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  1. And that is worth more than all the money in this world.
  2. This would be better solution if they give them the 30,000 IQD then revalue.
  3. Just another reason for Iraq to move forward with the RV.
  4. If they will increase the value substantially, I will reduce my supply!
  5. Reports indicate that it was self inflicted gun shot.
  6. Probably the best post I've read in 3 or 4 years.
  7. WOW, Benny Hill. That brings back some old memories!
  8. Thanks for making me cry....and for giving me another reason to thank God for all that he has given me.
  9. I see it the same way. I am blessed to live in this country even though it looks like this government is driving it into the ground. Will me paying my taxes turn it around, I doubt it but I will know that I did what I should have done to help try and save it. In God we trust.
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