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  1. We have already donated....i wish I could do more. Thank you for being a giving and wonderful group here on this site. I'm glad to be a part of it 😊
  2. I also got this email. Hoping that we can still follow along with Adams posts? He's the only one we follow. thank you for any help. Cathy
  3. I thought they wanted other things settled before they voted on this ( possibly Ebril)? Am I missing something? Or is this a different law than the one that would allow Maliki in for another term?
  4. I believe he's using the old "divide and conquer" on the country. Look around and you will see it everywhere.
  5. OMG. SO sorry to hear that. I always enjoyed his posts....
  6. moose57....all I can say is....AMEN!! I live in Wisconsin.
  7. Hi Adam I am wondering with the inflation in Iraq having increased again in Oct, is Shabibi or the CBI getting more nervous or anxious to rv?? Also thanks for the site...I tried a couple of others and came back here to lurk for my info. Just wasnt the same, the people here are great!
  8. Hello Adam.. my question is relating to something you mentioned last week. I read where you said that in Wisconsin they would take 45% that right off the top or is that with any taxes included? Could you clarify that alittle more? I'm from Wis too. Thanks for your time and effort, catl6147
  9. dont think i will add my name
  10. Can we send this on to the govenors also??? LOL. With everything going on right now (Wisc, Ohio, etc...) I think they need to hear this also!!
  11. Incompitent, inept, and incomprehensible! As is most of our government. Unfortunately for us they are no longer statesman, they are just put in these positions as a figurehead.
  12. I belive its called Happy waiting, we have some too.
  13. Hey chsmstr I love that rumor! You must have been talking to Vince (Lombardi) to get that info!!! LOL GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Linda, Hopes and prayers are with you. You are one of the bright spots that I look for in chat when I am online. Please get better quick you will be missed greatly!!!!!!!!!!!! Catl6147
  15. Qman The happier she is the higher she'll sing!!!! GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. WOW... alot of goos info. Took me awhile just to skim through.Thank you for putting it all together!! Awesome job! Merry Christmas.
  17. I agree with all that was said above, but to keep a positive attitude, (not to mention my sanity) maybe this will push the issues. We can only hope. Go ahead and bash if you want , lol.
  18. I think Adam already has a site called Check it out. lol
  19. I tried to explain it some of my friends also. Got the also. Casn't wait for this to go through so I can walk out of my job and say "I tried to tell you!"
  20. Dogmatic, that wouls make two of us that year. Awesome. Looks like a wide spread of ages here. Glad to know there are some younger investors!
  21. ne1469 lol probably never get it through the dmv lolol
  22. LOL. R U a Favre fan?? LOL. Or a transplant??
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