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  1. Truth is difficult to find. Luckily we have patterns to help.
  2. Note: this is the Iraqi List mudslinging again. There is zero truth to this article.
  3. HHey're wrong. Just like youre telling everyone else. So might as well join the fray. The only approval required by the Iraq government is to cover the cost of printing New currency. That's it. Nothing more. And as some hate to hear me say it. That's a fact, not speculation, conjecture, opinion. It's a is a line item cost issue only. Proof? RV, lop, no change at print more currency only the parliament can approve that. As for rate change and why and when...not even going to get into it because you'll spin it the way you want. Troll or paid anti pumper. Not calling you a name, but assessing your posts.
  4. That was the rudest thing I've ever read on this site. It's really easy to dislike you. Thanks. I've never yelled or disagreed with Adam. Because I've used all caps people have taken it the wrong way. Try to figure stuff out on your own. Because I know things differently, I'm now the enemy. Figures. I'm done. Apology accepted. I've been in this a long, long time. My views are opposite of many gurus. So be it.
  5. I don't want to step on Adams toes, so I will do this gingerly. SHABIBI is going nowhere. Look at all articles. They are "unnamed sources" or "someone stating what Maliki thinks". Now do your due diligence ans you'll find these are articles initiated by the Iraqi list group. In fact, I posted an article directly from the Iraqi list stating they wanted the CBI under governmental control. These are not the positions of the pm or the state of law group. You're reading twisted and misdirected articles that infer it's Maliki, but they aren't. You're also reacting to political mudslinging. Maliki and SHABIBI have both stated these are false rumors, directly from the CBI instead of "unnamed sources". Now who are you going to believe? The continued rhetoric from koonce, med, mailman, bgg, Mike, and the rest who don't understand that Maliki is a die hard constitutionalist. The forums are fed daily with inaccuracies, misunderstandings, misinformation, misinterpreted articles, and allegiances to the party that screams the most, that bashes the most, that cries the most, that has continually walked out of legislation when their ways aren't met, who try to get other parties to side with them which NONE HAVE, whose co hashimi is a proven terrorist, etc. When? When is the forum going to wake up and see that Iraq is watched, managed, audited, and respected by every major global organizations...who if they saw one, just one, inappropriate or illegal action would remove him. All the world leaders and agencies support Maliki...only Allawi group doesn't. Doesn't tgat mean anything to readers and investors? So SHABIBI is going nowhere, Maliki is good for their future and our investment.
  6. Mudslinging again. A member of the "whatever" is stating what the Prime Minister "thinks"? Really? Bull spit.
  7. Alrighty...Here we go. It's nice that Kaperoni already started providing proof in the chat section. Perhaps by the time I'm done with this post, maybe investors will have a much better understanding of the positive and negative forces in Iraq. Here's an article from today clearly stating that the CBI is an independent body. I will prove shortly that the political mudslinging blaming Maliki of this came from the Iraqiya List which is Allawi's group. Friday 4/13/2012 The government denies the request to link to the Central Bank Baghdad, Denied the Council of Ministers, yesterday, that there is a demand from the government by linking the central bank. The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords in a statement released yesterday, and received a "long", a copy of "The Iraqi government did not ask the Council to link the central bank, or even trying to undermine its independence." The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Osama Najafi said, on April 10 now, should not be dependent central bank for the government to prevent the seizure of Iraq's money or the implementation of international provisions issued against Iraq by the creditors .. *while pointing out that the Council will host a Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi in session listen to illustrate the issue of the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, attributed Shabibi reasons for the high exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar to the weakness of domestic production and the weakness of the government's actions. Article 2/2 of the Law on Central Bank of Iraq 56 of 2004 on the "pursuit of the objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq and to accomplish its tasks, the Central Bank of Iraq independent and responsible as provided for in this Act, except as otherwise determined herein. Here's another article... Iraq parliament tells cabinet not to meddle in central bank policy ... April 11, 2012 Iraq parliament tells cabinet not to meddle in central bank policy Iraq's parliament has sent a letter