. That is so cute!! I hadn't expected it!! And as busy as I usually am, I can't believe I sat here and watched/listened to all of it. lol Thanks for sharing it. A good laugh or two is nice for many of us who live alone and don't always have other people in the house to laugh with.
  15. Whew!! That's far too forensically designed and abused for me. There were **** Tracy comic books with stuff like this when I was a kid. Or I think there were. lol It's been a long time since I was a kid, and I may have my own childhood mixed up with my kids' childhoods. lol Such things happen when you begin to get really old. (I never expected this to happen to me, though. lol).
  16. Heart of America--me, too. Mid-Missouri How much more "Heartland" can you get than that? Lovely music. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Some losses mark the end of a personal life-era. The loss of a parent is one of these. When a parent dies, we are forcefully made aware that life does, indeed, march on, and no matter what our own wishes may be, we go with it. Our grieving is compounded because we not only lose a much loved family member, but we are also thrust into the role of being the family matriarch/patriarch, or simply the next one in line to go. We know we will never be a child in the eyes of the deceased parent--ever again. A parental loss not only robs us of a beloved parent who we had somehow just felt would alway
  18. Frank W Brown • 18 hours ago A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots! If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots. If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots. If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a libra
  19. It doesn't sound foolish to me. They are waiting for some reason, perhaps to get rid of ISIS, and maybe to secure the city before doing something that could rattle too many cages over there right now.
  20. Unless I am reading this wrong, someone came through here with a bad attitude and gave everyone a red mark. I took them all back. LOL Now get on with your wonderful lives, my friends. You are free to go. lol
  21. For what it's worth, I totally agree with you. I read that Bill Clinton called Donald, who was not going to run, the day before and talked him into it. Donald was very secretive about that phone call, but he did mention it. I suspect Clinton called and talked him into running so he could draw off enough votes to divide the republican votes and create a third party, and neither republican party would have enough votes to win-- but Hillarious would.
  22. Candy, nothing so far as we know, at least not yet. But if there is a way he can get his hands on any of our money from the cash in of our dinar, we can kiss that money goodbye.
  23. Just pulled back a bit. I couldn't afford the annual renewal fee, so I was locked out of everything except the first page. But now, I can get into one of them again, at least enough to come here. I really don't know what changed because I still can't afford to pay the annual renewal fee.
  24. Maybe they just want to wait until Obama is out of office. <grin>
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