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  1. Doc, I continue to follow your reports as well as Vipers and Steves. I agree that there may have been a better chance recently but considering where it is now compared to months prior, we are still looking good for the RV prior to New Years and another Obama screw up. Thanks for all your reports.
  2. Welcome to the brotherhood! It's gonna be alright before we know it.
  3. ROACH


    I agree. Having them accomplish ANYTHING is a step in the right direction.
  4. ROACH


    Well apprently Maliki has 30 days to form the government...lets hope the RV has the same time line but I doubt it with these guys. However, its a huge step in the right direction.
  5. I ordered another 4 million last week from Dinar Trade and received them in 25,000 notes. NO PROBLEMS.
  6. Doc you hit the nail on the head! I think he is clueless!
  7. Looks like he his changing his mind after the recent election results. This could be huge for us after RV!
  8. I have purchased millions of dinar this way. No problem with it.
  9. I agree totally. We can see God's work through the words of His people who have posted before me. We are blessed by Him to even be able to invest in this and should remain thankful. God bless us all, and lead us to help others in His name.
  10. NO, NO, NO, we don't wont to turn him into a piece of bull poop!
  11. Ahhhh, it makes you HOT with a good attitude!
  12. Thanks Sunshine. The reason Maliki said that he doesn't want anyone interferring is because he is doing enough of it on his own.
  13. ROACH

    Seated and Rv

    I think this is total bull manure, BUT if it did happen, wouldn't it be nice!
  14. I'm just ready for "A" decision to be made...then we can head to the next hurdle.
  15. He may be filming if "it" lasted longer than 4 hours and he did not want to consult a physician!!!
  16. correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be 3:00 ET, 2:00 CT, 12:00 Noon tomorrow on the West coast?
  17. Yep, me too. I've got a great job and that is something to be thankful for these days.
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