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  1. They have been told for years to get your crap done. For some reason they are acting like a little child. You have to drag them to the finish of this ride kicking and screaming the whole way there. Way to to go Iraq. You guys have even found a way to stall the simplest task........idiots.
  2. If this article is true and they hold true to it, don't look for a rv or even for them to allow the currency to float for at least a year. Time to get a new hobby..... lol
  3. All of the articles i have read today indicate that the first 11 articles of the budget have been read, voted on, and passed. The reason for the postponement was article 12 today. They are suppose to come back tommorrow and pick up where they left off.
  4. This article goes against all of the other articles we have been reading. Could be the truth, or could be a smoke screen. Either way we are looking at tuesday to figure out which it is.
  5. Its a shame when the staff gets involved with this political crap.
  6. With the CBI coming out and saying they have over 70 trillion in foreign reserves, they dont need to count on any of the GOI's money to raise the value on the dinar. Its coming my friends, its coming.
  7. If Ryan was the one running for president, he might just be a shoe in. But sadly enough its Mitt. Thats where the Republicians made there mistake. I am an Independant and dont like either one of them. I did the research on Mitt and to be frank he is not a good man at all. I am going to be looking for someone else to vote for myself. I dont believe the republician party has a chance in this one. When all the skinny comes out about Mitt, he will be done.
  8. I have heard some whoppers throughout this whole investment, but this might just take the cake. Way too funny.
  9. I happen to agree with you. I dont believe we this til after the first of the year. There is just too much stuff that need to be done and implimentated. Just because it passes through as law in Iraq, doesnt mean they impliment it. I dont believe we will see this until Maliki is gone.
  10. It is right in the paragraph you brought in. The process can not start in the middle of a financial year. There financial year starts Jan. 1. So to me that means the beginning of the year. I would also like a link so i can read the whole artical if you wouldnt mind. Thanks.
  11. Let me start off by saying i am not an Obama fan whatsoever. With that being said i just dont go and vote for the other person without doing my homework on that person. When taking a look at good old Mitt, i found that the Republician party didnt do there homework when they did his background check. He wont release his records from those years because it will show that he was getting paid from Bain during that time period. He was getting paid as the CEO. He wasnt running the day to day stuff, but still none the less he was the CEO. Now people ask so whats the big deal, well thats where it gets a little sticky. During the years 1999 to 2002 the company comitted a bunch of securities violations. Basically it would put him in jail... lol. Good job boys.... lol. If you look at the facts, there is actually a lot of truth to the Obama ads that have been running. He also had accounts in numerous countries for "tax" purposes. My only question is, is there someone else we can vote for?
  12. As much as i hate to say this, there is no good person running for president this year. After doing my research and checking into Mitts past, he is what is referred to as a corperate rader. He has made his living being the head of a company that buys businesses, rapes them of all there resources then leaves them bankrupt. Sure he makes a lot of money for the shareholders, but leaves the business in a shambles and they end up going out of business. Just google his name and check under Wikipedia. Its all in his bio. So that leaves us without a good canidit. I might be setting this election out.
  13. I had to reread the article a couple of times to get the true meaning. What he is saying is what is going to be replaced. He doesnt mention anything about a lop, just what will be taken out of circulation. It took me a minute to catch onto it, but nowhere is value mentioned or mentioned on the trade in. I must say when i first saw it, i thought lop, but after rereading it, it doesnt appear to be that way.
  14. You come in here and basically give an opinion piece. You have no facts to back up anything that is in your post. I will leave one fact for you. When they switched out from the sadam to what we are currently holding, they had an exchange period. The rate they switched out at was 1 for 1. Shabbs has came out and stated that both currencies would coexist for a period of 2 years. Its all in the articles. Go do your homework and quit trying to get everyone all worked up. Or do us one favor and just go away. You added the first sentence after i read your post. I also read it on another site and the guy just got his butt handed to him. I dont know why you would ever bring it here.
  15. Every day is one step closer. I personally dont expect anything before June1st and even then it could be a slight possibility. The tarrifs go into effect on that date. The GOI is scrambling right now and we will see the outcome here shortly. Shortly in Iraqi terms could be a month or so.... The Central Bank keeps saying September, so i am really looking for that date to come to see what they bring. Dont get me wrong, it could happen any day now. I have come to learn dont listen to any of the guru's. Use them for entertainment purposes only....
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