to the cabinet telling it not to interfere in monetary policy, a parliamentary source said, in a skirmish over central bank independence that reflects concerns over the extent of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's influence. Maliki won a court ruling in January 2011 putting independent bodies like the Central Bank of Iraq under the cabinet (my comments: this was been rescinded in April 2011. The reason the 'cabinet' NOT executive needed that ruling was to present the plans of returning to the international community to a group of 12 instead of 400ish parlimentarians...during that 90 day period, agreements were signed and then the CBI automony was restored...again, the CBI has a relationship with parliment, not the executive branch or cabinet), alarming critics who view with suspicion signs of authoritarianism in some of his actions. (more commentary: this slanted article indicates that the PM tried to influence the CBI, but it clearly states it was brought together with the Cabinet...again, not the Executive Branch.) He said this would not affect the CBI's independence, but other moves by Maliki, a Shi'ite, against senior Sunni politicians and his control over key security ministries have raised concern that he is trying to consolidate his power. A source in the office of parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi said parliament had sent the cabinet a letter reminding it that setting monetary policy was not in its mandate and that it should not assert its authority unconstitutionally. Parliament sent the letter after cabinet wrote to the CBI stating that it should have a say in its monetary decisions, lawmakers who received a copy of that letter said. "This is not the first time the government has tried to impose its control over the central bank," Jaber al-Jaberi, a lawmaker and member of parliament's finance committee, told Reuters. "Every time they try, and then talks erupt, and then they reach an agreement. But then they try all over again," he said. Parliament said on its website that Nujaifi met with CBI Governor Sinan al-Shibibi on Tuesday to confirm its support for the bank's independence in accordance with the constitution. "It is necessary that the central bank remains independent from government in order to prevent a hand (controlling) Iraq's money and to execute international rulings issued against Iraq by its debtors," Nujaifi told Shibibi, according to the website. "The central bank has $60 billion in reserve and this reserve should (be safe)," said Najiba Najib, a lawmaker and a member of parliament's financial committee. "Central bank policy should be away from any executive side in order to work professionally and independently." Much of Iraq's external debt was settled via the Paris Club of sovereign creditors in 2004, in a deal that required Baghdad to seek similar settlements with all other creditors. But some commercial creditors have won court cases and do not accept the terms of that settlement, meaning Iraq has yet to settle its debts with them. source This all started with this article...note which political group is saying this. Do you see this everyone!!! right below..right there...The Iraqi List...NOT MALIKI's group. Hear and read dang, ernessto, med, mailmain, bgg, randy koonce, poopy3, etc etc's the Allawi group trying to gain control of the CBI from the Council of Ministers!!! April 11, 2012 MP for the Iraqi List, Qusai al-Abadi said the central bank subject to government control Sevkdh independence by the Constitution .. And detection of deputies in the parliament of the existence of a book issued by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on March 15 addressed to the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq that includes the monetary policy of the government functions exclusively. Abadi said, "There are bodies in the Iraqi constitution, an independent part of which is the central bank is responsible for policy in the corner of the country the financial or monetary." He noted that "If, however, is controlled by the government will impose Velsatrh attic instructions and Nokia have the independence and the related currency and foreign relations," .. noting that "when McCann of the Central Bank independence, it will be more mature in fiscal policy" The Central Bank of Iraq four branches in Basra and Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Mosul, where established bank independent Iraqi under the law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued on the sixth of March / March 2004, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and the management of foreign reserves and the issuance of and currency management, as well as the organization of the banking sector. The main Manmam Central Bank in managing monetary policy in the country and raise the level of the values ​​of the Iraqi dinar and tackle inflation is over ..'s more. The Iraqiya List is determined to oust Maliki and blame him for order to get their political agenda ahead of democracy. Check out this article which clearly states Hashami has been charged by a real Judiciary