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  1. Happy new year for u all, may this year will be our rv year
  2. Well just saying....if dinar poopup oneday...if any of u guys want to invest in ready to help
  3. I love ur optimism mr.pithcer, cause i start to losing mine
  4. I'll try to explain about indonesia islamic u know theres a lot of islamic trust group in their believed ( kind of christian catholic, christian protestan, lutheran, etc) In here theres 2 biggest group that allready here since the beginning of our nation, and the new is the extremist one....its divided to many of we called ormas (mass organization) like FPI, HTI and a lot more This extremist one is the dangerous one because their dream is to make a islamic nation (not just the population, main parts is the law)
  5. Its the extremist that i refer about the military signore.. Not long ago there one boy who get into military....its become viral in indonesia because hes half france...his father france...and mother indonesian Our highest military leader speaking with him in france its became viral.....then people start searching about him...and found out that him and his mother is HTI member (Hizbuts Tahir Indonesia), its a kind of like MMI in egypt and other middle east nation...the one who try to make a islamic state(like isis) but with a political way,its a ..and try to change the p
  6. As someone who born in muslim country, i understand and agrre with all off u Yes....there are a good/ non violence muslim...but yes islam is originaly a satanic kind of my own thinking is...the non violence/not extremis one is the one who not get deep/studying more about their religion Yes the extremis has a goal to make muslim/islam population is number one in the world, but because our country is not acknowledge islamic law as a national law so they use some other way....the one that i know and all ready proved is to have kids as many as they could....a lot of extrem
  7. This is what i try to say about new zealand shotting yesterday...they will make revenge any where else....😢
  8. Well a lot of indonesia radical muslim is kind of retarted....when the killing of rohingya (myanmar) issued they burn the budhist temple in indonesia, or when USA/UN attack middle east....they bombing our church as a warning for USA/ we minority here is kind of their punching bag for the situation that happen to their muslim brotherhood all over the if some bad situation happen with muslim in other country...we minority here is kind of alert for what happen next because of that if something happen in indonesia after this NZ incident and they named as act of reve
  9. The shotter is ausie....the crimescene is nz....the revenge probably in indonesia
  10. Jmo...a loop or rd is still a possiblelity, but compare it with the situation with my country which also want to lop/rd our currency...iraq is in different situation. Here, our currency is getting worse by the 2009 1 usd is around 9-10'000 in 2019 is around 14'000, so thats why the government made a rd plan ( and they do say thats its a long time plan and execution) Because a rd/loop is a econimic lost situation for a country, and yes our currency is a losser one, but the situation with iraq is different for me, they can make their currency go stronger if u fol
  11. Sorry to drop in here.....just asking if i want to sell my dinar to someone abroad...can i do that??? If i can, how ??
  12. 🇮🇩 asking as a anyone knows how it will played after the hcl completed??? I know its important because its determined the share for the kurds and the iraqi goverment...although its seems both enjoy the current situation....but i dont understand how it connect with the dinar value.
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