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  1. Didn't I read in an article in the past day or two that millions of dollars are being paid out to made up people on the Q cards to get money to Iran. Iran is nothing more than a pathetic little leech living off its host. They would be nothing without Iraq. It's no wonder they so desperately cling to Iraq There very ways are self destructive, as well as destructive to all the neighboring countries they want.... We can only hope they dont take Iraq down the shithole with then when they perish.....
  2. If Iran keeps attacking American bases, Mullahs may not be around much longer! Trump can give Iran back to the Persians! 😀
  3. I have a feeling that Ali Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani, and Mohammad Javad Zari will all be suddenly confronted with reality, kind of like Soleimani was.... We don't make points, we decimate dictatorships going after our people and our property. Iraq does not belong to Iran in any way. The Shites of Iraq are zealous idiots playing their own countrymen for idiots. But they will learn the hard way, Iraq belongs to the Iraqis! The mullahs and the irgc mimics will try to intimidate us to the best of their back assward ways, as long as they can!
  4. If Iraq is going to survive, they have got to get Iran out of their politics and their business. Sounds just like when Maliki was PM and 8 billion came up missing, and nobody even looked for it because they all knew the majority of it went to Iran. I'm beginning to understand better now why Saddam Hussain had all of the previous politicians to his rule immediatly taken out front of the auditorium and had them all shot in the head. Seems to be the one true way of cleaning out the swamp in Iraq. Otherwise, Iran will never truly be out of their business, unless the Mullahs fall from grace...
  5. Every single politician in the Iraqi news over there today is a friggon piece of Shite. Not even sure why all of the Shits don’t just move over to a Iran if the love that noise over there so much..... 😡
  6. I would be happy if the currency auctions were finally closed once and for all. As long as that continues, it is a simple tell tell sign that the corruption is operating at a normal pace and nothing has changed in Iraq...
  7. “Jafar said that "the political blocs are currently busy arranging their affairs after the blatant American attack, and they will not think about forming agovernment." “ I think what Jafar really meant to say was “After the blatant assumption of Iran that they would do the interviews and decide who the next Prime Minister of Iraq would be..... 😐 I have always wondered if Iran was also behind ISIS. Once ISIS hit the field, Iran was all over Iraq... Oh but wait! Iran had already moved their armies into Iraq. If I remember right, it was even before the Kurds had voted to separate from Baghdad. Maliki was in charge and all of the sudden Iraqis were extremely concerned over the build up of Iranian troops in Iraq. Even the Iraqi Parliament were demanding they leave Iraq immediately. Iraq was crapping in their britches over the obvious build up
  8. Seems to me the protestors of Iran and the protestors of Iraq might as well join forces and just have all of them first take the Mullahs out... then voice over to Bsghdad to finish the clean up over there. They won’t get rid of all of the corruption, but will put a pretty big dent in the majority of it. First of all, just to make a statement, go for Maliki. Just let his little interfering body mysteriously disappear never to be heard from again. Take all out all the Mullahs like that. One at time, starting with the head of bunch in Tehran!
  9. Wowzers! I guess Maliki’s Fake News Network is working over time for the Mullahs these days! May this mess soon get resolved with Iran (once and for all), and we ALL live happily ever after!!! May Jan 2020 be our time, the moment we have all been waiting for, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all DVers near and far!!!
  10. As long as Iran is running the show in Iraq, the Iraqi currency auctions will never stop. At the risk of sounding spiteful and retaliatory.... I’m thinking snipers bullets landing in the commanding Quds Force heads would be a welcome event for all concerned. All of their meetings with Iraqi officials are always conducted through the back door. No wonder Iraqis hate that disease called Iranian militia.... Granted, what’s good enough for the Iraqi protestors is good enough for Quds Force leadership!