Council...not Maliki, but their true legal system...because Hashimi is guilty. So in order to get him freed they are trying to blame Maliki and topple him. Guys and gals, the Allawi group is the reason Erbil is not done, HCL is not passed, ministers are not seated. This is the group holding back fact, read below and you'll see the Kurds are NOT supporting the Lists demands to have a vote of no-confidence. The list is begging for more than just their group. And here is Maliki, asking for calm. This the most watched country in the world...IMF, UN, WTO, WBO, USA, China, and every other imaginable body on the planet. If Maliki was doing anything wrong...anything at all, his butt would have been gone a long, long time ago. There are so many claims that Maliki owns the press, which he doesn't, so why so many negative articles about him? It's because the List doesn't want him or democracy to succeed. Want another fact? Here's one. Hashimi was the VP of Parliment. His job was to sign legislation passed by Parliment within 15 days. But what did he do? He regularly and continually Vetoed all bills that represented forward economic movement. That is a fact. Iraq declared explicitly: We are planning to topple the Maliki 2012-04-08 Iraq declared explicitly: We are planning to topple the Maliki After mediation by President Jalal Talabani, said the United Nations in Iraq, ready to take care of a dialogue between the parties to resolve their crisis. This comes at a time when the Prime Minister instructed the calm atmosphere with Erbil and stop the convulsive statements, reveal Iraqi efforts to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki. The United Nations expressed its willingness to be impartial monitoring to support the dialogue between the Iraqi factions to resolve the political crisis in the country. The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chairman of its mission in Iraq Martin Kobler willingness to be impartial observers, a representative of the Secretary-General to support the dialogue between Iraqi factions in order to progress and stability and prevent the singularity in the resolution. He pointed out that the report of an international organization about the conditions of Iraq, which will be issued during the next two weeks will confirm the existence of violations of human rights in Iraq. For its part, the Iraqi List, began to move in order to get what she called "national consensus" to withdraw confidence from the government denied Maliki's coalition with Maliki and the Kurdistan possibility of withdrawal of confidence from the government. The spokeswoman said Maysoon al-list, told the Kurdish news agency "if the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance were able to collect 163 votes Venottagh to withdraw confidence (...) We are looking for a national consensus in this matter." "The move began with the masses into the political process", revealing at the same time, "the ongoing dialogue of the parties in the National Alliance on withdrawing confidence from the government." In turn, the Kurdistan Alliance said it was looking for until now the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the current government ruled out at the same time that it is. A member of the Chuan coalition that Taha alliance did not ask him to withdraw confidence from the government and the efforts are focused on discuss the possibility of finding solutions to political problems. " Was described as the coalition led by al-Maliki to talk about the withdrawal of confidence from the government of "Whirlwind" media. A member of the coalition, Salman al-Moussawi that "in spite of the differences between the coalition and the Kurds, this did not lead to the separation of the strong alliance between them." Furthermore, it was revealed close to the prime minister and a member of the House of Representatives, yesterday, for the issuance of guidance from the highest political leaders to remain silent about the crisis with the Kurdistan region in order to preserve the relationship "historic" which brings together Shiite and Kurdish parties. Salman al-Moussawi said that "there are directives issued by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and ask everyone to remain silent about the crisis with the Kurdistan region in order to preserve the relationship with the Kurdish side." On the other hand, politicians said they would support a meeting at the level of leaders of political blocs to calm the atmosphere and restore confidence ahead of the upcoming National Conference. The Preparatory Commission failed Wednesday to agree on the agenda of the National Congress, which was scheduled to take place last Thursday at the invitation of President Jalal Talabani. A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq Dry "The meeting was held at the leadership level has become an urgent necessity at the moment, especially after the political statements, which escalated in the last period." She explained that "the meeting is important to improve the atmosphere and return the lost trust between the political leaders in an effort