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  1. I am so sick of Warka and their nonsense !
  2. No worries Adam, youre on it . Thanks for all you do !
  3. Im doing the same !! ITS in the works now.
  4. Thank you for this info. im going to do it too.
  5. I think we will be ok. My account works. Not happy about the ISX account communication, but I feel thats next.
  6. How can I buy Gulf Kestone ? I dont see it listed on the ISX. This is really good news. Thanks
  7. I couldnt agree more. I am very frustrated with Warka's ISX program.
  8. Thanks Adam, I agree with everything you are saying and thanks for your efforts.
  9. same stock access.
  10. So mad as hell as well. cant view my stocks with Warka !!
  11. I would just like to view my shares in the ISX. Very frustrating.
  12. Nothing yet on the stocks. I am on it .
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