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  1. Sorry, got my date wrong for some reason 4-19-2011 my bad!! Your welcome United, good to be back.
  2. The articles are smoke just like Adam Montana stated to keep speculation at bay. At 3 minutes 30 seconds answers your question by Shabibi no L O P stated by himself....... you decide
  3. Parlament is postponed and will vote on the security ministries Sunday the 24th of April
  4. OOOkay...... Thanks Thor
  5. We'll see I guess... Not bashing but just curious as to who Cessie and Athena are associated with??
  6. Justin88 although I agree with you on how currency works and yes it's done every day, I do respectfully disagree on your version as to why GW Bush did what he did. This Iraq situation has been in plan years long before Bush Jr. gave the orders to invade Iraq and greater minds that be to include Bush knew and did know exactly the turnout of interests involved in this and the aquired goals at hand. Nothing physical will go back to Iraq as everything used to buy oil from the US will be most likely in IQD only electronically. I do feel that ultimatley the oil purchasing that has always been based by the US dollar will change. Thanks for the debate..
  7. Also, when we cash in the IQD, the IQD will go to the US Treasury/Federal Reserve to where these agencies will be destroying/removing the large notes for CBI while all of the funds will at this time be electronic. They will not be physically shipped back to CBI
  8. Real quick in layman terms to explain of the purposes of the plan included the reason for the GWB's presidential order allowing investors to invest in Iraq and purchase the IQD let alone the worlds other countries. By doing this allowed the CBI to sell their dinar (dinar dealers), was just one of the ways for the CBI to attain a fat reserve which also is how CBI was allowed to fight inflation and maintain one of the lowest in the world, which in the end will result in Iraq being able to do what is fixing to happen...IE RV/RI. If I am way off on this I apologize and maybe someone could straighten this out... I hope this helped.
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