for the success of the National Conference to be held later." Dry and showed that "the current stage dangerous, especially after the calls made the dimensions of the Kurds from central and southern Iraq", criticizing at the same time, "the three presidencies for not condemning those calls on the reverse of citizens who have expressed their rejection of calls for deportation." And supports the Iraqi List, hold a meeting at the level of political leaders in order to resolve the differences, especially that took a political dimension as an issue Hashemi accused by the Iraqi judiciary of supporting "terrorism." A spokesman for the movement of reconciliation that fall under the Iraqi List, Hadi Zalmi that "Iraq is to call a meeting at the level of political leadership in Arbil, a step toward the success of the National Congress and is not a substitute for him." Zalmi revealed that "the list has a lot of coordination with the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, in support of such a conference." In an important development, the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari gave the alliance project was the conviction of the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan, adding that they respect the details of the National Forum, according to a statement issued by his office on Sunday. The statement quoted Jafari as saying that "political forces held its intention to meet under the title National Meeting, and she wanted it to be exposed for all the points, and yet achieved the goals and aspirations of the Iraqi as they face the challenges and problems that remain, which rounded over recent years, has not been resolved yet." source Well, I guess this is more than proving that the Council of Ministers has zero authority over the CBI. It's been a platform for me to vent a bit at the misinformation and misrepresentation put out there daily by so many so-called gurus. Yes, I was one at one time...speaking on calls etc. That was over a year ago, but I do stay very, very connected to what's really going on. I want the RV as badly as others. But guys, the questions that Adam had to answer regarding Maliki are ridiculous and are festered by gurus who don't have a clue about the true politics of Iraq. I'm done and forgive me if I hurt anyone's feelings, including misspellings. I stand by everything I wrote above as Fact. Finally...thank you Lakehouse for use of your articles! The only reason this needs approval is because of budgetary cost. No approval for's succinctly a cost issue. That's all..not relevant to value future/past/present, storage or anything like that. Budget line of cost must be approved by parliment.
  8. Update: leaving work now...wil post answers tonight but not by 8.
  9. Adam, I will have your answer tonight with links. Promise. The all caps is emphasis because it is rampant on this site and others the inaccuracies of Maliki (see your last chat as example regarding Maliki questions) and controversial issues like this. The exclamation points are yelling. LOL. Give me till 8:00 CST...or so.
  10. As I stated on another thread. Indisputable fact: Council of Ministers do NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE THAT DECISION. PERIOD. END OF DEBATE!!!!
  11. Here is an indisputable fact: Council of ministers does NOT HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THAT DECISION. PERIOD. END OF DEBATE!!!!!!
  12. Does ANYONE REALIZE that this is old news from last year? 2011. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Allow me to offer a suggestion. The RV is an issue of acceptable purchasing power. That's it in a nutshell. So for convenience of Iraqi businesses, merchants, and citizens "inside the country" they all experience a 1 to 1 value that's temporary. Not much training needed. No mathematics required to change prices. Ease of least initially. Logical? Sure. Now the twist. That's not the official exchange rate. It's the temporary rate of doing business. However, those citizens could indeed cross the border and the dinar would be recognized at a higher exchange rate because the country of Iraq guarantees its value. Subsequently that exchange rate would be honored for more outside the borders. The 1 to 1 in country serves a very specific purpose, for a very specific time, for a very specific need. Just a viable theory.
  14. You and I are elder statesmen in this venture. Watching the pendulum of emotion from less seasoned makes me sad ans angry. Ernestto, Randy konce, bgg, med, mailman, etc who live and preach by the words of the iraqya list negatively affect people. I went off the grid almost a year ago for a specific reason...but I'm so tempted to do one call, just to stop the bull spur spewed by those who think they know. However there is no gain. They'll keep spewing their crap. And those who follow them won't change. So I won't do the call. I believe they must activate their economy very, very soon. Then I can focus on other things. And the political crap that exists there and here will simply continue without me.
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