  11. Same here 64. I have been trying to renew my subscription, also with no luck....
  12. Wish he would surprise everyone and pull the plug on the Auctions right before he hands over his gavel....... 😐
  13. Mohammed Aliraqi Joe Ali Thanks for asking but I really can't recommend one. Because I don't know about his possible intentions and will he be sincere with you (especially that you're living in another country). But in all cases, the law firm should be a big one because it will be fighting with influential authorities/parties. I suggest that you contact the Iraqi victims of Warkaa on their Arabic Facebook page and discuss the issue of filing a joint lawsuit by the Iraqi and foreign victims. The law firm's fee should be a percentage of what the victims will receive as a result of this lawsuit (don't forget adding the interest rates of the deposits). Hide or report this Author Iraq's Warka Bank Victims Joe Ali , I have learned that starting a court case will lock up ones account,not that it’s not locked already. What I understand is that Iraqi court has blamed the ICB for this mess and no one can expect to win much going against the government of Iraq in Iraq. However an international law firm can get quit far against them including encumbering the banks assets in the country of the plaintiff. A US court case against them is ideal. Also, depositors are generally not the one paying the legal fees, they get paid by the loser of the case if the case is won. The US being the money center it is has lots of money roots for Iraq, disturbing those roots is an effective force. The question is, is there enough money for such expensive law firm to bother with us and across continents? All friends of this page should check their connections for reaching out and help approach a law firm we can count on. Hide or report Mohammed Aliraqi Iraq's Warka Bank Victims Sometimes lawsuits are based on that the plaintiff doesn't pay anything to the law firm, but the plaintiffs agree with the law firm that the law firm will receive a certain percentage of the plaintiffs' deposits IF the plaintiffs receive them.
  14. Same here.I have been trying for months to get my password, with no luck. And yes, have even tried sending the email request for a new password during their work hours. So far I have received no response from anyone at Warka, and I have emailed them all several times now. I guess the CBI is not working with them at all any more. 😡
  15. The one thing Trump has always supported is the American way of life, created thoughtfully by our American forefathers. I won't sit here and tell you Trump has never made a mistake or stuck his foot in his mouth, but I will say this much... " Promises made. Promises kept!" The man has my vote for 2020!!!
  16. I'm with you and Trump on this one dinarham. Nixon did us no favors when he turned the USD into a bunch of Fiat money!
  17. Might be a great time for the protesters to just move into Parliament and literally take over, specially since it is sitting there so vacant! The protestors could easily take over the duties of the little scared chicadees with them on the run!!
  18. Swift code, The Bank of Baghdad now has a swift code...apparently... If that true, they can now wire money anywhere in the world....... Or not, That is Citibanks swift code. They aren't giving out their on Swift code, yet they are referring to it as their incoming code to use.... I think they are smoking crack again!
  19. Let me know if that works for you Da. My password expired like months ago and I have not been able too get response with a new password since. I have emailed numerous requests to numourous people cc eveyone else....My account is apparently dead in the water. I cant even check it.... 🥵
  20. When Trump refers to us as “Policing the region”, seems that is exactly what he means. We moved in and assisted in the quelling of ISIS in the region. Now here we are policing an ISIS prison, a bunch of scallywags so sinister, they are apparently going nowhere. Countries and their own courts are turning their backs to taking back their own citizens to be tried. Why isn’t Iraq trying any of these war criminals. Who is supposed to try all of these bastid children nobody wants? Is America supposed to just keep this prison of deadly foes forever? Trump even said let Turkey police the prison for a change. Turkey doesn’t want them anymore then Europe. So let Turkey have Syria, as well as the prison. It would be the same as putting thousands of Hannibles in prison here in America, but never ever trying them. The police can only apprehend them and hold them. That is pretty good reason for Trump to say WTF? Here’s the jail keys, all yours Erdogan! Maybe he can convince the other countries to try them, or just bury the whole prison in the desert somewhere. We are not going to do that.....
  21. A great place for Mahdi to start would be to end the auctions. Instead of protestors raiding Parliament, they should be going for the actually auctions. That and get those snipers guns aimed at Maliki’s head. If he is so powerful that he is unaccountable, as a protestor, I‘d be looking to settle that score first. He is like a giant Albatross tied around the people of Iraq’s neck. He continues to bring the country down, and will until he is either dead or tried for his crimes. Thousands of dead Iraqis would agree I’m sure!!!
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