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  1. Truth is difficult to find. Luckily we have patterns to help.
  2. Note: this is the Iraqi List mudslinging again. There is zero truth to this article.
  3. HHey're wrong. Just like youre telling everyone else. So might as well join the fray. The only approval required by the Iraq government is to cover the cost of printing New currency. That's it. Nothing more. And as some hate to hear me say it. That's a fact, not speculation, conjecture, opinion. It's a is a line item cost issue only. Proof? RV, lop, no change at print more currency only the parliament can approve that. As for rate change and why and when...not even going to get into it because you'll spin it the way you want. Troll or paid anti pumper. Not calli
  4. That was the rudest thing I've ever read on this site. It's really easy to dislike you. Thanks. I've never yelled or disagreed with Adam. Because I've used all caps people have taken it the wrong way. Try to figure stuff out on your own. Because I know things differently, I'm now the enemy. Figures. I'm done. Apology accepted. I've been in this a long, long time. My views are opposite of many gurus. So be it.
  5. I don't want to step on Adams toes, so I will do this gingerly. SHABIBI is going nowhere. Look at all articles. They are "unnamed sources" or "someone stating what Maliki thinks". Now do your due diligence ans you'll find these are articles initiated by the Iraqi list group. In fact, I posted an article directly from the Iraqi list stating they wanted the CBI under governmental control. These are not the positions of the pm or the state of law group. You're reading twisted and misdirected articles that infer it's Maliki, but they aren't. You're also reacting to political mudslinging. Maliki
  6. Mudslinging again. A member of the "whatever" is stating what the Prime Minister "thinks"? Really? Bull spit.
  7. Alrighty...Here we go. It's nice that Kaperoni already started providing proof in the chat section. Perhaps by the time I'm done with this post, maybe investors will have a much better understanding of the positive and negative forces in Iraq. Here's an article from today clearly stating that the CBI is an independent body. I will prove shortly that the political mudslinging blaming Maliki of this came from the Iraqiya List which is Allawi's group. Friday 4/13/2012 The government denies the request to link to the Central Bank Baghdad, Denied the Council of Ministers, yesterday, that there
  8. Update: leaving work now...wil post answers tonight but not by 8.
  9. Adam, I will have your answer tonight with links. Promise. The all caps is emphasis because it is rampant on this site and others the inaccuracies of Maliki (see your last chat as example regarding Maliki questions) and controversial issues like this. The exclamation points are yelling. LOL. Give me till 8:00 CST...or so.
  10. As I stated on another thread. Indisputable fact: Council of Ministers do NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE THAT DECISION. PERIOD. END OF DEBATE!!!!
  11. Here is an indisputable fact: Council of ministers does NOT HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THAT DECISION. PERIOD. END OF DEBATE!!!!!!
  12. Does ANYONE REALIZE that this is old news from last year? 2011. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Allow me to offer a suggestion. The RV is an issue of acceptable purchasing power. That's it in a nutshell. So for convenience of Iraqi businesses, merchants, and citizens "inside the country" they all experience a 1 to 1 value that's temporary. Not much training needed. No mathematics required to change prices. Ease of least initially. Logical? Sure. Now the twist. That's not the official exchange rate. It's the temporary rate of doing business. However, those citizens could indeed cross the border and the dinar would be recognized at a higher exchange rate because the count
  14. You and I are elder statesmen in this venture. Watching the pendulum of emotion from less seasoned makes me sad ans angry. Ernestto, Randy konce, bgg, med, mailman, etc who live and preach by the words of the iraqya list negatively affect people. I went off the grid almost a year ago for a specific reason...but I'm so tempted to do one call, just to stop the bull spur spewed by those who think they know. However there is no gain. They'll keep spewing their crap. And those who follow them won't change. So I won't do the call. I believe they must activate their economy very, very soon. Then I
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